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7 years ago

Segun and I went inside my room, we began to

ME: sege, that babe tight ooooo

SEGUN: tight as how?

ME: I mean the hole still tight

SEGUN: ***hissed***, I thought you meant “she is fine”

ME: but she fine small oooo

SEGUN: na true, pass bimpe sebi?

ME: ***got furious**** for where?, she no even
reach half of
bimpe’s standard **** argument continues***

SEGE: ****counter argument*** she fine pass
bimpe, she get
burst pass bimpe.

ME: “lailai” this one wey get pimples?, for


SEGE: *** pats me on the laps****, onihaxy my guy, I just wanted
to hear what you would say. I know still like
this your bimpe.

ME: hmmmmmmmm

SEGE: its very obvious, if it could be possible, I
know you can reconcile with her again.

ME: no be so jaree. Kemi no just fine reach

SEGE: onihaxy onihaxy!!!, “oko bimpe”

ME: you no well

SEGE: just go and do HIV test, you hear?

ME: let’s put that aside jare, how is tomorrow
going to be?

SEGE: **** re-adjusted sitting position***,
onihaxy, I dey reason

ME: what is that?

SEGE: let’s forget about any show tomorrow.

ME: why?

SEGE: there is nothing to defend yourself with.

ME: how?

SEGE: by now, she believed I must have
returned from bank and the money must have been ready.

ME: so?

SEGE: what would be your excuse for not
taking her out

ME: ***hmmmmmmmm** and you have points oooooo. So what
do I do now?

SEGE: sebi you don Bleep her today, that one
don reach, just
excuse her for tomorrow.

ME: give me an idea to use
SEGE: ******thoughts for a while*****. You know

ME: what?

SEGE: just call her this night and tell her that
your boss called
you to come to work tomorrow morning but you will leave on
time so as to have the chance to take her out.

ME: it doesn’t make any sense, she would still
be expecting an

SEGE: chai, you no get any sense at all.

ME: oya borrow me senses jaree

SEGE: when its tomorrow morning, you will
keep on calling her
at intervals telling her to give you little more
time and that you
would soon be through. You would keep posting her until the
time is gone and spoilt.

ME: ***shake hands with segun***, sege baba.
Chaii, I never
reasoned to that instance sha. You too get

SeGE: you no well ni. I told you, girls don’t scam
me, na me dey
scam girls.

ME: sege baba ***hails**

SEGE: “oko bimpe, oko kemi”….
Segun and I had more discussions until he left for his house. I
saw him off and came back inside my room to
call kemi as
instructed by segun.
>>Story from =

ME: hello love.

KEMI: hi dear, you couldn’t even call me since morning

ME: I’m so sorry dear.

KEMI: no problem, is bro segun back

ME: ****silent****** hello, I can’t hear you.

KEMI: I said “is bro segun back”?,

ME: ** stammered**, not yet, but he called me just now that he is
on his way coming

KEMI: ok, so tomorrow, I would come in the
morning, and please
I want to return early because today, my
family members were insulting me for going out. So I’m sneaking out

ME: dear, errrrrhmmmmm. There is a little

KEMI: what is that dear?

ME: my boss just called that I should come to work tomorrow
morning for some assignment.

KEMI: haaaaa.

ME: don’t worry dear, I would leave there on
time so as to have
time with you.

KEMI: ok, where is your office located?

ME: oba adeshida road.

KEMI: no problem, I would come and meet you
at work tomorrow
and we would go for the shopping directly
from there?

ME: *******yeeee, I don jam****, ok dear

KEMI: and if you weren’t able to finish your
work ontime. I would
collect the money from you when I meet you at
work tomorrow
and then do the shoppings on my own

ME: ****** I don enter am*** ok love

KEMI: alright dear

ME: good night ****hanged up****

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