Story: I Date White men Only - Season 1 Episode 11

6 years ago

Later in the night, on the bed, our son already sleeping, Obinna started again.
Obinna: So are you going to give me silent treatment? You won’t even say anything or even give me a reply.
Me: What reply? I told you already i’m working, I dunno why you’re taking this too far.
Obinna: Tolu, you know i love you, i love you so much. I dunno why you’re treating me like this, is it because i don’t have money, things are better now, i’m now working or is it because i’m ibo?
Me: Stop all these Obinna… I want to sleep He moved closer to me and began to touch me…
Obinna: I love you Tolu, i don’t want to loose you.
He continued touching some sensitive parts of my body
Me: What is the meaning of all these now, i’m not in the mood.
Honestly speaking, i’m in the mood, i missed Obinna’s preak. I miss the s*x with Obinna.
Obinna: I miss you (in a seductive tone)
Me: Leave me jare, i’m not in the mood for all these..
He began to kiss me…
Me: Oooooh stop..
He continued kissing me, touching my Bosso, kissing my neck, my ears, my cheeks..
Me: Obinna stop (Mo@ning)
He continued doing those sweetness, he began squeezing my Bosso, kissing me, mo@ning, pull off my night gown and began to s*ck my Tips, I just couldn’t help but mo@n loud, he reached for my K*ttyc@t and began to finger me really deep,
Obinna is so good at it…
Obinna: Do you love it?
Me: Yes
Mo@ning, he now went down low and was giving me head, he was eating me while he was using his fingers to rim the upper part of my K*ttyc@t, it was sweet, he pulled off his boxers, wore a condom, lifted up my legs and inserted his long and heavy preak in me, i totally felt it, its been long i had such huge preak in me. I screamed, he was going slow, slow, slow, slow, my legs were up in the sky as he was banging me really hard, my K!ttyC@t was just making this moisture sound, its been long i fed it with a good food, i was just mo@ning really loud, he was really pounding me so crazy, he continued kissing me and was pounding, squeezing, s*cking my Bosso, then he lifted me as he sat on the mattrass, while his preak is still stuck in my K*ttyc@t, i began to ride him, going up and down, as he was playing with my Bosso, squeezing it really hard. I was going up and down, up and down, up and down….
Obinna: Yes, i’m about to cum(Panting)
Me: (mo@nin) Please don’t cum, please f*ck me more i continued rocking his preak, he quickly pushed me as he cum
Obinna: Ahahaha, yes… (panting)
I wasn’t satisfied enough with the s*x at all, i was surprised he ejaculated early, Obinna doesn’t cum so fast like that, he stays longer.
Me: What happened to you? Why did you cum early? You don’t cum early now.
Obinna: I don’t know what happened, maybe because i’ve been fantasing about you for some days now…. Wow, the condom even broke sef (he removed the torn condom)
I panicked…
Me: What? Hope you didn’t…
Obinna: No i didn’t…
I began to touch him again, kissing him… Sweetheart, i want more, i’m not satisfied yet.
Well, we didn’t do anything again that night, we slept off till the following morning, in the bathroom, i regretted ever asking for more.

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