In That Moment (18+) - Season 1 Episode 16

6 years ago

Popsi come form him own actor finish…..
Finally on sunday evening come gather every body for parlour…
He said hence forth am to wash everybody’s bathroom and toilet on weekends, do all the dishes, sweep everybodys room, sweep everywhere in the house everyday.. my curfew was now
6 :30pm…
No female visitors…
My phone was confiscated…
This was to continue till I am verified a change person
The only good thing was my allowance was not touched

Sitting down there, I promised to change, concentrate on my studies, no more Smoking and stuffs…. after all this advice mehn I swore not to disappoint my dad…

Went back to my room.. read the bible, opened my books,…

Woke up early on monday to start my duty… cleaned up everywhere…
I tire to sweep Nene room, I swept everywhere except hers, well it was deliberate…

It was the beginning of the new month so I got my allawee…
Bounce enter school with so much confidence. .. met my niggers as they eagerly awaited update of weytin bin happen during the weekend. ..
I sure didn’t dissappoint them as they cheered me and said I be the man wey sabi…

I told them that after everything mehn na new person me b so…., no more kush, no more girlfriend, no more alcohol…
Na so dem laugh come say na mistake, say my name now na Nicodemus( the man in the Bible that wanted to b born again)

They advised me that all those things na normal thing becos say me I wan dey serious no mean say I no suppose get small fun.. say after all, all work without play makes jack a dull boy that I should just strike a balance,.. well I told em its my decision…

I had a great day with my niggers, I didn’t roll up kush, attended all the classes, updated my notes… I was happy…
I decided I will call Ella using my mums phone to tell her about my resolution later in the evening..

In the evening I was summoned for not sweeping Nene’s room, I couldn’t belive she reported me…
I lied and promised to do it the following day unfailingly. ..

I later on called Ella
Me: Hello
Ella: recognising the voice was more than happy… hey baby, av been trying to reach you like mad, I looked for you everywhere in school, …I miss you babe
Me: I was speechless, I couldn’t say thing…., I just chuckled..,when did you go on saturday
Ella: my baby I tried waking you but you were stoned, and it waz getting late so I had to go….see my dad is calling me right now uhmm we ll see tomoro, we have general classes tomorrow by 10:AM so definitely I will see you bye…gotta go
Thanks for calling
Kisses as she ends the call**

waking up early for my chores, Swept everywhere but when I got to Nene’s room, standing at the door post I knew she was inside, I thought of how me go bend down the sweep for Nene… na so I just waka comot anything wey wan happen make E happen….

I rehearsed the Lines I will use in breaking up with Ella… showered, ate breakfast with Mum as she drops me off in school…
Inside the car mum advised me more telling me that she reporting me to Dad doesn’t mean she hates me,….. and so on.
I felt loved and more motivated to be a good boy…. I love this woman, my mind told me that….as I smiled and told her thank you.
she gave me a hug as I stepped out of the car

After the first class, met with my friends, as I demonstrated how me go take break up..
None of them supported the Idea,..
They said I was a fool, see fine girl, commissioner pikin on top..
Say weda me feel say na me be the only fine boy for campus?
Finally them agree say na small pikin dey worry me… say this tallness and gyming the decieve people, say normally I suppose dey house for at least two more years

After the general class, me and my niggers just dey back seat they gossip… na so one of them signalled me that Ella is comming behind me…
As I turned…… Damn Ella got my heart beat racing… Ella was something Else…she was beautiful. .. it was as if she was just dropped from the sky.. looking at her the picture of her walking Unclad into the bathroom flashed through my brain.. I had a kick down there…..

Behind her was one pretty girl, I have never seen her before in school….
I noticed she was with Ella…
I became shy like say I dey Unclad in front of the whole class..

I turned around all my niggers were gone, I believe they didn’t want to witness my jonesing…. I was just alone my head started spinning..

Ella: good morning handsome
She smiles, common gimme a hug, I missed you,
Me: morning dear,
I didn’t just know what to say, all those rehearsal were meaningless,…
Ella: uhmm meet my friend Jenny, she is in Economics Department two hundred level, Jenny meet my Sweet..
Me strech out my hand for a shake but Jenny shoved it aside and said common hug for the ladies
Me: nice meeting you
Jenny: yh me too, av heard so much about you…
Me: really? Like what?
She looks at Ella as they both smile
Jenny: dont worry…

In my mind, I wasn’t sure of the break up any more, Looking at Ella I knew I still wanted more of this girl, I remembered my friends telling me to strike a balance between fun and studies, I remembered my mum’s advise,…

Ella’s handkerchief was on my face, as it brought me back to this part of the world, I realised I was sweating. .

Ella: what is it babe? Aint you excited to see me? Didn’t you miss me?
Jenny: are you shy?
I rearranged I comport my self, I told my self I was the Man…
I took one last glance at Ella and decided I was going to strike a balance between Studies and Fun….

Me, Ella, Jenny went out of the school, Jenny drove us to one hotel, she said she is celebrating her birthday this saturday and becos her parents will be home so its not going to be fun hence the hotel..

I wondered in my mind who she was….
Well at the hotel we sat at the bar, Jenny ordered beer for everyone and Fish barbecue. .. this girls na Shark them be, seriously see running of bottles
I got to know about Jenny mehn she is the last child of our Vice chancellor…. Seriously one of my niggers will say Iron sharpeneth Iron, as in the rich rolls with the rich..

Although me no poor but I felt intimidated, cos them still dey very far ahead of me,….

At home everything was okay, I kept sweeping, washing dishes, cars but I didn’t sweep Nene’s room and she didn’t report me… I felt she has given up…. not untill friday night….

After me don arrange with one of my niggers wey my parents em like and trust wella, say make him come house come pretend like say him get birthday on friday and say na over night and him for like make me attend since my curfew na 6 30pm..
He came on friday evening and my parents agreed…
Cos me must to attend that Jenny birthday. ..

After dinner on friday na so Nene go report me directly to popsi…
Nene get mind tell popsi say na becos say him she bin chastise me the day wey me carry that girl come house say since then me no dey greet am and na becos of that me no gree sweep her room…

To Be Continued…

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