Story: I Date White men Only - Season 1 Episode 10

7 years ago

Zvicka was to travel to USA on Sunday night, so on
Saturday we left Ibadan for Lekki, it was there
Company’s guest house in Lekki. So we stayed there
till he travelled, we were just having rounds of s*x, I
gave to him hard cos he would be going for 4 weeks
or so. I didn’t really enjoy the s *x like that, honestly I miss Obinna’s j0ystick, damn! My white
man gave me a staggering 250k before he travelled, I
couldn’t believe it when he gave me the money in
big brown envelope. I was so super excited, I
couldn’t believe it, no man in my entire life has ever
given me pass 20k, 250k? It was like 1million dollar in my eyes. I never expected up to that amount.. He
warned me to spend the money wisely cos he would
be away for 4 weeks or even more, thank God for
Zvicka in my life. I escorted him to the airport on
Sunday night, slept alone in the Lekki guest house, the
following day, the driver dropped me in school as the oga’s madam or babe, whatever.
I shared my testimony with my friends, it was that
very day that I went to pay up school fees, I didn’t
even waste any time. I paid up my debts, I was finally
free. All thanks to Zvicka for his kindness, I love that
man, I love him so much. 2 days after, Zvicka called
me, to ask about me, he asked if I’ve paid my fees, he told me has started his treatment already. I missed
so much, I can’t wait to see him again. We talked on
the phone for almost an hour, while speaking on the
phone, another caller was calling, I quickly checked
who the caller is, guess who it is, well it is the Ibo boy,
Obinna. I didn’t pick, I continued talking to my boo, instead of Obinna to stop calling, he kept calling cos
I’m sure he saw my number was busy, he still kept
calling. Immediately I finished talking to Zvicka, he
called, I picked, he was nagging, asking who I was
talking to on the phone for almost an hour. Anyway to
cut the long story, Obinna said he missed me and he wanted to see me, that I should come spend
weekend with him and his family, he even told me
he’s gotten a self contain for himself, so he want me to
come over, moreover my son is with his family for
the holiday. I agreed to visit him because of my son, it
been long I saw him and I think I missed Obinna’s j0ystick, its been long I had s *x with almighty Obinna.
He’s damn good on bed, I’ve not had good s *x all
these while, thank God Zvicka has travelled, I need
better Preak to grease my boris. So that weekend, I visited Obinna and his family, they
are too many in that their house. His parents and like
6 siblings, he is the first born. So going there I needed
to buy something for them, I had problem on what to
buy for them cos they are too much and Obinna’s
siblings can like to beg, “Sis Tolu come and give your top, come and buy recharge card for me, blah blah”,
who am I to complain? I just have to force myself give
them, I actually bought things for them from the
money Zvicka gave me, can you imagine. I bought
some things for my son too.
I visited Obinna’s family, the atmosphere was
friendly, they all welcomed me well. Everyone
welcomed me with a warm hug, they are so friendly
in their family, so free. I kinda missed them, cos its
been long I visited them, they all missed me as well. I
saw my son too, I missed him so much, thank God my son still remembers me very well, What a relief cos I
was getting worried if my son would still recognise
me or if he misses me, its been so long that I saw him.
Like I said earlier they all welcomed me well, I was
served with their local dishes, it was so nice to be in
their midst again, it was a full house. I like Obinna’s family but I just don’t know if I can cope, cos I was
becoming uncomfortable. Anyway, later in the
evening while in the room with my baby’s daddy,
Obinna, he was asking me silly questions, annoying

Obinna: Where did you get the money to buy all those items you brought?

Me: What kind of question is that? I was a little bit scared and was also prepared cos I know the fool will question about the new changes in me.
Me: I’m working with this company like this, like marketing job.
Obinna: Which company like this?
Me: You know all these big big companies like using fine, fine girls to market their products. Its more like promo jobs sha…. I do get plenty offers, from Etisalat, samsung, MTN….
Obinna: Hmmmmm
Me: What is the meaning of hmmm? So you don’t believe me?
Obinna: But why have you been avoiding me? You hardly pick my calls, i came to your school twice I didn’t meet you in school
Me: That’s your fault, you could have informed me before coming now. Are you now monitoring me?

Obinna: Okay accepted! Tolu, (sigh), where did you get that phone?
Me: Oh my God, what is all these now? This is the reason why i don’t want to come, honestly if not because of my son, i won’t come here at all. I don’t all these questions you’re asking, i already told you i’m working
Obinna: Tolu, you even paid your school fees, over 200k, i saw the receipt in your bag.
Ooops! I totally forgot to take the receipts and my files out of my bag, cos i finished my registration a
day before visiting Obinna’s family. I paused for some seconds, didn’t know what to say…

Obinna: You told me you’ve not paid your school fees just last week, i even promised to help, so where did you get this money?
i was so angry, i quickly got up….
Me: Why would you be searching my bag? Stop monitoring me, i don’t like it, just mind your business. I told you i’m working so leave me alone abeg.
I walked out of the room…. I was really angry, honestly i’m tired of Obinna’s wahala, i’m tired.

Few hours later, he took me to his new place, we can’t sleep at his parent’s place cos they live in 2 rooms, face to face things. Obinna has gotten a better place for himself, more like room and parlour or should i call it self contain. The most annoying part is that Obinna’s new place is not far from his parent’s place, can you imagine, how silly of him,
i was surprised but i can’t complain. There won’t be privacy at all and i’m very sure one or two of his siblings will definitely be leaving with us there if we eventually get married. The place was nice, he told me he got a job in an IT firm, i noticed he was talking about settling down or something but i didn’t pay attention to it. It was me, him and our son that went to the new place.

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