'Tinsel' Season 10 Episode 2178 Recap - Aired: Tuesday 28 November 2017

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'Tinsel' Season 10 Episode 2178 Recap - Aired: Tuesday 28 November 2017

Helen and DJ Scratchy are walking along the road.
He complains about a party where he didn't perform well.

Helen says she was there as it was her department party.
He says she wasn't there, besides, he performed very well at her department party.
Helen is shocked.

He tells her that he loves her 'daimples.'
She asks if he means dimples.
He says she has a weird way of pronouncing words and if he didn't love her, it would put him off.

Tony and his friends are playing a game of draft.
They see Nero's car approaching and Tony runs off to hide.
Nero asks the friends for Tony.

The friends say Tony is supposed to be with Nero
Nero is surprised.
He tells them to get Tony to call him.
Helen and her DJ are at the garden restaurant.
He tells her that his other girlfriends used to judge him a lot and complained about his etiquette.

He asks about her last relationship.
She says she doesn't like looking backwards.
He asks if the guy was married.

She gets upset and tells him he was a single guy and they broke up a few weeks before she met him.
He says she works fast.

She asks what he means.
Philip apologises to Yaya.
Yaya says they need to focus on What's best for Monica.

Philip says they need to get her a nurse.
Yaya asks if that's what he thinks is best.
He says he can't have her locked up in a facility.

She consoles him.
Amaka is at Sheila's.
She says she wants a grand party with a live band.

Sheila says Dikibo wouldn't want that.
Amaka says she will go for a small one but needs a wedding planner.
Sheila says she knows someone who organises Joanne's parties.

IK comes to see Serena at home
He offers to take her to breakfast.
She declines and says she has an appointment with Chief.

He asks if she's getting back with Chief.
she tells him not to be ridiculous.
He says she's all dolled up to meet her ex-husband.

She tells him to stop shouting at her and to trust her.
He sits and says he will wait for her.
She opens the door and tells him to leave and she will call him later.

Helen is back with her friends at Salewa's place.
She tells them that DJ said she was one of a kind for breaking up with her ex just before she started dating him.

Salewa asks Who what she thinks.
Sho asks how he pronounced the word 'kind.'
Helena asks if they think she's one of a kind.
Her friends are quiet.

Amaka is having a meeting with the party planner.
She tells her to keep it a surprise
Nero comes to see Sankey.
He tells her Tony is missing.

Sankey says she told Charles that he will get missing.
Nero says no wonder he ran off.
He tells her to come and help find him.
Sankey says his friends will know where he is.
Nero says he already checked.

Sankey says his friends are lying and will definitely know where he is.
Chief is waiting at the restaurant.
Serena joins him.

He tells her she looks beautiful then he asks what's she's been up to lately as regards a job or furthering her education.
She ignores him and focuses on the menu.
He asks why she's not talking to him.

She says there is nowhere in their agreement where it was stated that she has to talk to him.
Amaka comes to invite Philip to the party.
She tells him to come with Yaya.

He tells he's not sure because he's trying to
arrange a nurse for Monica but if they are able too, they will make an appearance.
Helen asks if she's really one of a kind.
Sho tells her she changes her men too frequently.

Helen is surprised.
Salewa tells Sho to take it easy.
Helen receives an apology text from D J Scratchy.

They hear a knock on the door.
A delivery man brings a cake for Helen, again from Scratchy.
Nero comes with Segun and Sankey to meet Tony's friends.
Sankey warns them to cooperate.

Nero asks where Tony is.
They say they have no idea.
Sankey finds some
One of the friends gives Tony a call to appear as there is something good.
Tony appears.

Dikibo is about to leave the office.
Amaka asks if she can hitch a ride home with him.
Dikibo says he is stopping at different places and will get home late.
She says okay.

He asks if he should get her a cab.
She says she will get one herself.

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