Story: The Last Wolf - Season 1 - Episode 57

5 years ago

“Nice workout guys, ” I hailed the members of the team as we walked back exhausted into the house.
Leaving their homes to come here and help in fighting something they do not understand is quite a big sacrifice. They work real hard and each one of them is determined to impress Coach to get one of those positions in the pack but the training intensity has steadily gone down from how it was on the first day and if I didn’t know better I will conclude that either Coach has found the people he wants or he won’t be needing any one of them in fighting the war.
I will go with the latter because it’s been three days now and Coach has refused to Debrief them about the what they are fighting against or even reach them how to kill. I don’t know what his game is because I haven’t had time to speak with him for a long period of time. He was always talking or discussing or saving one of those three extremely beautiful women. Sometimes, I wonder who his wife truly is among them. Miss Audrey and Lucy seem a little too close to someone who is already married, anyhow it’s none of my business, I will just do what I have been tasked to do, nothing more.
Miss Audrey haven’t spoken a word to me since she embarrassed me after our s*x, all my attempts to get her attention have been futile, and since then I have devised other means to get my mind off her.
“Hey Eric, let’s play some video games ” I said.
” Alright, I will teach you ou how to use your werewolf abilities fully in human wolf. I am sure you haven’t practice in your wolf form, well, since our break up. So follow my lead. ”
Lucy didn’t say anything, she just kept smiling. She is just too unpredictable.
“Call out your wolf but do not turn. I think it’s better you give your wolf a name.” I said.
“how am I supposed to do that?” she asked.
“Just call out your wolf but when you start transforming, resist the transformation, if you are successful, you should feel something fusing into your skin. That’s your werewolf abilities, try it” I urged her.
She did but she was transforming, she tried to resist but it wasn’t working, her clothes were starting to stretch out little by little.
“Keep your calm, do not fuel your transformation by getting angry or nervous. Just keep a straight head ” I said trying to calm her down since her eyes were glowing already.
That did it, she was able to resist the transformation and stayed in her human form.
” Waoh, I feel awesome ” Lucy exclaimed.
” Alright, hit me, come after me” I teased her.
She came for me, she tried to hit my face, I ducked. She increased the pace of her punches but I saw them all in slow motion and blocked everything.
Then she surprised me, and hit my lungs, that unsettled me and quickly she turned me around with my left arm and carried me and slammed me on the floor.
“Hmm, that’s good. You are finally thinking and not doing the normal stuff. Let’s go again ” I said
We started off but this time I remained focused and didn’t distract myself by staring at those b0s0ms trying to leave their cage.
She gave her all, she punched, I blocked, she kicked , I countered. Her failings only fuelled her rage which was exactly what I wanted. I knew she has a lot of anger buried inside for many years now , I wanted them out.
She screamed at every move of hers I blocked or countered.
Then she surprised me again, she tried to give me an uppercut but I thwarted that move but in doing so, I removed my gaze from her and in that split second she used her free left arm to stab my left kidney. How the fvck is her claws out and she isn’t close to transforming.
She turned me over and I found myself on the floor with her punching the shiit outta my face.
Each series of punches carried a sentence with it.
“bhoom… You broke my heart…. Bhoom… And married my best friend… Bhoom… you severed your bond with me… Bhoom…. But do you what damage you have done to me… Bhoom… Breaking a bond is like cutting a tree and leaving it’s stump…. Bhoom… It will surely grow back… Bhoom… Do you know how I feel every time I see you kissing another woman… Bhoom… You were the first man I truly loved… Bhoom… I gave being a vampire for you… Bhoom… I turned against my family because of you…. Bhoom…. But instead of fighting for me… Bhoom… You left like the spoilt brat you are…. Bhoom… A sorry excuse for an Alpha… Bhoom….i loved you.. Bhoom.. I loved you ”
I let her punch and punch and punch me. When she was through and had nothing to say again. I smiled despite my pains, she is free and now have a clear head. I tried to move my head but lost consciousness due to the pain.

I didn’t know how long I was out but I woke up to find Lucy crying beside me. I struggled to sit up right with Lucy aiding me.
” I am sorry for what I did, I don’t what came over me. I threw the first punch and I just couldn’t stop after . I just had to let it go, the bitterness, the rage and all. I am sorry I hurt you. “She said still crying.
” It’s alright, I knew you had a lot of bitterness in you, it was eating you up, I am happy it’s all gone now and you are now free from the unnecessary burden. For what is worth, I say I needed some of those hits, I deserved it. I shouldn’t have left you like that. But not to worry, we will get through this.
But for now, you need to make up for the wrongs you did to me, Angel and most especially Audrey. I don’t think she will ever forgive you for what you did to her, but it won’t hurt for you to try, you know. “I said.
” I will do my very best, I am grateful for receiving me back the way you did. Thanks for the second chance. ”
I nodded and smiled at her.
A vampire life’ s can be very frustrating just like it’s also fun. I mean the joy that you are more like a god living for eternity, same immortality Billionaires are spending huge resources to get but you have it for free.
But the inability to procreate is the only reason I hate being a vampire. After almost two hundred years, I still won’t give up on my fantasy on having a large family but Sadly one cannot have every silly thing one wants.
I still recollect the day I was turned by George after he saw defending myself against a rapist. I was so mad after I managed to overpower him, i punched and punched the hell outta of him and then when my hands hurt so bad from hitting a hard face like his, I started kicking him. Eventually, I stepped on his fvcking d.ick, he screamed one of the most horrible screams I have ever heard before. Of all the killings I have done and screams that came along with them, his was the worst of them and still hunts me till today. It’s been very difficult for me to sleep with men but still I crave for a large family, crazy, crazy world.
George watched the whole show and decided right there and then that I would join his elite group of vampires. I was aged twenty then and eventually I became the group’s leader.
I was born into a family of six made up of three boys and a girl – – me. My brothers are also part of the army and this has made the group feel like family to me.
Back to the present, I was busy rapping alongside Eminem in his hit song, No Love. I have always loved rap songs, never been a fan of Taylor Swift’s childish songs.
My phone rang and I looked to see who it was, it was that womanliness called Damien, what does he want?
“What? “I yelled after picking
” Hey don’t yell at me, you of all people should know that I would never call you even if I had a gun to my head but unfortunately something worse than a gun asked me to call you. The all-father wants to see you tomorrow. Bye. ”
The all-father wants audience with me, I mean its been almost twenty years since I last saw him face to face. What does he want with him now and that prick didn’t even let me say anything before hanging up. I quickly booked an early morning flight to New Orleans and I got my things ready.
After a four hour flight and two hour drive from the airport to Aidenville, I really wanted to get some massage but that was not to be when I was immediately ushered to George’s Library immediately I got to the house.
He was still his handsome self, forever handsome.
I was barely able to stand when George said a wolf still lives, a wolf.? I felt bitter within me, I have failed in my mission in making sure the only thing capable of killing my father lived for this long. I will make sure the mistake won’t happen again.
I watched the video coverage of the Wolf when it crashed into the dining.
Actually, it wasn’t a wolf when it crashed into the dining but coverage before then wasn’t available. He was obviously too fast for the camera to capture. Whoever he was, he transformed into a wolf the moment he crashed into the dining.
I have seen something happen so fast before, whoever this guy was, he had complete control over his wolf, something I was told is extremely difficult to pull off.
The wolf he transformed to was massive, this wasn’t a wolf, it can’t be. No wolf is this big.
“This can’t be a wolf “I said
” It is, I don’t know how it got this big. His Parents were half his size. ” George explained.
” But you were able to kill his parents, he should be a piece of cake. “I said
” It’s not that easy, I killed his parents by calling out the wolf in them and sealing it away. But this one Is different all together because sealing the beast in them away should made sure their offspring doesn’t carry the beast but somehow he did. It’s obvious it’s not the same beast that was in his parents that’s in him or it might be the same beast, it just not the whole of it”
” So you are saying he is not at full strength yet despite this massive size “I asked
” Not about its size, I think it’s divided, split into two, it’s second part is sealed away. But if the seal gets broken and fuses into him, then we will have something far worse than me on this earth. We need to kill him quickly before he gets his wolf second half. ”

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