Lovely betrayed - Season 1 - Episode 21

1 year ago

Throw back
I’m done bathing and I am still thinking about the whole settlewent trip and I am really considering it.I need a break from staying in this house and I’ve always wanted to go there just that I never had a chance to.This is my only chance. Plus Tyrol really need me what kind of friend would I be if I am not around when he needs me.
Tyrol has been around even when I didn’t want him to be.He has done a lot of things that Jay has never done for me.I am very comfortable when he is around me I feel safe infact I feel safe when I’m around this 2 guys.I really do wish they could be friends just for me but I can’t force them to like each other when they can’t stand each other.
Anyways I am making my way to ask the Jones for permission to go to Settlewent with Tyrol.Fingers cross I hope they allow me.Today is Wednesday and I am leaving on Friday so I need to know what they will say so that I can let Tyrol know.

I find them all watching tv ,they look so perfect. The husband and wife are sitting together on the sofa,you can see the love between them. Mr Jones got his arm around his wife and she leaned closer to him,this is so beautiful. Jay is on the Sofa opposite them his eyes focused on the tv.This is such a perfect family. It reminded me of those days when both my parents were alive.
“Are you gonna stand there like a ghost,or you gonna sit down nd watch tv like a normal person would do,”that snarl comment came from Jay’s mother .You may think that she likes me cause I’ve been staying in this house for so long but nope,she still despise me.I really don’t know what I have done to her to deserve such hatred from her.”are you deaf,” she snapped her fingers.
“Sweetie, come on,there’s no need for that,”the husband said.
“No it’s fine,I wanted to talk to you all about something,” I said.Finally Jay pays attention to me

“What’s wrong Cas? are you okay?”Jay asked .Pulling me so I can sit next to him.
“Yes, I am fine.One of my friends invited me to Settlewent, and I’d really love to go.So I came to ask for permission,” I said.
“Friend?”Mr Jones asked.
“Tyrol,he is my classmate,we are really close,”Jay shift away from me as I finished that sentence.I looked at him and the tension on his face tells me his angry.He glits his jaws and that vain that pops on his forehead when he is angry just popped. What’s his problem?the fact that Tyrol and I are close or the fact that I am going to spend my weekend with him? Only he know.He stands from the sofa and leaves.He is either going to the gyming room or his bedroom.My eyes just followed him and settled back on mr and mrs Jones.
“I don’t think he likes that,” mrs Jones said and I ignored her.

“If you’d like to go,you can go.It will do you well to experience new things. so you can go to Settlewent for the weekend,”Mr Jones said.I smiled more like grinning.
“Thank you very much,Thank you so much,”I told them.
“I will transfer some money in your account in case you need it,”Mrs Jones said.I am shocked by this .Maybe she is just happy that she wont see me in her house this weekend.
“Thank you very much,but theres no need for that,” I told her.

“I insist,you a girl,you can do shopping with the money,”she said smiling. I have never seen her smiling,I must say she looks beautiful she reminded me of my mother.Mrs Jones smile was really warm.This is a first and I see tears in her eyes. Is she bipolar?
“Excuse me,”she said and she left.I saw her husband,also surprised by all of this.
“I sometimes think she is bipolar,”he said and I laughed cause I thought of the same thing,”you should go look for Jay because he really looks messed up”Jay’s father said.I nodded and left to look for Jay.
I was right,he was in the gyming room punching the bag.He has no shirt on can I say hallelujah .As he flexes his hand to hit the bag and the sweat drops from his hair all the way to his back it looks so hot. When he flexes his muscles,this guy is blessed. I know I have seen him shirtless so many times but its different,because this view is better.
I cleared my voice and he turned around,my eyes couldn’t help it but to roam around his whole upper body ,he has that sexy v and the packs in the right places. Wait, am I allowed to have such thoughts about my own best friend.Anyways I don’t care,looks dont kill.
“Do you like what you see?”That cocky attitude helped me to focus.

“What’s there to like?” I asked him
He shrugged”I don’t know,your eyes looks like they like what they see,”he smirked.
“You seeing things,did you take your tablets?”
“Very funny,Cassidy.What do you want? Shouldn’t you be packing for Settlewent?” He finally threw the bomb.He is really upset about this.

“Jay,you are my best friend.You are the most important thing in my life.You are like the brother I never had. If you don’t want me to go,it’s fine I won’t go,I will stay right here with you.I can’t go to a place where I know you don’t want me to go,that will make me feel bad.If you want me to stay,I will stay.I will tell Tyrol that I wasn’t given permission to go with him.I will stay with you,” everything I said it’s true. If Jay want me to stay I will stay.Without him I wasn’t going to have a shelter and I really can’t let him down.

He looked at me for a quick second and took few steps towards me.We stared at each other and he smiled,”Even though,I’d like to see Tyrol dissapointed and all sad,I wouldn’t do that to you.I want you to have fun.I want you to go to Settlewent with Tyrol and have fun.All I want is the best for you and I love you so much to not allow you to go. You need to leave the house and enjoy life a little,”he said looking straight into my eyes and smiled.

“Thank you very much Jay,I owe you one,” I said hugging him.He hugs me back and pulls away.
“I know how you can pay me back,” he grinned and I already know whatever idea it is its gonna be stupid.
“How?” I asked him.
“You and I will go on a romantic date,”he said shyly.

I laughed and raised my eyebrows “what?” I asked.
“I said you and I should go on a romantic date tomorrow,”he laughed and I helped him laugh.This is really funny .Jay and I romantic date.
“As friends?” I asked.
“As whatever you want it to be,” he said with a smirk and gave me kiss on the cheek.I couldn’t help it but blush.

“Okay,”I said.
“You must dress up cause we going to go to a fancy restaurant,”he informed me while picking up some weights “oh and Cas,”
“Yea,” I answered.
“I know you were checking me out,”he winked at me.
“Jackass,” I said and he laughed out loud.I left him laughing.

So Jay and I are going on a date



“Jay this restaurant is amazing,” I told him. We have reached at this restaurant and its really beautiful. The inside has expensive written all over it,the chandeliers are shinning.The musicians are so classy.Everything is so classy.

“I chose it,because its beautiful like the lady on my right hand ,” he said referring to me. I slightly hit him with my elbow as the beautiful waitress showed our place to sit. We sat on the middle row.This people are so inquisitive cause as we entered all of their eyes was on us. Guess they are used of seeing older people not young like us. We ordered and we ate and enjoyed every conversation that came about.We laughed out loud people’s head turned. I really did enjoy my day with Jay it was really great.

After eating we went to ice skating we looked crazy,our clothes and the active was not corresponding but we didn’t care as long as we had fun.We reached home at around 11 pm everybody was asleep. He walked me to my room.

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