'Tinsel' Season 10 Episode 2177 Recap - Aired: Monday 27 November 2017

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'Tinsel' Season 10 Episode 2177 Recap - Aired: Monday 27 November 2017

Shina is having a meeting with Chuks and Shoshanna in Soji's studio.
He tells them the concept is 'Fishes.'

Sho tells him it's the most stupid idea
Chuks concurs.
Shina tells them to come up with one then.
Dikibo and Amaka are kissing.
Dikibo suddenly pulls back

Amaka asks him what's going on.
He asks why she kissed him.
She says he kissed her back and he was asking her to come upstairs with him.
He says it was a mistake and asks if she thinks a kiss will wipe the slate clean of her past indiscretions.

Amaka looks confused.
He says the kiss was her taking advantage of him again.
He walks away.
Amaka is confused.
Shina asks Sho and Chuks to let him know what concept they've come up with

Sho suggests the wonders of makeup.
Chuks and Shina disagree.
Chuks suggests the evolution of fashion.
Shina says Chuks and Sho just want to showcase their own talent and until they can come up with a better idea, the Fishes idea stands.

Charles and Vicky are at Ziggy's having lunch.
Vicky asks Charles why he hasn't touched his food.
Charles says he fired an intern who is connected to Fabian.
Vicky asks who Fabian is.
Charles tells her the horrible things Fabian has done.

She asks why he hired the intern.
Charles says Nero did.
Vicky asks why Nero would hire such a person.
Charles says he doesn't know and doesn't know how Nero will take the news that the intern has been fired.

Yaya takes the laundry basket into the living room to sort out the clothes.
Some pills fall out of a trouser pocket and she sees they are Monica's pills.
She realises that Monica hasn't been taking her pills.

Serena and her lawyer are in Brenda's office.
Brenda tells Serena not to have agreed to Chief's terms.
The lawyer leaves.
Serena tells Brenda that she did what she did for Alexis.

Brenda says Alexis is safe with her father.
Serena says Alexis will come someday and she wants to know she will be safe.
Brenda says there are no guarantees.
Serena says she wants to try and Brenda should understand as a mother.

Brenda says she will never understand the arrangement with Chief but as a mother, she will understand so she doesn't want to see Serena around her or Kwame until her debacle with Chief is over.

Serena is stunned.
Sho comes to Salewa's place.
Helen complains that Maami has been sending them on errands all day.
Salewa says she misses school.
Helen agrees.

Sho tells them about the silly concept Shina came up with that has to do with taking photos of fishes.

The girls have a good laugh.
Ego comes to see Amaka at home.
Amaka tells her Dikibo kissed her and she kissed him back then he later said it was a mistake but she thinks he just wants her to try harder.

Ego advises her not to try too hard so as not to get hurt.
Amaka says she has to risk it.
Tony comes to meet his boys.
He tells them that he has been fired because his boss found out he worked for Fabian.
One of the boys suggests they rob the office.
Tony says that wouldn't be necessary; at least he got a new phone out of the deal

Nero is having a meeting with Oris and Nnenna.
He asks how Tony is doing.
Nnenna says he's young and has a lot to learn.
Tony asks if anything happened.
Nnenna says he doesn't finish his tasks and he just left the company without informing

Tony and his boys are plucking fruits from a tree.
Nero calls Tony on the phone.
Tony terminates the call.
Nero is surprised.
Amaka comes to see Sheila at home.

Sheila asks what happened because Amaka sounded tense on the phone.
Amaka says she's thinking of ways to save her marriage.
Sheila says she can help.

Amaka says she wants to throw him a surprise party for his birthday.
Sheila suggests informing la!de and Joanne to help.
Amaka says she likes the idea.
Shina is at Ziggy's.

Frank asks about the Parita competition.
Shina asks if he can run his concept by him.
Frank gives him the go ahead.
Shina asks what he thinks about a Fish concept.

Frank looks bewildered and asks if he wants girls to dress as fishes in some kind of mermaid campaign.
Shina says he was only joking.
Frank says he was getting worried.
He walks away and Shina covers his face
Charles is in his office, rehearsing what to say to Nero.

Nero comes in and apologises for Tony just leaving.
Charles asks if Nero has been able to reach him.
Nero says his phone is switched off.
Charles says after Nero gave him a chance, he did such a thing; If it was meant to be, it will be.

Monica is raising the cushions in the living room and asking for her drugs.
Yaya says she can't have them.
Monica physically attacks Yaya.
Philip rushes into the house and holds Monica.
Monica tells him to leave her alone or does he want to tape her?

He tells her to stop.
She asks if it's sex he wants.
She starts to undo the button of her shirt.
Philip tells her to stop.
He holds her and she starts crying.

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