Story: The Last Wolf - Season 1 - Episode 65

5 years ago

The moment I stepped into the battle field, the struggle began. A part of me wanted out, I knew within me that I shouldn’t let it out but as the battle wore on, i knew I would be forced to give in.
My hesitation to kill became my own downfall, I have been warned never to kill in wolf form, that it would be my undoing, I can’t seem to remember who said such to me but I know it was a woman. Ever since, I have learnt to make my foe useless instead of killing them. But I wasn’t in wolf form, then why the hesitation, why the fear to kill what’s already dead?
Well, those questions left my mind when I faded into unconsciousness after that Ivy pierced my heart with her poison laced sword.
As I faded, I knew the time for playing the good guy was over and slowly I became enraged at Ivy, at my stupidity that might have cost my life, at my lame principles that might now stop me from seeing my forthcoming child, and most importantly my inability to avenge my parents death.
That made me mad and I lost unconsciousness that way.
I woke up to find myself in my wolf form, how could this be? I am supposed to be dead, but answers to those questions had to wait when whatever Audrey was using in holding back the Vampires fell apart and they came charging into me but instinctively, I howled a ferocious howl filled with fear that paralysed the incoming vamps, it didn’t do the same to George but he stopped in his track after seeing my wolf.
He changed to something so vile, If I were to be a kid, I would have trouble sleeping.
But i knew this was the demon in George and finally it has decided to surface and face it’s arch rival.
I was trying to read George, trying to be Sherlock in battle, I quickly stopped when he came charging towards me, I returned the favour too but he knew what he was doing,because by forcing me to blindly charge towards him,i walked right into his trap. As he never meant to strike me or anything instead he used my mane as a sort of propellant and turned around and landed on my back. Oh yeah, I knew where this was going, quickly I transformed back to human, destabilizing him and then I managed to throw him off me.
Big, big mistake from George, in a battle, never let your enemy know you are aware of his weak point.
By going for my backbone in his first attack, he made me change my strategy and I let him think he had the upper hand because in his next attack, I deliberately stopped my charging towards him and because he knew he couldn’t go for my back again, he had no where to go and he slid underneath my wolf and sliced his way through. I expected that, so even though I healed almost immediately, I pretended to be struggling to get up due to the bleedings, fooled by my act he came after me and jumped seeking to land on my back again.
But this was what I was waiting for, I timed my move perfectly and shifted my weight so quickly and before he knew what hit him, i caught his outstretched arm with my teeth and tore the shitty thing out of his shoulder.
Oh, he screamed, the dumb arse could scream better than those women in Who performs opera.
A veteran killer played so easily, I was really disappointed, but it clearly shows he is rusty, damn rusty. This is what happens when you think you are safe from your enemies and sit on some damn throne all day.
I promised to kill him and his wife the way he killed my parents when his wife who tried to kill me ran past me and carried Ivy out of my spell, what the hell, how did she do that?
She answered my question by calling me William not Richard, Will what!!!!!
I was still thinking when that Shameless excuse for a Ruler said we were pawns, pawns?? What is he talking about? Probably it’s because his wife ditched him for a woman, that’s why he is saying all kinds of gibberish.
I ended his mystery by decapitating him after tearing his remaining arm earlier.
My vengeance was finally served and I have honored my parents, but I wanted more, I wanted that Ivy and that vile woman who was on the verge of killing her own daughter, dead.
I turned away from George and asked my crew to finish the job.
I looked at those little wolves and asked Audrey to remove the wall so that the little wolves could partake in the fun.
The look on her face brought back memories, memories of how I disappointed her in our time.
She did as I asked anyway and Angel came after me and started hitting me.
“Stop this Richard, they are just kids, stop this “she screamed but I looked the other way,
“Richard, this is not you, take back control, you are not yourself “she screamed again.
” I know ” was all I said as she gave up, sat on the floor and started crying.
I knew I wasn’t myself, but damn I loved it.

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