In That Moment (18+) - Season 1 Episode 21

6 years ago

We la!d quietly under the bed spread scared or ashamed to turn n faze each other as I fazed the door and she fazed the wall… My mind began travelling….
I realised I have just bleeped without condom chai.. what was I thinking?

I remembered Ella, I felt I have betrayed her, how did we end up. Unclad with Jenny? I looked down and touched my johnson the boy was sleeping and so sackless.. …

I wondered what was going through Jenny’s mind, was she regretting? why did she kiss me? Was it becos of those good things I said which I didn’t mean any of em… I was only saying em cos I wanted her to feel better….

We la!d motionless without saying anything to each other finally she stood up picked up her dress and moved towards the door..
I believed she was going upstairs to her room as we normally stayed downstairs in one section of the house wey people no dey even show

Na there me come get opportunity view her well from behind cos during the heat, I did not check her out…

Waoh as she walked towards the door na there I come see say I had just finished having s*x with a super model mehn e b like say she pose Unclad for magazine…

See curves, see her moderate bum bum, I never knew what her clothes have been concealing and becos I was dating Ella, I never look am twice…

All guilt flew out of the door with her, regretting bleeping her will be fyling guilty for winning the champions league and on top of it all I just forked V.C pikin.. my niggers go too belief me..

Waoh my mind now started reminiscing all the three girls I have been with..
I asked myself who is the prettiest? It was then I realised Nene still get upper hand as I also included how It felt like while bleeping em..

Nene eh you will feel her honey well clamping your johnson and releasing and then again when she is Approaching and the way she talks during the shakespeare moment is a thing of joy…

Still in my mind, I realised I still want Nene..
I smiled and promised myself I will try and have Nene once more before she graduate… me go stop battling with her and make peace from there I go strike….

na so Nepa give light and the fan began whirling as that sent me into the dream world.

I was awoken by a kiss my eyes popped open it was Ella I have slept for long… time checking it was 4:05pm…

Ella: hello handsome..
I was about answering but she covered my mouth with her lips..
Slowly she moved her hand down underneath the bedspread. Immediately she broke the kiss

Ella: baby why are you Unclad? With a stern face and commanding voice..
I stammered as I wasn’t expecting that question..
Me: I was missing you badly so in anticipation, I removed my clothes and waited hungrily for you…

Ella smiled but wasn’t convinced as she looked at me with some doubts.. I immediately held her and kissed her deeply she didn’t respond I believed she dey try reason

So I try confusing by kissing hard and going for her b0s0ms but she was not responding
Slowly she went back to my flaccid johnson held it stroke it and some Fluid dripped… again she broke the kiss and gave me a stolid stare…

Me come try again to kiss her but she blocked me and kept staring… and finally spoke..

Ella: baby why this fluid? You av just had s*x… and please don’t tell me it’s what I am thinking?

Me surprised but acted cool tried pulling her close to myself but she struggled and freed her self from my grip.. it was then I realised she is serious.. So I reason sharpenly.

Na so I form vex..
Me: I can’t belive you don’t trust me, what are you thinking? I am dissapointed.. I av told you I was missing you badly so in anticipation I removed my clothes and was waiting for you patiently.. so probably out of anticipation fluid could drop… common babe..

Ella chuckled and I felt I made sense so I tried to pull her closer only to be pushed away
Ella: this one no b open eye matter o or form vex o… Na to calm down answer question..

Me: as in weytin you mean? If you don’t believe me then forget it na….. I am not answering any more questions..

Ella: eh hen.. you claim you got Unclad and waited for me right?

Me silent as I still dey form vex….

Ella: so how come your johnson isn’t responding? We av kissed, I have stroked it but it’s not up…. whereas it should av responded.. and since you were anticipating my comming it should av been up by now.. abi e don tire to dey wait for me?

Me still dey form vex as I no gree talk but I know say na better question she ask me so..

I wondered why my johnson dey malfunction, that boy get mind of its own. Just when I needed it most it decided to go to sleep.. I was surprised cos its been over 2hours I had s*x with Jenny it should be up na?

Me: so what’s on your mind now?
Chai that question be like say I put pepper for Ella eye.. as she begin knack teeth

Ella: what do you mean? What sort of question is that? You expect me to ansewr that? Blah blah blah……………
I think you know what’s on my mind..

Finally one bright idea come enter my head..

Me: baby its not what you are thinking?
Ella: what do you think am thinking?
Me: baby lemme finish.. the thing is I waited for you and my johnson was just getting harder and harder so I rushed into the bathroom and I masturbated… Babe I was ashamed to tell you..

Sorry I cheated on you but it was with my self am sorry… pls pls.. and thats the reason for the drippings you saw.. am sorry..

Ella still skeptical but had no choice now… na so she calm down
Ella: eh hen.. ok
Me: I love you baby.. you know that right?
Ella: hmm

I moved closely to her held and kissed her as she slowly responds, we kissed and we tried moving on into action but seriously and surprisingly my johnson refused getting full attention.. it was semi turgid, we tried and tried and tried.

I couldn’t get 100 percent as it will rise to say 55 percent and like phone with bad battery before you say hello battery drained… it falls back

It was embarrassing for me, I felt awkward.. I began wondering weather I don get infection from Jenny as my johnson no gree respond..

Chai my mind cut, I was confused,..
I have never experinenced something like this.. My johnson doesn’t require warm up before its start a match as you just call upon it and he goes in and play full time..

Ella tried consoling me and making fun of me at the same time finally We agreed maybe my johnson is tired.. so I decided to shower

Ella: what of Jenny?
Me: I think she is upstairs, go and meet her na so by the time you are back I am done and we will be going..

Ella: okay lemme rest small as she falls back into the bed.. picks up my phone and started playing game as I moved into the bathroom..

I was done showering came out of the bathroom to meet Ella pacing up and down the room with a face as hard as that of Sylvester Stallon.

She approached me handed over my phone to me.. and then she said all of you are the same as she walks out..

Me still not knowing what is happening looked into my phone and there it was…Jenny had sent an SMS during that time she was with my phone playing game…
As I went through the SMS I know say I don fork up..

I know you love me, I blive that based on they things you said.. but what happened was a mistake and it will never happen again.. I know I have betrayed Ella and she should never know of this….
My head just spin me…..

To Be Continued…

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