Story: The Last Wolf - Season 1 - Episode 64

5 years ago

I knew someone would die today but I never thought it to be Richard, I mean yes, Jason did as he promised – – not to do anything silly, but Richard, nah I didn’t see that coming or the fact that Lucy was ready to die for him, that was selfless of her but it wasn’t enough for me to forgive her, no way.
I disappeared after The Leeches left me and faced Richard, he deserved the stabbing though, because I can’t explain why he hesitated in killing any of them, this is a battle and the weak always get killed. He has fought as a soldier before so I was really surprised at his hesitation to kill.
Still, I was really scared when that bittch Pierce his heart, and Richard just crumbled to the ground but somewhere in my heart, I knew he was still alive.
Years ago, I watched Richard did something similar When he was frustrated of living and unable to age like mortal men, but his body ejected the poison and he healed,though it took some time.
But this time it took minutes, and just as I heard his back bone Crack signifying a transformation, I reappeared and moved in to stop George from having the last laugh.I performed a spell to bring in winds as strong as a cyclone, poweful enough to take George off his feet but not enough for his strange wife.
I do not know of any entity strong enough to repel such powerful magic, I mean it was bizarre for an ordinary vampire to hold herself when her Creator was on the floor. It seems Magic doesn’t work on her at all, probably it’s her special gift, anyhow she was just about to complete what her husband started when Jason came to the rescue since my spell was obviously not working on her.
I held on with the wind but George was beginning to fight it but I was able to buy enough time for Richard to transform even if he was annoyingly slow this time.
The Vampires broke through but Richard was ready for them, he howled and they are went on their knees except the usual culprits, George and his wife.
I do ask myself sometimes, why do people knee whenever Richard howled like that, I mean it’s absurd since the people kneeling are not members of his pack but I had to move such thought to the back of my mind when the new fur and size of Richard’s wolf emerged.
His fur was no longer just jet black alone, both of his legs took the colors of his mates and he was now taller in height.
I have never seen anything like this before, the dark aura was back meaning that Richard have given into the darkness and his legs color change means there is a tug of war within Richard. Richard clearly loves Angel More but it seems his Wolf loves Lucy more, maybe not his entire wolf but the dark side of his wolf. This won’t be good at all, but we shall settle it after the fight.
George seems to have given into his darkness too as he took the form of the devil within him. Two Devils in their final forms are about to knock heads, it could mean only one thing, the descension of darkness
and I wasn’t surprised when they ran towards each other, the skies started turning black and the moment their bodies touched, Lightning danced above.
After Richard asked us to leave the fight to him as George did the same to his wife, he came for Richard and Richard went for him too. George didn’t actually collide into Richard, he just sidestepped the incoming wolf and used the Wolf’s mane as a fulcrum to get to Richard’s back, Richard quickly deciphering what George was up to, jumped and turned back to human and managed to get George off his back before turning back to his wolf although not after getting some cuts from his claws.
Nice move from Richard, if not it might have proved fatal for him.
“That’s what Cowards do ” Richard’s wolf said, teasing George who just snarled and ran after Richard again.
This time, Richard didn’t run, he watched as George approached him and just as George was about to strike, he moved away very quickly but George saw Richard was going to do and so he slid under the Wolf’s belly and dug his claws all through till he came out from the other end.
That destabilized Richard as his wolf bled massively and George quickly came back to finish a struggling Richard but this time Richard was prepared.
George jumped as he sought to land his claws into Richard’s backbone, Richard twisted his weight very quickly and caught George’s arm with his mouth, he gribbed it and tore it from its shoulder.
A terrifying scream filled the dark night as George tried to get up Clinging to a hand that wasn’t there anymore. Richard’s wolf struggled to it’s feet and slowly walked towards George. George managed to get up but all he did was wave his left arm hopefully trying to ward off Richard. George tried to get help from his vampires but they were hopelessly on their knees, his wife just continued to watch as things unfolded.
Richard caught hold of his left arm and did the same thing he did earlier. Another terrifying scream left George’s lips,as he fell to his knees without his arms.
“You are so highly feared and adored, yet you can barely hold a ten minute battle with your rival, pathetic. You ripped out my parent’s hearts and I will do the same to you and your wife. ”
The moment Mrs Keller heard that, she ran quickly, grabbed Ivy and left but not before saying,
” We will meet again, William ”
That shook Richard a bit but me even more, I should have known before now, I should known that this woman wasn’t ordinary, this woman was anti-magic because she is the strange woman that ruined my happy home centuries ago. I don’t get it, what’s her end game? What is she doing here?
“And so it seems, we are both pawns in the grand scheme of things, enjoy your victory Richard, but know that you will know no peace as my people won’t rest until your kind is destroyed ”
Richard has had enough, he growled and then parted George’s head from his body before saying,
” Your kind will do well by running away from me because I am their ruin”
George’s lifeless body fell to the ground as blood flowed freely.
Richard’s wolf walked back gracefully to us and said,
Looking at the Vampires,
“Finish them ”
I became scared instantly, Richard has finally killed someone in wolf form, his arch enemy and he won’t stop , not now, not ever.
The killing urge that consumed William was back and this was the inevitable thing Richard was trying to avoid, the monster within his rage.

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