Adebimpe The Facebook Girl

6 years ago

I was in the bathroom having my bath and
Adebimpe entered the
bathroom to meet me and she was Unclad.

ME: Adebimpe, how did you get in here?, how
did you passed
through the door that was locked?

ADEBIMPE: *sssshhhhhhh* have you forgotten
that its me?, I
have the keys to everything that has to do
with you and I can
access you anytime.

Me: hmmmm. Adebimpe came closer and placed her hands on
my neck, she
pressed my head closer to her and our lips met
each other and
we began to kiss.

I was switching from the
upper lips to the lower lips and simultaneously. I didn’t waste
any time, I grabbed
her b0s0ms and began to manipulate, she let
out a soft m0an as
he tipped her toes upward a bit and pressing
closer to me. I pulled back a little as my d!ck was getting
erect and obstructing
our body chemistry.

I continued pressing and
squeezing the
b0s0ms and Tips at intervals as the shower
was dropping on our heads.

Adebimpe pushed her head upwards and placed
my lips on her
neck. I began to kiss her downward to her
b0s0m and straight to
the Tips. The more I go down, the higher the m0an!ng.
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I spent
much time on the b0s0ms as I sU-Ck and switch
the oranges.

After a while, adebimpe began to press my
head downward and I
got the message, “she wanted some orals”. My kneels began to go down gradually as I
kissed her down to
the abdomen until my two kneels got to the
floor and my tongue
fell on her Kitty-Cat. I started with the cl!ts
and adebimpe’s m0an!ng was taking a different tempo and
dimension, I panted
the cl!ts and dig through the punny hole and
return back to the
cl!ts at intervals.

Bimpe was shaking and she
spread her legs wider for me to have a better sU-Cking
experience. I supported my
tongue with my fingers as I sU-Ck the cl!ts and
finger the hole
beyond it. Adebimpe was enjoying it as she
continues to press my head towards the punny. After a while, I
felt my fingers
soaked with mucus substance and she
screamed louder “I don’t
want to return from this heaven!!!!”. We both
smiled as I rose up and we began to kiss.

Its time for bimpe to play the return match,
she began to lick me
downward from my neck to my Tips until she
fell down on her
kneels. She held my erected d!ck and licked the head
for few seconds
until she finally trusted it inside her mouth. “In
out in out in out”
as my d!ck was sliding inside of her mouth. I
was m0an!ng and feeling the s£nsat!on and my oliver twist
wanted a deep
penetration. I pressed her head towards me
and forced my d!ck
to go inside the more, it shocked her as she
coughed. “Onihaxy, you want to kill me with this thing?, or you
want to make hole
inside my throat?”.

We both laughed as she
resumed the Mouth
Gig until I cummed inside her mouth.

Adebimpe swallowed the cum and never stopped blowing until I
regained another Attention. She rose up
gradually untill our lips
found each other again and we kissed.

Adebimpe removed her
mouth from my mouth and moved it closer to my hear and she
whispered “screw me”. I smiled as she turned
around, placing
her two hands on the wall and shooting out
her Bottom towards
me. I grabbed the Bottom, I pushed it up to unveil
the punny hole as I
shoved my erected d!ck inside of it. “Huuuuhhh,
yeeeeeaaah, aooouuh”, adebimpe was m0an!ng
at different tones and sounds as I was digging in and out of her
from behind.

was feeling the Bleep as she continues to press
and push her
Bottom backwards and her hands going down
the wall until we arrived at dogggie style se*x. We continued to
Bleep while the
cool showers was dropping on us. “Bleep me
harder!!!!!!!” Bimpe
yelled. It was as if she commanded me. I
began to pound harder as if I was punishing her. I held her two hands
on her back and
was hitting her harder while she was
screaming and yelling.

finally cummed after about 17minutes of the
se*x. We both rose up and had our shower before we started
>>More Story @

BIMPE: you think you can have a draw with me
on this game we
are playing?

ME: I’m no more interested in the games, please let’s end it

BiMPE: end what?, I won’t quit until I score
more points.

ME: and how do you want to score more
points when we aren’t
together and we are not going to see each other?

BiMPE: ***laughs****, you think so?.

ME: yes.

BIMPE: if you spend 100years on this earth, our
paths will
continue to cross each other and I will continue to score more

ME: ****laughs louder as I put off the shower
tap****. Catch me if
you can, let’s see who will win

BIMPE: is that a bet?

ME: yes

BIMPE: ok,

We were about going out when bimpe suddenly
disappeared. I
screamed “yeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!” And I woke up
sweating heavily. What?, is this is a dream?, OMG!!!!, when will
this girl ever leave
me alone for heaven’s sake?
I knelt down to pray and I heard a door knock
in the process.

looked at the time and it was 6am

ME: who is that?

VOiCE FROM OUTSIDE: your uncle, get up boy,
today is your first
day at work, don’t be late!!!!


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