Story: The Last Wolf - Season 1 - Episode 62

5 years ago

The Angle route was a forgotten route I suspect the Previous occupiers of the Farm house use in getting into town directly, an alternative to using the road.
Although now covered in vegetation, it’s our best shot in getting to the fields without the attention of people.
As I instructed, Jason and Audrey were to lead the way while the little wolves stayed in the middle. Angel refused to be carried and said she will run along with the rest of us.
It was a heated argument between us but she said she won’t be treated like an egg, whatever that meant.
I ran with Lucy at the back who never stopped hitting me with her wolf.
We left the house at seven and arrived the fields thirty minutes later. The major reason I used the angle route was because it will enable us come out from the other end of the field because I already knew that the Vampires occupied the other end.
I saw the Vampires at the other end, I immediately asked Audrey to set up her wall which she did because the moment George saw the number of wolves I brought, he suddenly snapped his fingers and his army which was at least above hundred changed their shape.
The Valdons formed a five man group and so did everyone vampire on the fields that day.
George, his wife and the damsel with the twirling Swords that day lead the battle front.
Some twenty metres between them, Damien lead the other group.
“Are we fighting with normal people? ”
I heard Luke ask,
” No, we are fighting with blood sU-Cking monsters in the form of human beings. “Jason replied his roommate.
Before the wall was erected, Angel gave me one of the most heartbreaking passionate kisses ever. With a tearful face, she said
” I believe in you, take your vengeance and honor your parents ” I nodded before turning around to face my Parents killer.
I stood in front with Lucy, Audrey and Jason.
It’s time, I told my wolf.
We used a bus in transporting ourselves, clearing ourselves when we got to check points mounted by the police because of the curfew.
We got to the field some minutes past six, I decided to come first so that I could determine my manner of attack since I didn’t know much about my enemy.
I took about two hundred men and women. We stayed scattered and disjointed until Richard arrived with his army or what I would rather call friends.
His battle formation was a bit weird because some kids with costumes on, although they might not be kids and some wolves went some metres behind before a certain woman with red hair performed some spell. Who was this woman, I had this feeling I have seen her somewhere, and which is Richard’s actual mate, Angel or My daughter after seeing him kiss Angel. Angel went with the wolves behind and I do not really know why because the battle is front of them, why are they moving back and staying put with no formation.
Richard and the strange woman with two Wolves, one had brown fur and was a bit bigger than the other on snow white fur. Very beautiful fur, the White wolf stayed very close to Richard which made me conclude it’s Lucy’s wolf. The woman with the red hair was a strange one and I wondered why she didn’t transform because I understood Richard’s choice not to since he can use his werewolf abilities in his human wolf, I just didn’t know what to make of her.
If Richard plans to fight with just three people, then he is either very cocky or he has something special up his sleeves, either way I will finish him before he moves to plan B because I know that surely that he has one.
I snapped my fingers and everyone moved into formation. I waited for him to say something but he didn’t, I don’t have all day, if he isn’t ready, well I am and I am sure as hell one of us won’t be leaving here alive.
Ivy was eager to go first but I held her back, in chess, the pawns go first, although I hate chess but I will have to use such logic here, I don’t why he wants us to attack first so I will use Group 4 from Damien’s men to find out.
“Group four, go “I ordered.
They ran the seventy metres separating both sides, but they are twenty metres away from the wolves but still Richard and his men stood still, when they were ten metres away, the sky started turning dark and then lightening struck the red haired woman who directed the lightening to the incoming vampires, vaporizing them in the process.
I moved back in a state of shock , that was conjured Lightening and that can only be done by a witch. I thought all of the witches were fvcking dead, and now I remember who she is, she is the mother witch i asked those two traitors in Angel and Lucy to get rid of,but now I know they didn’t.
Dammnit, if a witch is on their side then our chances of winning this war will be really faint. A mother witch is more than enough to wipe us off this earth, now I know why Richard brought so few people to fight.
But the Valdons are protected against magic but from not one of hers, still they should be able hold till they get to her and kill her off, this will make Richard fight of course and Damien’s men will follow closely behind to aid the Valdons. Their job will be to inflict pain upon pain upon Richard, weakening him, while I will then finish him.
“Valdons attack the witch now ”
They went off quickly and just like she was expecting them, the lightening changed to black. Damn, black Lightning isn’t going one bit. But it didn’t stop there , it seems she is conjuring both forms of lightening and combining them in a more lethal form within her and releasing it. That did the damage, the Valdons magic protection couldn’t hold such, any one such lightening hit was a goner but they were resilient and when those who escaped the lightening came tooClose Richard sprung into action and stood right in front of the lightening coming from the witch and fought with the remaining Valdons.
The lightening didn’t seem to affect him, such lightening will do considerable damage to even someone like me, what Sort of creature is Richard. This is beyond just being a wolf. I ordered the rest of Damien’s men to go and since Richard was covering for the witch, they are went for Richard although carefully avoiding the lightening which was now moving sideways since Richard was blocking the path heading north.
The other two wolves got into the fight too, they killed in a funny manner, one tosses a vampire while the other rips out the chest cavity of the unfortunate vampire. My wife decided to face those two wolves.
While Richard fought Valiantly, the Valdons were just too much for him, they just sliced and punch and then withdraw immediately, it was a deliberate plot to weaken him.
It was working, my wife who faced the two wolves only teased them and was actually looking for a way to separate them both but it wasn’t working, their teamwork was just superb.
Richard went down to his knees and Anthea saw this as an opportunity and ran towards him clattering into him and moving him from the witch who immediately disappeared, that’s why one should never trust a witch.
She held to Richard’s back and was about to dig her hand into his back severing his back bone in the process when the white wolf suddenly growled and hurled herself at Richard, pushing him away, and replacing him.
Anthea’s right hand went through the Wolf’s abdomen instead, she was about to remove whatever her hand held when Richard quickly reacted by running back and dislocated Anthea’s shoulder, he was about to kill her and I knew I couldn’t Make it in time to stop him when Ivy sprung into life and thrust her sword into Richard’s heart from behind him. His glowing eyes went dim immediately and he fell to the ground.
The only sound I heard next was
“Oh my God “from the traitor Angel.

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