In That Moment (18+) - Season 1 Episode 17

6 years ago

Popsi called me and started slowly, he wasn’t really angry,..
Mumsy was sitting quietly going through some office work but the roof came crashing down when she just talk say
So If he doesn’t sweep, Nene no fit sweep her room?

Popsi vex say na becos of her me dey disobey am? He gave me an instruction and I refused to carry out….
Say Nene was doing the right thing,
Becos she reprimanded me, I have refused to greet her, sweep her room when I was ordered to by him..
That I should see Nene as my Elder sister,…. E. T. C

I stood quietly and humbly with my head bowed down and hands wrapped behind my back…Popsi kept talking and then unconsciously I chuckled when he said something about Nene being a good girl whom he is sure that she is still virgin and me I have started having girlfriends

My chuckling made Popsi more Teed up, He said that am very disrespectful, that I am begining to grow wings and so on… He said I should make sure Nene’s room is cleaned up this night and Nene should set the standard, if she is not pleased should come back and report to him, as I turned to walk away He then said as a matter of fact tomorrow you are not going for that birhday party…

I was steamed up, I can’t believe I will be missing this birthday party, WTF all becos of this girl? I felt like Floyd Mayweather but I had no boxing glooves and no boxing ring, If not me for take on this Nene..

Saturday morning woke up washed everyone bathrooms and toilets, rinse popsi and mumsi car…, Sisi helped me with plates at the Kitchen.
I tried Impressing popsi weda him go change him mind,…but the man no even send me….
I met with mumsy but she told she doesn’t want to get involved…

Mehn I tire… I tried calling Ella with my mum’s phone to tell her I won’t be able to show up but her number was not reacheable..

Finally at about 8pm I was sitting at the balcony, they monitor street cos I was expecting Ella for we had both agreed 8pm she should pick me up…I saw her BMW pull over

I met Ella outside she hugged me tigthly, kissed me and grabbed my Johnson…and said I miss you baby with a smile..
I didn’t know how to break the bad news.
She was wearing a very short gown, I told her she is beautiful as I looked at her like say I dey search for something..
She now whispered am not wearing anything under…

My johnson reacted…she now smiled and then said, is this what you are wearing?
Na there explaination come take full book…as I come turn M.C…
Ella was more than disappointed…

Finally she got into her car and drove away, She wouldn’t allow me hug her nor kiss her, she only said I can’t believe you just did this… ..
I got back in, went straight to my room..

I couldn’t do anything, All that was in my head was Ella, I felt bad for disappointing her… I thought of something…. Finally I came up with a plan..

I went back to the living room, stayed with everyone..acted normal
At about 9: 56pm I bid everyone goodnight and went back to my room

At about 10:30pm popsi come knock my room to confirm my presence.. I knew he was going to come and he didn’t disappoint
Immediately I showered, when he left I knew he has gone to bed, I
brought out my black addidas sneakers, brown chinus, black Tshirt, wrist watch and perfume. .

There is a man hole in my bathroom it leads to the backyard balcony from there I jumped down and over the fence I was gone…
Arrived at the party at about 11: 10pm, cars full every where, I knew these are rich kids having a good time…
Met the birthday girl Jenny pleading with one fresh dude (kinda looked matured) to stay but the guy refused, and drove out and this got her so upset as she walks pass me without saying anything..

I called out her name and she came back and appologised, and started explaining, telling me how she loves the guy and so on but the guy doesn’t treat her special blah blah blah, he couldn’t even stay for my birthday, as tears rolled down her cheeks she was sad but acted up and said not today that today she is going be to happy, mingle and drink away all her sorrows

Finally we rolled in Music blasting …boys and girls were just every where in pairs smoking, drinking, eating kissing, hugging, E.T.C
most were drunk, some were stoned, two guys were already vomitting … my eyes kept searching for Ella as I began to visualise our night together, I began to feel like the Black Eye Pea (I got a feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night)… I touched my back pocket to confirm my condoms, I smiled.
I was happy I took the risk

I kept searching for Ella but couldn’t find her, Finally I met Jenny and told her I couldn’t find Ella…
She said I should wait for her, let her finish, that she will take me to where Ella is, she said maybe Ella was tired and gone to rest in the room they had booked or probably she is gone home, have you called her? …

After a brief discussion with her friend, she came over and then dialled Ella’s number severally but Ella didn’t pick up, so we decided to check out the room maybe she is asleep….
Me and Jenny kept talking as we move towards the room

Jenny: what have you done to my friend? With a smile
Me: how?
Jenny: you na bad guy I swear,
We kept talking and laughing as we started talking dirty
we got to the room Jenny said pray she is not asleep with the room locked cos she must have passed out as she belives she was so high the last time she saw her

Jenny held the door nob twisted it and turned slowly as it responded
She smilled and said it is not locked

As Jenny stepped in she was stupefied as I walked mehn Ella was giving one guy doggy…..

To Be Continued…

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