Lovely betrayed - Season 1 - Episode 24

1 year ago

He repeated the question and I am still playing dumb.”maybe we should talk about this tomorrow,”I suggested.
“Okay but please tomorrow don’t avoid this conversation,”He tells me.
“I won’t,”I told him and I really don’t know whether it was the fear of having Tyron and Connie in my dream that made me do this or the devil is testing my loyalty “Would you please sleep here with me,”I begged him and I realise its not fear,it’s the devil testing my loyalty and so far he is winning.
He gave me a questioning look,”Will that be appropriate cause after all you got a boyfriend,”he threw the fact that I have a boyfriend on my face.

I can also be rude like him,”I didn’t say have sex with me,I only said ‘please sleep here with me’ in my mind I don’t find anything wrong with that and I don’t know why you being melodramatic about it,” I told him.

He chuckles “I am just joking,you are so feisty sometimes,”He climbed on the bed.
“Whatever,goodnight ,”I told him and turn the other way and try to get back to my dream,I have to talk to Tyron and he never came.


“Cassidy what is this,”I opened my eyes so fast because that voice sounds like Jay’s and it is Jay. Oh my God and I am in my bra and Tyrol is shirtless.
“What are you doing here,”I asked him.
Warning language may be too explicit
“What the f--k Cassidy? it only took you a f-----g day to cheat on me,” his face is full of anger and he is really scaring me.
“What are you talking about? I didn’t cheat on you.This is not what you think it is,”I pointed between Tyrol and I.
“Yeah,that’s why he is shirtless and you are in your bra. I don’t even want to know what you have under that cover,”he said.
“That’s a bit extreme,don’t you think?” I asked him and I am also getting angry. “Tyrol,why am I topless?” I asked him cause I am really confused because I know that I slept covered.

“Don’t even put an act for me Cassidy,I know you my entire life and I know you are really good at lying,” he scoffed. This is really f----d up and Tyrol is confused like me.
“Jay,how did you come by this house ?” Tyrol asked him.

“Don’t even speak to me you a-----e,” he told Jay. I have had it.
“You know what Jay,you are f----d up,you are really f----d and very insecure. I am f-----g telling you that I never sleep or cheat on you with Tyrol but because you are an idiot who drives 4 hours to just see whether his girlfriend is cheating on him, you got to see what you wanted. If you don’t want to believe me that’s fine with me,it shows that you never loved me in the first place because if you did you were going to trust me and you weren’t gonna drive all night to just see who I slept with . Love is build on trust and you not trusting me shows you never really loved me like you claimed and all you think I am is a b---h. I want beg you to be with me, I can not stoop that low but you have to make the decision to either trust me or not,” the tears that spill out of my eyes after this speech were unimaginable.I got out of the bed and to my surprise I am in my p@anties.I looked at Jay he has the most dissapointed face ever and my tears couldn’t stop. Now which guy would even believe that I didn’t cheat.

“I really thought you were telling the truth there. You are right, I am f----d up, I was the only one in love and my love for you was too deep that I ended up thinking you loved me too but that was wrong because look at you, you sleeping naked with another guy,” with that he walked away. I ran after him.
“Jay, please stop,” he stoped and looked at me, how do I remove that dissapointed face?” Jay , I swear on my mother I never cheat on you,”I told him and I am still crying ,” I really don’t know what happened, but I swear I slept with ny clothes on. What happened was I had my usual nightmares and I asked him to sleep with me,but nothing happened,” I told him the whole truth.

“Yeah, same nightmare that you used to make me sleep with you but I was unfortunate cause you never sleep naked,” he snapped that hurt a lot.

“That’s like really f----d up Jay, I asked you to sleep with me because you were my best friend and I was afraid of sleeping alone,” I clarified. I really can’t believe how he is acting right now.He is being so unreasonable.
“Whatever Cassidy,I just can’t put up with your lies right now,” he walked off and I have just become homeless.” And uhmmm don’t worry, just because we are no longer togetehr , it doesn’t mean you should move out. That is still your home but all I want from you is to stay away from me and to never speak to me again until you are ready to tell the truth,” with that he left. I am so angry,sad, upset, heartbroken and dissapointed,it’s not even legal for one person to be having so much of emotions.
I stomp back into the room and found Tyrol pacing up and down. I walked towards him and gave him a big slap ,”What’s your f-----g problem ,you pervert? How could you remove my clothes on the middle of the night? ” I asked him and he is surprise at my ourburst. He is an idiot to be so surprised, so what? He wanted to smile about this.

“Ca….,”he started but right now I don’t even want to hear his voice.
” oh, just shut your mouth,pervert and stay the f--k away from me and I really thought we were friends,”I told him.I feel so betrayed. I really love Tyrol as a friend but what he did really disgusted me.I hate him.
He walked out of the room and I packed my things and it was so good of him to call a cab for me.I cried all the way back home.
I reached home and Mrs Jones is watching tv and she sees me.I pray she doesn’t talk to me because I am really not in the mood of her snarl comments but things aren’t going my way today because she spoke to me.
“You look like a train wreck.Do you want to talk about,”She pulled my hand till I sat by the couch next to her and she gave me one of the best hugs ever.This just reminded me of my mother and I let go,I cried in her arms ,”shhhhh everything is going to be okay,speak to me about it,”she told me and I did.
“You are certain that you didn’t sleep naked?”She asked me.
“I am certain and I swear on my mother,I never cheat on him,”I told her.
“Shhhh,everything is going to be fine,”She told me.

This woman is bipolar the way she hates me and now she is consoling me or maybe she doesnt hate me as much as I thought she did.


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