In That Moment (18+) - Season 1 Episode 15

6 years ago

I raised her and placed her inside the bath tup and filled it with water as we both sat inside… after some minutes of Silence Ella finally spoke..
Ella: baby I think I would love to keep you, you were just everywhere, places I never knew existed…
Me: really! I guess you were my motivation..
Ella sayed a lot of things you know, as she kept praising me and my head kept growing bigger and I felt more masculine. .

We were about leaving the bathroom when Ella said she for like blow me Kush..
Me: seriously have you done it before?
Ella laughed and said a thousand times…
I wasnt surprised sha… based on her lifestyle. .

So we rolled up kush and got high..
Went to the kitchen brought food we ate and rolled more kush…
Ella don tay for this game.. as she has finished her second wrap and still acting normal

Time checking it was 6:05 pm..
We bleeped again for the third time showered, ate and blew the last kush..
I was so forken High that I could touch the sky..

I didn’t even know when I passed out.. only to be woken up by some slaps and a bowl of water.
I was angered as I staggered up, it was Nene.. I wan rush show am say I bin dey wait make she enter my trap… only to get a viscious slap from behind, I turned it was my mum…

My liver failed me, was I dreaming? My mum is suppose to be at the village? What is she doing here? I say make I find out say weda na dream or reality, I come ask my mumsy say… Mummy what are you doing here?
Na so I take see stars…. as mumsy gimme a resounding slap…

I no need anybody to tell say me na reality b this….say me don enter case……..
Immediately I remembered Ella
I looked around my room all I saw was a pack of condom, lighter, phone, reminant of the kush we blew, pack of Ice cream, Ella’s earings and bangles but no Ella…

I could feel my Mum’s piercing eyes,…

My heart stopped beating..
Moments of Joy turned into sadness
My head became heavy as it bowed down in shame…
I knew I was in deep poo
I that was so high, that I could touch the sky…was suddenly crash landing
All the kush left me… like say na TB Joshua cast demons comot from Jim Iyke

Mum: is this the test you had?
Me silent, I couldn’t look up,….
Mum: look at you, so u even smoke?
Me: no o, na my friend smoke am…
Nene: Jesus that girl smokes… she shrugs
Wahala dey here o, who dey ask this girl, I wan mad
Mum: and the condom na she still use am alone? When did you start all these?
Smoking and bringing girls home?

My phone started ringing…
Which kind wahala be this na
Mum: whose phone is that, so you do have a phone? In this house?
Me: no oo na my friend get am..
Mum: lemme have it…
Nene rushed and carried the phone and gave mumsy…
Mumsy look at the caller ID and saw Baby…

Mum: hello!
Ella: ***voice on the phone***
Probably asking who is this?
mumsy explode on top phone, Ella realising who is on, went mute…
Mum: I thought you said it wasn’t your phone?
Mumsy kept talking and finally the killer came lemme go tell your Dad

Na so I shrink finish I fall for ground prostrate
Me: ah sorry Ma, Mummy please mum I promise I will never do it again.. chai I talk many…
mumsy no even send me as she waka comot..

I knew Dad won’t beat me but I knew the price for this will be huge..
As I dey ground d reason, I remember say this Idiot girl dey inside my room, chai shame no gree me stand up…

Nene: stand up na? Abi ground don turn vita foam..
She come laugh…. shey you dey form Segun Arinze
( that time na him b Naija movie bad boy )
I stand up for ground sitdown on top my bed as Sisi come in, come dey try calm me down…
To Be Continued…

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