Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 7

3 years ago

Bulbul asks Suresh what's wrong; earlier he was excited but now he's acting weird.
She tells Pragya to put the ring on his finger.
Suresh tries to protest but Bulbul says he should wait till after the ring is on his finger.
Pragya slips the ring on, to Suresh's horror.
He begins to replay the proposal again in his head and realises where he must have made a mistake.
It's his turn to put the ring on Pragya's hand but he hesitates.
Rachana says she might have to help him. She pushes his hand forward and he puts the ring on Pragya's finger.
Everyone is excited except Suresh and his friend, Arvint.

Arvint asks him what's going on; he was supposed to be engaged to Bulbul.
Suresh says it isn't right and he needs to tell them the truth.
He walks back to the others and calls Pragya but his mother tells him he can't talk to her now because the priest has to perform some rites.

Arvint points at Bulbul so Suresh waks up to her but before he can say anything, Grandmother tells him not to hurt Pragya.
Bulbul comes to him and says she has to travel but she wants to have a quick dance with her brother in law.
Suresh tries to talk but she doesn't allow him.

The music starts playing and Bulbul begins to dance. Soon, the other family members join them on the dance floor.
Suresh just stands there, looking confused.

After the dance, Bulbul says she has to leave for Delhi, to work.

Suresh still stands in a spot.
Pragya goes to him and thanks him for making her very happy.
She says when her engagement to Tarun was called off, she felt really bad; she knows she's not very beautiful and when suitors come to the house, her mother wouldn't let Bulbul come out of the room just because she wants the suitors to look at her instead of Bulbul.
She says now he has made her very happy. She is grateful to Bulbul for bringing them together and she hopes Bulbul finds her Prince charming soon.
Suresh just stares at her, unable to speak.

Purab and Bulbul are on their way to Delhi.
He is driving.
Bulbul sits beside him, sulking.
He stops for them to get something to eat.
Her door wouldn't open and he leans over to help her open it.
Bulbul thinks to herself that he doesn't miss an opportunity to flirt with her.

She gets out of the car and trips on a piece of stone. She falls on him and he helps her up.

Suresh is at home with Arvint .
Arvint tells him that he has to say the truth, otherwise he will end up marrying Pragya when it's Bulbul he loves.
Suresh says Pragya is his best friend, so he can tell her the truth.

Purab starts to play loud music in the car and Bulbul complains about it.

He closes his eyes in frustration and she asks if he can drive with his eyes closed.

They arrive at the hotel and Purab is complaining at the reception.
Bulbul walks up to him and asks whats going on.
Purab tells her that they have to share a room because the hotel says there is only one double room available but he had booked 2 single rooms.
Bulbul says she can't share a room with him. She collects the card and goes to the room.

Purab tells the receptionist to try and get him another room
She says the room she gave them is a honeymoon suite.
He is shocked.

Bulbul gets to the room and is surprised to see its a honeymoon suite. She thinks Purab plaaned it all but vows she will not sleep in the room with him.

Back home, Sarla is crying. She hugs Pragya and Grandmother tells her not to cry because it is a time to celebrate.

Suresh arrives to tell the truth but Sarla holds him and thanks him for saving her family. She blesses him and he is confused all over again.
He tells Pragya that be needs to talk to her.

Rachana and Purvi ask him what he wants to say to her.
They keep asking him over and over again to say what he wants to say to her.
Suresh shouts out of frustration that it is all a misunderstanding and his heart truly belongs to Bulbul; she is the one he loves.
Sarla falls on the ground, too shocked to speak.

Pragya asks what is going on.
He tells her that he loves Bulbul and not her. He has never said anything to her like that and he doesn't consider himself engaged.
He gives her back the ring and says he is calling it off.
His mother slaps him, asking if he has lost his mind.

Pragya asks him what's wrong.
Suresh looks at her, confused.
He looks at his finger and sees the ring is still there.
The outburst was all in his imagination.

Pragya asks what he wanted to say.
Suresh says there is no reason to worry because he will always be there with them.
Sarla cries tears of joy.

Madvi tells him to go and get a horoscope from his house for her.
Suresh leaves to get it.

Rachana and Purvi take Pragya aside and tell her that Suresh wanted to talk to her in private that was why he couldn't say what he wanted to say. They say he probably wanted to discuss about getting intimate with her.

Madvi tells Pragya to go and see if Suresh found the horoscope she asked for .

At his house, Suresh is wondering how to tell Pragya the truth.
Pragya arrives and he decides he will tell her now.

He says he has something to tell her and she says she already knows what he wants to say.
He is shocked.
Pragya thinks he really wnats to talk about getting intimate.She says she is very nervous and thinks they should wait till after marriage.
He realises she has no clue what he wanted to say, so he tells her to forget it.
She holds him and kisses his cheek.

When Pragya gets to the house, Purvi and Rachana ask if she got intimate with Suresh.
She says she didn't.
They say that's why he is upset.
Pragya says she kissed his cheek.
Purvi asks if he's a child that she had to kiss his cheek.
They encourage her to go back and do more than that.

Suresh is walking on the street and upset that he couldn't tell Pragya the truth.
He sees a bad Street light and kicks it out of anger.
He keeps kicking the streetlight till Arvint catches up with him and pulls him away.
Suresh tells Arvint that he can't tell Pragya or her family the truth because it will ruin everything and he can't break her heart like that; besides, Bulbul will never forgive him.
Arvint tells him to call Bulbul and tell her the truth instead.
Arvint calls Bulbul and gives the phone to Suresh to speak to her.
Bulbul says her boss is knocking and she has to go.

Pragya returns to the house and sees Suresh talking to Arvint outside.
She closes the window without calling out to them.
She steps on something and looks down to see a notebook.
She picks it up and sees Bulul's photograph inside it.

Purab enters the suite and as he shuts the door, his shirt got caught in it and his buttons fall off.
He sees Bulbul, who stares at him with suspicion.
She picks up a knife and hides it behind her back.
He trips and falls on her but she warns him off with the knife.
He tells her to be careful and put the knife away.
She tells him that she knows what he is up to, he played romantic music in the car and she watches Hindi movies and she knows what happens, he deliberately paid for just one room so they will have to share and he ripped off his buttons on purpose. She says she is not one of his girls and can never fall for a guy like him.

The hotel receptionist comes in and gives them another room card, saying Purab told them to get another room and he would pay double.
Bulbul is surprised.

Purab says he ordered to pay for another room because he didn't want to share a room with her.
He says the music in the car was to distract him from looking at her boring sleepy face,
He says girls who are better looking than her ,make advances at him all day and he doesn't need to chase after her, he wouldn't go out with someone like her and if she loves Hindi movies so much, she should become an actress and leave his office.
He walks out and Bulbul is left feeling ashamed.

Pragya sees the notes Suresh wrote in his diary about Bulbul. She is shocked.
He wrote about how he said he took her to Abhi's concert and how much he loves her.
He also wrote about the rose which makes Pragya remember how he pointed at Bulbul when she asked him who the ring was for and how Bulbul said he gave her the rose by accident.

Suresh returns to Pragya's house and Rachana shows him a photo from the engagement where he seemed like he was looking at Bulbul.
The women make fun of him and tell him Pragya is waiting on the patio.

Suresh goes to meet her ion the patio and says he really needs to say something.
He tries to talk but he is unable to.
He turns to leave but Pragya says he wants to tell her that he loves her sister.
He is shocked as he asks how she knows.

She says she went into his house to try and apologise to him and found his notes.
Suresh covers his mouth in shock.
He says he didn't want to hurt her.
Pragya asks how he could make such a mistake as her best friend. She fell in love with him and she started having false hopes.
She asks why he gave her false hopes instead of continuing to allow her believe she was not worthy. She asks why he gave her the ring, helped her to leave Tarun and why he gave her the rose.
Suresh says it's his fault.
Pragya asks why he can't love her; what is wrong with her?

Suresh holds her.

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