Lovely betrayed - Season 1 - Episode 26

1 year ago

“You need to check with the doctor,maybe you are getting a cold or something ,” Vanessa told me. I have not been feeling well, at first I thought it was something that I ate but it continued now I really don’t know.
“You’re right ,I will book an appointment,” she nodded and smiled at me. She is always too nice,how do you get such nice people on earth. She made her way to the kitchen.

My first day at work was amazing, my first manuscript was on a book called ‘After’ that book was so good to the point where I couldn’t stop reading it. To even think that the writer is a beginner it’s hard to believe. I made really good comments on it and I am sure it will be published. I am very sure Mr Steel will enjoy reading that book and my points and comments on it. So far so good and I am happy that Tyrol didn’t even look my way today at school.

Jay snickered about how I got such a car at a publishing house and his mother shut him up and I was really grateful.Mr and Mrs Jones are proud of me and made me promise to not leave the house and I did promise.This mean I will have a lot of savings.

I booked the appointment to see the doctor at the nearest hospital.I have to be there in the morning because in the afternoon I have to go to work.I lay on my bed and did my school work and I really don’t know how I dozed off.I must have been very tired.


“Congratulation Miss Louise,you are a month pregnant,”the very nice doctor with a nice smile told me and she is really annoying me in the way she is smiling at me as if this is the greatest news ever.”Is there anything wrong? Why do you look so pale?”she asked me ,her smile turning into a frown.
I have to pretend “oh,sorry was still adjusting to this news. Did I hear you correctly? Did you say that I am pregnant?”I asked as if I am dumb.Maybe I am dumb,I didn’t even think of protection when I slept with Jay.I am an idiot.

“Yes,you are pregnant and you have to be coming here every month for a check up and you need to be here for classes to learn more about motherhood and the process of giving birth,” she informed me. “You need to eat good meals,don’t miss a meal and more importantly don’t eat like a pig,”she laughed at her own joke,”don’t get too upset it will also upset the baby and that can lead to miscarriage. Don’t get into fights and becareful because now you got another life growing in you,”she concluded.
“Thank you very much,may I take my leave?” She nodded and handed me a letter that states that I’m pregnant.I take my leave with so much of thoughts. I am pregnant,I am only 19,I am so stupid. How could I let this happen? This completely changes everything.

I really don’t know whether Jay will want to take care of this baby but even if he won’t take care of it ,I will do it on my own. Should I even tell him? I think I should,he deserve to know that I am expecting his baby,he has the rights to know.

After parking my car at the publishing house,I made my way to my office,wait did I tell you that I got my own office? Well I did. I entered and found new sets of manuscripts and I made myself comfortable and started reading. What a coincidence this book talks about a girl pregnant at the age of 19 but the only difference is that she does have a family and a mother who is going to support her, this Grace girl is really lucky. This book is excellent. Theres a knock on the door.
“Come in”I called out so the other person could hear. It’s Mr steel.

“Hello Cas,” he greets.
“Hello Mr Steel.”
“Oh,please call me Finn,I am not that old I am only 23,”I knew that he was young but I didn’t know he was this young,how did he get so much at such a young age .Of course his parents.” Anyways, I came to tell you that your comments and points on the book ‘After’ were really good and the book will be published next week Friday. There will be a conference and you are invited,you will also have the opportunity to meet this writer,”he told me. He is so excited,I think he wants to meet her more than I do. His smile fades as he realise that I was not smiling,”I thought you’d be happy,Are you okay?” I can sense the concern in his voice.

I fake a smile,”oh yea of course I am happy,I will get to see her. She is a really good writer and she will be liked by many people,”I told him.

He nod to show that he agrees with me “is there something bothering you,I am not asking as your boss but as a friend. Cassidy are you okay?” If this guy continue to ask me this questions,I will cry.
“I am fine,I just got emotional because of this book I am reading now,”he doesn’t buy it but he just nods.

“Anyways,its 17:30. You were suppose to finish work at 17:00,”he informed me. I was so grossed in this book I didn’t even know the time. I started parking and thanked Mr steel and left. Now I have to face the music,I have to talk to Jay. I am so not looking forward to this.

The closer I get to home,the more nervous I get. I hope Jay isn’t gonna be like Grace’s boyfriend who denied her child. Jay has always wanted a kid so I am sure he will be happy.

I made my way to his room and slightly knocked and there’s no answer. I turned around and I hear the door unlocking. I turned back and faced a very sleepy Jay and he is shirtless. The hair on my body rise and there’s that funny feeling in my stomach. I can’t believe he still makes me feel this way.
“I hope the house is on fire for you to come wake me up especially when I told you to stay away from me,”his voice is so deep, with so much of hate in his tone but I don’t care,I need to tell him.

“Just shut up and listen to me,”I ordered him ,” I am pregnant,we gonna have a child,”I told him .His eyes widen and then he laughs.

“That’s very funny Cassidy. Did Tyrol tell you he doesn’t want the baby?” What the hell? Is he for real ? Is this really happening ?
“Don’t be ridiculous,this baby is yours Jay. I didn’t sleep with Tyrol, this is your child.”
“You silly little girl,you first cheat on me and now you come and claim that that thing you carrying is mine when we both know it’s not. Go find the father of your child don’t let your child become a bastard because you don’t know the real father because of your hoeing ,”before I knew it ,I gave him a big slap across his face. He can’t call my baby a thing,he has no rights.

“Listen here Jay,I didn’t come here to ask for child support .I came here to tell you that I am pregnant with your child and I thought you might want to know that but I guess I was wrong. My child is no bastard because I know his father and that he is a coward and an a-----e . My baby and I don’t need you,we will be fine.I got a good job,I will be able to take care of my child. But I am warning you Jay,don’t you ever insult me or my child. Not even by mistake.DON’T or else you will regret it,” I said all of this with so much of power,strength and confidence. I guess being pregnant is helping me to become more stronger. Jay just looked at me probably shocked that I have this side.

“Have a good day,”I left him standing on his door rubbing his cheek and I made my way to my room and lay down.
To all those ladies out there, you need to know that you are strong,You are the strongest creature on the planet. Men will make you feel weak because they are only physically strong. You as a woman,you are stronger than that.You are able to love even though you are rejected,you are able to stand by his side even when he doesn’t want you. Most people take that as a weakness but nope it shows how strong you are and how far you can for something you love. That’s a strong woman. You are able to raise a child on your own ,provide for them and obviously work harder to feed your child.That is something a man can’t do and you are a strong woman.
I want that,I want to be a strong woman for my child. I don’t need a man to raise my baby.I will do just fine.I will do this.

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