Lovely betrayed - Season 1 - Episode 25

1 year ago

I am totally invisible when it come to Jay. He acts like I don’t exist anymore. We sit in the same room but not once have I ever see him look at me. I don’t blame him I was in a compromising situation even I wasn’t gonna believe myself if I was in his shoes .

It’s been a month since I haven’t been in college so today I decided to go to submit my assignments and to attend my job interviews . I really need to get a job and a place to stay, I can’t stay here knowing the person who brought me here will most probably never speak to me again.This is what happens when your parents didn’t introduce you to any of their family members,you become homeless.
“What are you doing?” Somebody startled. I turned around and to my surprise that ‘somebody’ is Jay.
“Uhm,are you blind? I am going to school,”I clarified because he seems to be blind and yes I am giving him a cold shoulder just like he has been giving me one.

“Aren’t you gonna ask your boyfriend to come fetch you cause the last time I checked that is my car,”he is looking straight at me and I really don’t know what to say ,I was really not expecting this.
“So it has gotten to the point where you asking for your things back?”that was all that could come out. I am still speechless ,this is not the Jay I know or maybe I didn’t know him at all.

He looked at me and laughed “are you dumb? Yes,Cassidy ,If you were able to cheat on me with my enemy ,I am sure you will be able to get a new car too. May I have the keys,” he put forward his hand for the keys.
“You are a spoilt brat Jay,you want the keys. There take your keys,”I took the keys and threw it at him and it landed on his lip” and let me not forget,”I took my phone out of my bag and threw it at him and it landed on his forehead,I am really good at aiming.”You can have all your shits Jay and I will give you the rest when I come from school, I can live and survive without them,I don’t need them.I don’t need anything that came from you and you’re right I will be able to get new ones. Have a good day,”I left him standing outside the garage. I had to get away because I was very close from breaking down and I don’t want him to see that.
Driving to school is 10min so I am sure walking is 30 mins,I can manage that. Thank God I was a bit early today.I started walking to school and thought about my life and how it became like this.If maybe I hadn’t gone to that date with Jay,him and I were still gonna be friends.If maybe I hadn’t gone to settlewent with Tyrol none of this was going to happen. If maybe my mum was still alive,if maybe they didn’t kill her everything was going to be fine.I was going to be fine.Before I knew it my top was wet from the tears that was pouring down from my eyes, everything is blur until I wiped my eyes and realise I was at the school gates.

I sorted myself before entering the premises nobody has to know about my life and how hard I am living now.
“Hello Cassy,”that is the voice I don’t ever want to hear.
“Tyrol,I told you multiple times,I don’t ever wanna see you or talk to you. Just stay away from me,”I made my point and started walking towards my geometry class.
“Listen here,I didn’t do that.I am not a pervert. I didn’t remove your clothes while you were sleeping,I am not like that,I am not that type of person.You should believe me,” he looks broken,he looks like he hasn’t slept in days ,he looks restless but I don’t care about that.We are standing on the way for other children to pass so we are now attracting attention from students.
I scoffed,”You didn’t remove my clothes,he said he didn’t removed my clothes,”I laughed,”Are you seriously telling me that. I slept in my pyjamas but I woke up completely naked next to you and you expect me to believe that?”I asked him.

“You are being a really unfair ,here you are blaming me for something I didn’t do and don’t want to forgive me and Jay accused you of cheating and don’t want to forgive you.It hurts right?I feel the same way.I tried to make you see clearer but you are too stubborn. Have a goodlife,”he turned around before leaving “If I were you I was going to be becareful of your new family,”he walked off. What does he mean by that? I am too angry to even speak to him and ask him.

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