Story: The Last Wolf - Season 1 - Episode 58

5 years ago

I soon became bored of Playing video games and decided to take a walk in the woods. That’s just who I was, I get bored easily, Miss Audrey’s words kept coming and coming back to my head like a song but it’s just wasn’t my favorite one.
I walked for a while before finding the spot I wanted to calm me down, the lake.
I sat ashore and brought out my phone, put on my earphone and kept Jason Derulo’s Fight for you on repeat . It was I and Chelsea’s favorite song when we just started dating, the beginning of the song always makes me laugh.
“Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you,
There is nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do ”
Well, Jason, it took just a single guy to take her away from you. I shook my head at my teenage naivety, I missed being close to someone.
I must confess I feel lonely, living alone for the last three years has taken a toll on me and the day Chelsea said yes was the happiest day of my life but seven months I later, I was back to my lonely self.
I was singing along when someone tapped me from behind, I turned around and found Miss Audrey behind me. I stopped play and removed my earphones before greeting her,
“Hey, Morning ”
” Morning, can I sit beside you? ” She was looking like a bride this morning, so beautiful. She wore this pink gown that made look like the lost bride in the woods.
” You look awesome ”
” Why, thanks though “she said smiling.
” So what brings you to this place,? ”
” You, I asked around and was told you took a walk in here. So I followed and found you here. ”
” Why are you looking for me?”
” Common, you and I both know why, you haven’t been yourself since what I said the other day at your place. I am here to say I am sorry for that, I was just a little hurt that night and you didn’t make feel any better ”
” What happened that day? ”
” Not now Jason, we will talk about it another time. I saw a vision this morning, I don’t Richard’s plan for the upcoming battle but please obey every instruction he gives out that day, do not go against any, it might just save your life. I do not want to lose you, promise me you will do as I have said ” she said, her eyes getting red already. I wondered how bad the vision was, anyhow I have always obeyed Coach’s instructions why should I stop now.
I affirmed that I would by kissing her,
” I will ” I replied her cutting off the kiss, She smiled and came for my lips again.
” Get your asses here by the Moro, we have a code zero level threat ” was the text I sent to the rest of my comrades. I trust by nightfall, most will be here already. They would be eager to do so because we have been very idle for a long time, doing little jobs here and there to keep a low profile.
I still couldn’t believe what George said about this guy or wolf, although I don’t know much about magic or how it works but if there is anyone magic can’t fool, it is George.
That’s why I wonder how for two centuries George didn’t know of this guy’s existence even if we didn’t. Something isn’t right here, this all looks someone of higher power is organizing all this, the coincidences are one too many.
Besides I have never seen George so uncomfortable before especially when he was explaining the part of the division of that guy’s wolf which didn’t make any sense to me. Why should he be afraid of the offspring when he so easily kill Richard’s parents by calling out their wolves. Why can’t he just do the same to him except if there is more to the story, except if George isn’t saying the truth, which is not strange by the way.
George never really reveals everything but this time I will find out more, I will find out what so special and what’s so dangerous about this guy that makes George uncomfortable.

Lucy kept smiling and winking at me at every opportunity while Audrey had this weird expression on her face like she was both happy and sad at the same time. Jason had this Grimm look on his face like he was happy about something but he had been instructed to act otherwise.
Angel had this, “I am so gonna kill you” Look on her face, like seriously, what did I do? I and Lucy were only training, apparently she didn’t like how my clothes were stained in blood. Her first reaction made me laugh after I told her it was Lucy who caused this mess during our training.
Her facial expression changed to one I have never seen before, she said she was gonna have a talk with Lucy but I knew better. Angel doesn’t have to defend me, I am quite capable of that, moreover Lucy will beat her silly, she hasn’t been able to sync properly with her wolf. I wouldn’t want such a situation anyway, she is pregnant with my child.
“It’s just training, love. Don’t be dramatic. ”
“I shouldn’t be dramatic, my husband came in all messed up with blood all over him in the name of training a bittch that could have killed him before now if her plan had worked. Sometimes I just get mad because I really don’t know how you think, someone who sold you to her monstrous father but it didn’t work out for her still had the nerve to call you and asked for your help and you went willingly. What if it had been a trap? What if her stay here is to know more about our strategy, tell me how are you gonna feel If she betrays you again in the day of battle. I think of all this and I am just saddened at your naivety. Oh, Damn right I shouldn’t be dramatic, damn right.!
You know what Richard, you might actually be your own ruin. Serve yourself, I am getting bored of this shitt . ”
Angel snapped and left the kitchen in a rage.
I will talk to her later, for now I wanna eat. After eating, I washed the dishes and set off to the bathroom. I saw Angel reading and when she saw me, she kept the book over her face, I chuckled and walked up to her and gave her a peck even if she tried to stop from doing so. I entered the bathroom and was having fun washing my body.
I have always enjoyed taking my bath, I love the feel of rushing water on my body, It pushes up my adrenaline level and that’s why I don’t like bathroom s*x. But when a goddess like Angel walk in unclad, whatever resolve one has dies there and then. She went for my lips and while we kissed, she climbed my slippery body and wrapped her legs around my waist, I got her drift quickly and inserted my erected into her hole and off we went, I slammed while she reciprocated by moving her waist accordingly. The quickie was awesome and I actually wanted more but she used my own words against me,
“You know I am pregnant, besides you need a clear head for the upcoming war ” she smirked before leaving.
I shook my head and continued with my shower.
After dinner, ,I decided needed to get some rest. I was on my to my room when Audrey blocked me asking for an audience, I followed her outside and when we were out of hearing zone, she began,
“Richard, I had a vision during the day, this afternoon precisely. The vision………. was from your mum…. But its about you ”
” Alright, what about it ”
” It’s complicated, but I think I understand what she meant ”
” What is it, spill it out dear ”
” She said it’s time for the fusion ”
Oh if only I could watch what took place at the lake today again and again, but unfortunately I can’t. But that didn’t stop me from smiling from ear to ear albeit from within.
I never thought it possible that I would score a rare Beauty such as Miss Audrey and here it was happening again,but this time, I calmed myself and took control.
She came for my lips after I disengaged earlier to give my promise.
She was already loosing my shirt buttons with shaky hands while I unzipped her gown. I removed it while she pulled off my shirt and eventually my shorts.
My word, she didn’t even wear any underwear, I wanted to jump and go for her two succulent twins but I remembered my resolve to calm, to be in control.
So I went for her neck instead, teasing her with my tongue before moving up to her right ear, she jerked immediately my tongue touched it. Hmmm, so that’s your weak point.
I continued to tease her ear while her m0ans increased steadily, I moved my left arm to her hole and it wasn’t just wet, it was gushing Fluids.
I went down to her b0s0ms and danced there for a while and then, I quickly arranged our clothes on the rough ground before laying her gently on it.
I went for her cl!t and when I bit it slightly, she screamed and pressed my head into her hole. I was turning blue already because I couldn’t breathe. She finally cummed all over my face and then I was finally set free. She was still in Heaven while I was trying hard to catch my breath, she took notice of this and apologized profusely but I smiled and told her I was gonna pay her another way.
I turned around as she screamed and giggled like a naughty bittch.
I kept her on all fours and slotted in from behind. I didn’t just bang like I did the other time, as I pumped in, I was also playing with her cl!t and that did it because she cummed more than four times before I finally cummed. I was exhausted and fell on her.
“Now that’s what I am talking about, more of this is what I want ”
” Yeah, sure…. “was I could say as I drifted off to sleep.
My resolve to find out more made me watch the video of the dining again and again.
I wondered why they were all on their knees, I initially thought it was because George finally caught the culprit and it was some kinda show of respect since his wife was still sitting, then it hit me, They all reluctantly went on their knees like some powerful force compelled them to.
I even saw George shake a little but he was able to stand his ground although that allowed the Culprit to escape, his wife didn’t even bat an eye or am I missing something, why would someone like George shake and his wife didn’t.
Anyhow, the kneeling happened after the Wolf’s howl. And after watching the scene where George took off into the kitchen after been hit by the Wolf, then it became clear to me.
Already, this wolf is stronger than George without his second half or whatever hence the panic from George , but if this guy is stronger then him then how do we have a chance against him, probably because Magic doesn’t work against us. I smiled, because for the first time since I have known George, he is afraid of Death.

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