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Story: I Date White men Only - Season 1 Episode 12

Episode 7 years ago

While taking my bath, Obinna walks in, its a small bathroom anyway. Unclad Obinna walks in the bathroom with his erected j0ystick, i looked at him, honestly my eyes were on his j0ystick.
Obinna: Can i join you? (touching my B*ttocks)
Me: What do you want? Bryan is at home ooo
Obinna: My sister have come to pick me
Obinna began to sq££ze my B*ttocks, touching my body slowly…
Me: Why did they come to pick him?
Obinna: Forget about that, i wanna fu*k you
He quickly turned me over… I hit him hard
Obinna: Yeh! What was that for?
Me: Fu*k? I look like prostitute to you or what, can’t you be decent for once learn how to speak to me, if this is the way you talk to other girls abeg don’t talk to me that way. Rubbish
Can you imagine, no respect for me, this is why I don’t wanna date nigerian guys, Zvicka will never talk to me that way.
Obinna: Okay, i’m sorry….
He held me close, kissing me… I was still forming james bond
Obinna: I’m sorry now…. Okay i wanna make love to you.
The kissing continued, it was becoming so intense,
he continued eating my lips, my ears, i was
mo@ning mildly, he lifted my hands up, i held the
shower pole, he grabbed my Bosso and began to
s*ck my Bosso, squeezing my Bosso really hard,
then he went below, he knelt down lifted my left
leg on his shoulder, he began to eat my K**ttyc@t
while sqeezing my Bosso simultaneously, i couldn’t
help but to mo@ning really hard.
Me: Obinna (soft tone)
He continued eating, then he manipulated me,
manipulation me as he rose up to kiss me, manipulation
me, kissing me. Damn! In terms of s*x, Obinna is
the best, anything other than s*x, he’s a failure,
even tho i miss this kind of s*x, Zvicka is really a
failure in s*x department but i will mange him like
that. As i was saying, he continued kissing me and
manipulation me, while my hands were still up, he
turned me over and positioned me, about to insert
his j0ystick..
Me: Obinna, condom now…
Obinna: No, i want it flesh, its been long….
Me: No, no
Obinna: I wont cum on you, i swear….
I tried to persuade him to use condome, before i
know it, Obinna had already inserted his J0yst!ck and
began to bang me really hard from behind. He
continued pounding, i couldn’t tell him to stop, i
had no choice, i just pray he doesn’t cum inside
me. He was really fast with it slipped his J0yst!ck from
my K!ttyC@t , turned me over again i facing him this
He carried me up and ins@rted his j0ystick again, and was jerking me really hard, he pushed me to wall and b@nging me really hard, he was so tight, he going deep down, thrusting, both of m0@ning, kissing me, doing it so fast, hitting me hard, sqeezing me Bosso, he held me neck and was jerking so hard, gosh i enjoyed it so much, this is what i want, he continued, then i asked for the unthinkable…
Me: Fu*ck my butt0ckz baby
Obinna stopped, surprised…
Obinna: What?
Me: Yes baby, Bleep my B*ttocks..
Obinna: Tolu are you sure?
Me: Yes baby, fu*k my B*ttocks
Obinna began to pound my B*ttocks, he continued banging me, jerking me from behind, then he stopped, he lifted my left leg up, he told me to hold the shower pole, then he he inserted his j0ystick in K*ttycat and began to hit me hard, hitting me so deep, my legs were already shaking, shaking really hard, oh my God….
Me: Obinna, please cum, please cum
Obinna didn’t cum ooo, he continued b@nging me so deep, i tried to put my leg down, he didn’t allow me as he continued b@nging me, i was already feeling the squirt cuming
Me: Obinna please stop

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