Story: The Last Wolf - Season 1 - Episode 63

5 years ago

“What the hell, Richard! ”
“Don’t look at me that way, you know what you did! ”
” Common, it’s for your own good, running that length won’t do you a whole world of good ”
” Hey, I own my body, and I decide what to do with it ”
” That body no longer just belongs to you, it’s mine as well as yours. We are talking about our child here, if you happen to fall and anything happen to the child in your womb, I will never forgive you “He said before leaving the Library.
Whatever, I still insist I won’t be carried about like some old woman, I can still run and I will.
Richard made sure everyone was present and well positioned. Audrey and Jason who was in his wolf form lead the way while I stayed in the middle with the chatter boxes, the little wolves. Richard and Lucy in her wolf form stayed behind, her snow white fur made her stand out amidst all of us.
Jason carried Audrey on his back since she won’t be able to keep pace with us since she is human. Jason took off followed by the rest of us, he took a path which was actually a path used by those I killed decades ago to transport their farm produce.
I heard Richard chuckle occasionally and Lucy’s wolf whimpering. Why was he joking around when he was supposed to be sober. Sometimes, I wonder if I actually marry a man or a kid.
Soon we got to the fields, the fields was really huge with trees at the far ends, the trees were planted in a circle so it formed a sort of wall around the fields, although Richard never did say why he chose this location but I had this nagging feeling it was intentional. This field was part of his past, that I was sure of.
I saw Uncle, his wife and that demented blood thirsty bittch Ivy at the fore front.
George didn’t look to have a clear strategy with the manner in which his people were stationed all over his end of the field.
I am sure the little wolves were expecting something entirely different and was must have been disappointed to see normal humans at the other end of the field. So, I wasn’t surprised when Luke asked if we are fighting with normal people, but Jason replied we weren’t, but actually battling with blood sU-Cking demons.
I was surprised to hear Jason speak because he was actually in his wolf form, how is it possible that he is able to speak in wolf form so quickly. He hasn’t been a wolf for up to three months, his development seems too quickly for it to have happened naturally.
Someone must have aided him, i suspected Richard or Audrey, since they are now both dating.
After Richard had accessed George’s army, he asked Audrey to erect the wall. But before she did, I ran up to him and kissed him before encouraging him with some kind words.
He nodded but I could sense that Richard wasn’t himself, although I do know that the sight of George usually brings the worst out in him but this it wasn’t just George. It was glaring that he was struggling with something, he was trying to put something down inside of him, the rage or the darkness, I couldn’t tell for certain but I hope he doesn’t let it disturb his focus.
Audrey performed the spell and erected the wall before returning to join Richard and the rest of the crew.
I expected Richard to say something, you know words to boost the morale of his people and demoralize that of his enemies but I didn’t hear such from him and I wondered why.
George too didn’t say anything, he just barked an order for the Group 4 to charge in which they did. I expected Richard to order to send out Lucy and Jason to take care of them but he didn’t, instead he asked Audrey to vaporize them with conjured lightening.
I shook my head in disbelief, that was a very bad call from Richard, he played right into George’s plans by revealing the mystery in Audrey. George thinks there are no witches alive and so Audrey should have been Richard’s secret weapon, his last card so to say.
If Richard had killed those five vampires sent by George, it will force George to send more and more and if it finally gets out of hand, then Richard could then call upon Audrey to begin her thing.
But doing it this Early in the battle just messed things up a bit, George will leave Richard alone now and face Audrey which he actually did.
That forced Richard to help out Audrey who was finding it hard to stop the raging vampires.
Lucy and Jason helped but Mrs Keller soon came to stop that, she succeeded in diverting Lucy and Jason’s attention from the battle and this made Richard their new target since Richard was actually impeding Audrey from doing her thing than helping her.
The thing that baffled most about Richard was not just his amateurish and lame ideas in battle, it Was his decision not to kill these vampires, instead he just broke something in them or snapped their necks.
That was really silly because by doing so, he was making things difficult for him and his people.
Fighting is more like a dance, especially when you are a single combatant against many foes. You make the perfect dance in such a situation by making such each step counts, in this case by making sure each attack from you is lethal. Richard should have made sure each attack coming from him put the unfortunate vampire it meets out of existence, but no, instead he was trying to play the good guy in a battle where any mistake can lead to one’s death, it was really silly from him and I wasn’t surprised when he got to one knee after being pierced and punched in several weak points of the human body, a deliberate plot to weaken him and who else to lay the final blow than Mrs Keller.
After successfully fooling Jason and Lucy to leave their Alpha stranded in battle, she saw a weaken Richard and went after him. She had almost make that opportunity count when Lucy finally woke up to her duties of protecting her Sire and replaced him from the incoming lethal hand of her mother.
She pierced her own daughter’s abdomen with her hand, I expected a bit of shock and disbelief from her but she didn’t look back and was about to finish Lucy off when Richard came to his senses that this was a battle and not a training practice, he Made Mrs Keller useless by dislocating her shoulders and was about to administer the final blow when Ivy who had been keenly watching Saw her opportunity and utilized it well. She pierced Richard’s heart from behind with her sword and I know Ivy well, she wasn’t called Ivy for nothing, it was because her Swords were laced with potent poisons. I knew Richard was a goner when her sword went through him and he fell to the ground lifeless.
The whole thing happened so quickly, one second we were in control, another second we were overwhelmed and everything went sore.
The whole thing looked like something the Vampires have practised over and over again, I was really disappointed that Richard could fall for such cheap antiques.
I waited for nearly thirty seconds but Richard didn’t stir or stand up. It then hit me that he truly might be dead, I lost it at that moment.
I jumped and screamed and pushed myself against the wall but it was of no use, the wall held firm.
Lucy was still on the fall surrounded by vampires, Jason was held by more than six Valdons while Audrey was no where be seen. The little wolves were as quiet as a grave yard.
I watched in horror as George walked up, took Ivy’s sword and stood over Richard’s body as he prepared to decapitate him.
I screamed and shouted but it just brought smiles to those b.astards,
“I killed your parents and I best you now. Pity, the Mikaelsons are all losers “he shook his head and spat at Richard and swung his sword but then he stopped midway because we all heard a sound, a bone breaking sound from the lifeless body of Richard.
” Oh my God ” I screamed, he is alive, my Richard still lives.
The shock on the faces of the Vampires including George was unforgettable.
Another bone cracked, and then another, Richard was transforming, albeit slowly which George decided to use the opportunity in finishing him off before he fully transformed.
But it was not to be as a force swept them off their feet and pushed them backwards but the force didn’t work on Mrs Keller. She still stood her ground and took up the sword that fell from her husband’s and seek to finish what he started but Jason growled and went after her, he seized by his fangs and threw her some good forty metres out.
The force was actually initiated by Audrey who suddenly appeared at a very crucial moment. She held firm as the Vampires sought to come back, but not for long, as they pushed against the wall.
Richard slowly transformed, but it wasn’t his normal black wolf, his entire fore limbs from his mane downwards were snow white while his hind legs from the beginning was silver all through. The rest of his body was jet black, the sizzling aura was back and when he stood, he now stood at almost seven feet, this wasn’t the wolf we were all accustomed to, it was a different wolf entirely.
Audrey force field fell as Richard stood, and the Vampires quickly advanced forward but Richard’s wolf stretched back and then howled a frightening howl, immediately they are went on their knees, but this time Audrey, Jason and Lucy who have finally recovered stood on their feets but the duo of George and his wife stood their ground.
Richard moved forward and the rest of his crew followed but he said,
“This is my battle, leave it to me ” that creepy voice where it was like two entities spoke at the same time was back, then it finally dawned on me that this wasn’t Richard, it was the darkness.
But Richard wasn’t the only one who could change his appearance. George took a whole new and horrific appearance.
His finger became longer and claws replaced his nails and the same thing happened to his toes and nails.
His eyes became scarlet red and then he snarled, this was the true face of George, a monster.
“Let’s end this ” left both George and Richard’s lips at the same time. This wasn’t them fighting now, it was the demons in them.

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