Story: The Last Wolf - Season 1 - Episode 56

5 years ago

I woke up the next day a bit heavy. I slept on the bench all night, shitt!, Angel will have my head, I was suppose to kinda sleep with her as my husbandly duties demanded.
I checked the time, it was 6am.
I dragged myself up and decided to do a little warm up. I jogged around for a while and then did some push-ups. I still felt a bit heavy despite all of the hard activities I just pulled off. I just wasn’t myself this morning and couldn’t tell why.
I entered the house through the laundry. I climbed the stairs carefully and sneaked into our room without letting Angel know but unfortunately she wasn’t in the room. Where the hell was she??
Anyhow, I got into the bathroom and had a nice cold shower.
I got dressed putting on shorts and a police t-shirt.
I climbed down to the floor the boys occupied and screamed “On your feet, it’s time for some early morning drill”
I heard m0ans and groans but they were all downstairs in less two minutes. Angel was actually in the kitchen preparing breakfast for every one. So she must have seen me when I was climbing the stairs trying to be quiet and she didn’t say anything. She must be really pissed.
I asked them to jog to the barn, that I will be with them shortly.
I entered the kitchen,
“Morning ” I greeted
Angel didn’t reply, she just continued with what she was doing.
I went behind her and wrapped my hands around her,”I am sorry about yesterday. I was just too tired from the strenuous activities and continuous thinking about winning this war without any casualties . I am sure you do not want our child to grow up without knowing me. So please just be tolerant during this period of war, I beg you. I have better things planned for us after the war, so, am I forgiven?”
“Richard, tell me you will live for our child”
“I will ”
” Alright you are forgiven, go train your wolves ”
We kissed for quite sometime before she chased me away from the kitchen giggling.
I got to the barn, and found them training really hard under the guidance of Jason, what a Leader he is turning out to be.
He stopped giving orders when he saw me and joined the rest of the crew.
After about thirty minutes of doing push-ups,they all collapsed on the floor.
I waited for five minutes for them to get their acts together again and afterwards, I asked them to stand up. I told them to follow me outside the barn, which they did.
“Now, listen, about 200metres ahead is a green pole, you run after my say and then hit the pole and get back here as fast as you can. This test is to know about your speed and recovery rate. I want to know the fastest among you. Now Jason, go ”
Each of them ran and only seven of them attained my desired speed of 950m/h.
They were Jason, Luke, Dom, Kris, Stones, Paul and Nick.
” Alright, go and wash yourselves and refill your energy. ”
I watched them run off into the house.
I heard someone clap and turned around to find Lucy.
She was on some sports bra showcasing her flat tummy and yummy b0s0ms and was on a white and black yoga Pant, she was hot, no, steaming hot. I really don’t know who is hotter between Angel and her. But being s*xy** and hot is not the only attribute of a good woman.
“You might wanna lock your jaw, nice training techniques, I must say that I am impressed. You talked about training me yesterday, so here I am,and Good morning. ” Lucy said the good morning with a little bit of sarcasm, I think she must have seen me kiss Angel this morning and I am sure it’s not just training she is out here for.
” Morning, let’s roll ”
I have been up all night thinking and pondering of every single way in which this wolf was in that house the day I murdered his parents and I never got to see or smell or hear him. It was as if the Mikaelsons having a son was erased from my head and just yesterday, it came back. Someone used Magic to do that and I wonder who, that’s just the only theory that makes any sense.
“Morning sir, how was…. “Damien greeted but I wasn’t interested in the good of the morning right now.
” Any news yet, ”
” Yes sir, here is the file about the man. He is dark-skinned, about six feet tall and of average build. His name is Richard Cypher and he teaches Chemistry at Aidenville’s high. His present location is unknown and that’s all we know about him”
Damien replied.
“Good, how about the Valdons”
“Ivy is on her way right now, in fact I think she is already here ” Damien replied.
” Show her in and keep looking ” I said dismissing him.
Cypher, hmmm,A strange surname, I think I have heard that name before.
“Good morning, all father, you called for me. ” the beautiful Ivy said kneeling while greeting
” Yes, we have a Code level zero threat in town. I want the rest of your crew here by tomorrow ”
” Cold level zero? But that’s not possible, there is no creature alive capable of harming you, I have made sure of that. ”
” Apparently, there is, and it is just not capable of harming me, it is quite capable of killing me”
“It… What do you mean ”
” I mean a wolf ”
” That cannot be, we have combed the entire planet for decades and we didn’t find any. ”
” Well, there is, here is his file, update yourself, we are at war Ivy, I want you at your best. ”
” I am always at my best ”

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