In That Moment (18+) - Season 1 Episode 20

6 years ago

After dinner I showed my parents my result(grades) they were impressed… na so I use that time play them tape…

I told them that phone they had siezed wasn’t mine and that the owner has being disturbing me……. without any hesitation. .. Momsi promised to gimme back the phone the following morning and popsi promised to give me a new phone before the week is over… chai e b like say I bin visit babalawo collect charm

Wow I woke up tuesday morning… so happy, washed plates, rinsed cars, swept everywhere except Nene’s room

But I didn’t want anymore trouble cos I need that phone from popsi therefore obedience is not negotiable. .
So I went back

Na so I knock door,
Nene: Who?
Me: na me o..
Nene: okay..
I went in Nene was sitting on her bed..flipping pages of her note book
E be like say she get test.. well thats her business
Nene in a transparent night gown…
This girl na fine girl, did I say fine alone?
She na fresh girl.. no matter what I know deep down this na girl wey me I like..
O mehn na so her nipplxs just dey point towards me………
I looked away and went straight to one corner and started my mission. ..

Nene: so you can’t greet ?
Me silent
Nene: av you forgotten what your Dad said? You should see me like your elder sister..
Me silent as I cleaned her table and moved on sweeping..
Nene standa waka close…
She beat the broom out of my hand and said I am talking to you

Me was vexed so I replied her well I don’t see my Elder sister when I look at you but I na ashawo I d see..

Chai.. Slap enter my face kpa aahhh
I wan talk another one enter…kpo oohh
As in front and back hand…
All my life this girl na she slap me pass
I was vexed but I just remembered my phone wey popsi wan buy for me
I must be of a good behaviour or else kiss the fone good bye….
na so I turn Graig David sing am walking away from the troubles in my life…
That simple action got Nene infuriated

Mehn life was good I got my phone from Dad Sendo X
( as at then no b beans) I was more than happy…

Nene hatred or jealousy dey increase me dey step up levelz…
Things were going on fine between me and Ella.. She picks and drops me off every day.

Bleeping was great, we bleeped at her place and Jenny place, I didn’t even have my nigger em time anymore. .

Me and Jenny became very close..
I met her dad (V.C of my school ) and Mum, her brothers and Sisters were not in town as they working at different locations.. we became close as in very good friends. .
We just liked each other as she tells me things.. we studied together at her place or Ella em place all of us.

Ella and Jenny complained that its not all about reading, that sometimes Clubbing is involved but me I know say to stay outside for night na high risk on myslf as my parents go show me why I dey call em Mom and Dad.. and me no want any trouble after the last one that was just over..

On this saturday @ Jenny’s place
(We liked Jenny’s place cos it was always very few people at home, mostly just the house helps so we dey do n undo)
Ella just surprised me with an expensive gift she bought me a Patek Phillipe & Co wrist watch..

Waoh I showered Ella with kisses, hugged her, she actually surprised me, for the time piece was expensive…
Ella had a phone call, she was told by her Mum to get to the airport and get her most elder brother who will be touching down by 11 AM

Her mum appologised that she couldn’t go becos something she wasn’t expecting just popped up…
Ella was furious but had no option than to obey..
She looked at me, I knew what she wanted, so we had a quickie… N she promised to return in no time, I should wait for her…..

Na so me and Jenny dey house eat read and gist as our gist come dey enter relationship. ..

Me: what do you think I should get for Ella…
I showed her the wrist watch,..
Jenny: hmm I don’t know o

Me smiled as I started suggesting things and moved on to tell her I think I am falling in love with Ella

Jenny’s contenance changed as she began complaining about her boyfriend and how lucky Ella has been lucky with boyfriends whom she doesn’t even value but they all tend to love her….
I moved closer to Jenny as I touched her and began to console her. .

I didn’t just know what happened the next thing I dey ontop Jenny Unclad and she dey underneath me Unclad I dey pump in and out of Jenny.. in no time we began vibrating as we answered our call… and cummed

To Be Continued…

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