In That Moment (18+) - Season 1 Episode 19

6 years ago

As we both went flappy and tired, we la!d quietly with only the sound of our heavy breathing, Ella murmured I love you those words got me up as if I drank Steven’s Gerrad Locuzade, I was filled with energy … .

I stood up, drop the used condom inside the toilet, flush it and moved under the already on shower.. she joined me held me tight and repeated those words…
I didn’t say a thing as I rinsed myself, dried myself and into my clothes as I stepped out of the bathroom..

Time checking its 5 00AM..
Jenny was still sleeping, as I sat on the bed waiting for Ella.. Finally she was out
But avoided any eye contact with me..

The room was silent as she wore her clothes..
I remembered her telling me she wasn’t the lovey dovey type of girl and yesterday she made it clear when she forked that hairy guy..
so why the I love you..

She woke Jenny up..

Ella: I am going you know today is sunday I am not sure if I will see you again today..
Jenny: okay dear, I will call you, thank you for the wrist watch

It was then I remembered I had bought a nice earring for the birthday girl,
But becos of all the yesterday drama It had totally skip my memory

I brought out the small box from my pocket and handed it over to her and said Happy birthday…
She was ecstatic. was if I gave her an aeroplane..
She jumped out of the bed and hugged me… and whispered thank you, I will see you on monday…

Ella got to our gate at about 5:30 AM both of us inside the car but didn’t say a thing to each other only the music from her car CD,..
When she pulled over she didn’t kill the engine so I guess she doesn’t want to waste time so I went for the door….
But she pressed the central lock botton..

Ella: baby please say something
Me: what do you want me to say?
Ella: I said I love you
Me: really? Am I say to something?
Ella: belive baby am in love with you..
Yesterday I was so hurt when you refused to come with me to that birthday… I even did something I regret.. See love I want you all the time.. I want to be with you all the time,
This morning when Jenny hugged you, I felt jealous, am a free person, I dont really care much about relationship, I meet and flow with who I like..but yours is no longer like but love, belive me I want you… she kept talking

I listened carefully, when she finally stopped I looked into her eyes, it was filled with tears… I was surprised this is some one that nothing really borders her…

Me: so what was this thing you need last night that you are regretting?
Ella opened her mouth as she stutters..
Me: am listening?
Ella: baby I cant say it…but belive I regret it…as tears roll down her cheeks
Me: well till you can say it,…for now I have nothing to say to you
As I unlock my door

Ella: okay baby kiss me.. please

Got over the fence, since its morning already, took off my clothes and sneakers, to make it seem as if I woke up early to sweep the compound.. rinsed the cars and finally the door went open as Sisi walks out….

I greeted her … she asked me how I was outside and the door was still locked.
I told her I used the back door…
Na so I waka enter house… before any more suspicion

Sunday was great, we all went to church.
Nene was looking beautiful in her gown.. that even though we were beefing I couldn’t help but stare..

I prepared for Monday, ironing, hair cut e.t.c
Monday came I woke up and swept everywhere, again I didn’t sweep Nene’s room after all I cleaned it on saturday…

After we attended the first class we wan rendezvous with my niggers for back seat make we nak tory of weytin happen for weekend na so News reach us say Results don dey pasted..

After checking results the mood for gisting wasn’t there anymore
E come b like say na person mama die
As some of my niggers come dey sorrowfol…like say we dey burial ground…
Na so one of my nigger Dano eye come red
Guy wey dey look so organised come dey sweat.. his armpit b like say him just do 100meters finish with Usain Bolt

Dano say if him ever for him life miss class again make him bend how him go just get 3 Floridas (F)

I was filled with joy.. every one has that satisfaction when you get rewarded for your hard work

Facing the board as I dey check out some of my niggers results some one touched me it was Ella with a smile she hugged me even for this crowd and this moment wey we the check result… .

Ella: goodmn love
Me: mrnin, have you finished checking your results
Ella: yeah,
she brought out a peice of paper and showed me her grades…..Ella had good grades except maths..
Ella: lemme see yours
She was surprised, I guess she never thought I was that smart, especially after that falling of hands for the maths test…

She gave me another hug and said this is wonderful.. this calls for celebration..

Me: am not in the mood for celebration
Ella: please. . I checked my result and everything was okay but I am still not happy cos you have been very cold towards me
Me: really?
Ella: okay please come I want to tell you something in private…

We got to her car and she drove to Jenny’s Dept where she picked her up…
And we drove to coca cola spot..

Ella: baby am sorry please forgive me..
Me: ah what did you do na
Ella: Jenny told me
Me: told you what? Jenny what did you tell her?
Jenny stutters and smile
Ella: it was a mistake I was drunk
Me: and?

Jenny: please forgive her…
She loves you and wants a serious relationship
Me: okay but she has to say what she did…

Ella couldn’t say what she did but kept begging…
She said she was ashamed and couldn’t face me saying it..
I told her am not intrested cos I am not that mushy kinda of guy…
We should just be friends with benefits as she had initially proposed.

Ella: baby belive me I want more
I am in love with you and can’t share you with any one its you I want to be with…..and so on and so forth…
Ask me to do anything and I will gladly do it…. please

I was surprised whats going on? Weytin i Ella see, I didn’t understand…still lost in my thoughts.. as I began to feel like Ramsey Naoh in front of Genivive Nnaji

Jenny joined in begging, I smiled and told her its okay lets see how it goes that everything depends on her attitude..
Ella was very happy as she promised to be of good behaviour so far that will make me happy…
To Be Continued…

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