Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 6

3 years ago

Pragya is still watching Suresh sleep and remembering the proposal.
He stirs in his sleep and her rushes to hold him, so he doesn't roll off the bed.
She covers him with a blanket and when he moves, her hand gets trapped under him.
She stares at him lovingly as she sleeps.
She hears her name and quickly moves away from him.

Sarla and Madvi are standing in the doorway, watching her.
She makes an excuse and leaves the room.

Sarla tells Madvi that Pragya and Suresh like themselves very much.
Madvi agrees.
Sarla says she thinks they should get them engaged this week.
Madvi loves the idea, she says she will talk to Suresh about it while Sarla agrees to talk to Pragya.

In the morning, Bulbul's phone is ringing. Pragya answers and explains that she is Bulbul's sister. Purab asks her to tell Bulbul to call him.
Pragya asks Bulbul who Purab is and if he's her boyfriend.
Bulbul says she will never date a man like Purab; he's a flirt and she hates him.
They hear Suresh snoring and Bulbul is surprised.

Bulbul says the man she will date will not be like Suresh either because only Pragya can tolerate him.
Pragya tells her to go and call Purab because it sounded urgent.

Suresh is awake and remembering what happened last night. He says he can't remember if Bulbul refused him.
he decides to go and talk to her.

He enters the living room and sees his mother and Pragya's mother selecting sarees to buy for the wedding.
Rachana is not interested in what they are doing, she's busy with her phone.
Madvi complains about her always being on the phone.

Suresh sees Pragya in the kitchen and asks her for some water, saying he's so thirsty.
She gives him a glass of water.
He says Bulbul made him drink cough medicine.
Pragya says she knows and also the things he said.
He asks if she remembers everything.
She says she does.
He says he hopes she's not unhappy about it.
Pragya says she's happy.
He asks if Bulbul is also happy about it
Pragya says Bulbul is very happy.
Suresh says Bulbul's life will change.
Pragya says it will change but she'll still be close by.

He leaves to go and find Bulbul.
Pragya tells herself that she is so lucky to have him in her life because he cares not only about her but about Bulbul too.

Purab enters the office and informs his staff that they all need to go to Delhi with him.
A female employee says she is getting married in 2 days and she can't go.
He says she has to go with them because it is important.

Bulbul enters the office and his aunt tells him to take her instead.
He tells Bulbul that they are going to Delhi but Bulbul says she has a wedding to attend.
Purab says he doesn't understand why they keep saying that; Work is work and she has to be there, it is an order.

He leaves the office and she sees his phone ringing. The number is saved as "do not answer." It makes her even more irritated with him.

Madvi asks Suresh what he plans to do now that he has proposed.
Suresh says he doesn't know yet.
Madvi says they have decided that they should just get engaged.
Suresh says he will like to talk to her first.
He sees Bulbul coming back home and smiles.

He goes inside the house and sees Bulbul dancing.
He decides to talk to her and clarify things.
He knocks on her door and when she opens, he stares at her.
She asks what the problem is.
He says he just wants to talk to her. Last night he...
Bulbul doesn't let him finish. She says they had to make him drunk and he proposed.
He asks if she is happy.
She says she is and now all their problems are solved.
He says his mother has decided they get engaged tomorrow.
She says she's travelling tomorrow so they should try and have it first thing in the morning.
He agrees.

Sarla tells Pragya that they have decided to have the engagement tomorrow.
Pragya hugs her and Sarla says she is taking it as Pragya giving her consent.

Abhi is with his grandmother. She is massaging his head.
He tells her about his number 1 song, 'Happy love' and how much money he's making.
Grandmother says she wishes he could marry someone that won't love him for his money and stardom.

Suresh tells his mother that he's ready for the engagement.

Pragya is listening from a hidden corner.

Suresh asks his mother if the engagement can take place in the morning then.
Madvi is excited. She decides to go and tell everyone.

Suresh turns and sees Pragya. He asks if she happy.
She smiles and says she is very happy.
Suresh smiles too and says he will be back.

Suresh is in his house with Arvint.
Arvint is happy for him.

The time is 10pm and Suresh wants to go to the window to say goodnight to Pragya.
Arvint asks why he's still doing that now that he has proposed to Bulbul.
Suresh says Pragya is his best friend and if he doesn't do it, she won't sleep.

Bulbul tells Pragya that she can't say goodnight to Suresh tonight because they are getting engaged tomorrow.
Bulbul goes to say goodnight to Suresh instead which makes him very happy.

In the morning, Suresh enters the wedding Hall and everything is messy, with the workers lazying around and some even sleeping.
He wakes them up and orders them to work.
Sarla tells him not to bother to do anything.
Suresh insists he has to help out so as to handle things properly.
Sarla tries to talk him out of it but he says Bulbul has to travel to Delhi this morning and he can't get engaged without her.
Sarla thinks to herself that Pragya is lucky because Suresh is even concerned about Bulbul.

Rachana is trying to make a call. Her mother appears and she drops the phone, nervously.
Madvi asks if she's okay.
Rachana says she's fine.
Madvi asks if she needs Sarla to come and talk to her again.

Sarla comes to meet them and starts to talk to Madvi about the wedding.
They leave the room and Rachana goes back to make the call. She tells the person that has he been making a fool of her and now she's getting engaged; after her engagement, will never call or see him again.

Pragya overhears her and asks who the person is and if she really wants to get engaged.
Rachana says she didn't want to get engaged before but now she wants to because she has realised her former boyfriend is not serious.

Pragya says she can make her marriage work and it doesn't have to be like her past relationship.

Abhi's cousin and his fiancée are having a huge fight.
His aunt begs him to go and settle things between them.

Abhi goes to Aakash and asks what's wrong.
They move away and Aakash complains that he asked her to get him a drink and she refused. He says he broke up with his girlfriend because his mother said this girl is from a rich family; his mother was always comparing him with Abhi and wants him to be just as wealthy.

Abhi says it's not a bad idea. He can marry her and become wealthy, so it doesn't matter if she refuses to get him a drink.

Abhi goes to tell the fiancée that Aakash is a nice catch, very talented and soon his company will help him become a big movie star.
The fiancée says she was only a little angry.
She rushes to settle with Aakash.

Pragya tells Rachana that when one is separated from something, it is to make a way for something better to come along.
Rachana says she's done crying.
She hugs Pragya and says Suresh is lucky to have a woman like her.
Pragya says she's the lucky one.

Abhi tells his grandmother the circumstances surrounding Aakash and his fiancée's wedding.
he tells her that relationships today are not based on love.
His grandmother says he's wrong.
Abhi says maybe she's right but she will have to prove it.

Suresh is still helping to set up the hall.
Bulbul comes to meet him and asks what he's up to.
He says he's helping to set up.
He climbs a ladder to set up the flowers.
Bulbul holds the ladder and he says he's remembering the night he proposed. He says she made everything possible by giving him the cough syrup.
She asks if he will always need cough syrup to help him talk.
He says he doesn't.
She climbs the ladder to help him with the flowers and he stares at her till he accidentally falls off and his face lands in a tray of flour.
Bulbul and all the workers laugh at him.
She helps him blow the flour out of his glasses and puts it back on his face.
Suresh is happy.

Bulbul tells Pragya that she looks beautiful.
Sarla looks at Pragya and wipes tears from her face.
She hugs her and assures her that this engagement won't be like the last one because they know Suresh very well.
Grandmother says it is time to escort the bride to the hall.
Bulbul says she wants to do it.
They give her the ring to bring with her.

The guests are arriving for the engagement.

Suresh arrives with his mother. He is dressed in his usual manner; shirt tucked into pants that are high waisted.

Arvint is with Suresh.

Pragya and Bulbul come down the stairs and Suresh is overcome by her beauty.

The priest begins the ceremony.

The priest tells them to put the ring on each other's fingers.
Bulbul takes the ring and places it in Pragya's palm, then says her new brother in law can't wait any longer.

Suresh and Arvint can't keep the shock off their faces.

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