Lovely betrayed - Season 1 - Episode 22

1 year ago

“I really enjoyed my time with you,”he said smiling.

“I also enjoyed my time with you,it was amazing and fun,”I told him”especially that time we threw that paper on th……”I didn’t complete my sentence because his lips were on mine. I didn’t expect it,I am in shock ,I have never kissed a guy before how do I respond should I even respond. Is this the right thing to do but his lips feels so good.
If a hot guy like Jay is kissing you,wouldn’t you respond? So I did what I thought was right,I closed my eyes and move according to his sync.He has his hands around my waist,oh d--n I love to be held like this. He pulls me closer to him and I moved closer we kissed and kissed.Kissing Jay feels so good and so bad at the same time. I have lived 19 years of my life and never kissed a person. Let me enjoy.

He deepens the kiss,I curl my hands in his hair and he groans.That groan made my legs weak.Made me weak,I swear if you could ask me what’s my name right now,I wouldn’t know.He unzip my dress so fast as if its his talent,I am left in my bra and p@nty.Wait,am I allowing Jay to take my virginity,I don’t even have the power to stop him.He lays me on the bed while still kissing .Right now its as if my body has a mind on its on because before I knew it,I wrapped my legs around his waist and my hands are removing his Shirt.

He groans and this time,his groan made me m0an.I think my m0an!ng drove him crazy because he did everything so fast like a lightning.He had his shirt and pants off and also had removed my bra.

“Stop,Jay stop,plz stop,”I begged him to stop. I can’t believe this. Tyrol,Tyrol came into my mind.I started thinking about Tyrol.
“What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?”he asked me.

“No you didn’t hurt me,it’s just that I…..”I couldn’t finish.

“We don’t have to do this if you dont want ,”

“I appreciate that Jay,Please leave ,I’d like to sleep.”
“Goodnight,”He pecked me and took his shirt and pants and left.Why did Tyrol pop into my mind.Jay was going to make me a woman. Why did I even think of Tyrol unless I like Tyrol.Do I like him? I really don’t but I felt like I was betraying him at the same time I wanted Jay as much as he wanted me but my question is do I like Jay.

This is just too much,I really don’t know I am confused all I want to do now is cry but I really don’t know why I am crying.I feel so stupid. Being with Jay felt so amazing and that feeling was good,I was enjoying myself.It’s as if my body was meant for his and only his.I think that I am in love with Jay.You know what ……

“Come in,”He said.I enter his room and he is playing a game on his phone.I know this because he didn’t remove his eyes from the phone to see who it is and I know this guy like the palm of my hand and I know that he is playing.

“Don’t you like what you see?”I asked him knowing that he will look up.He looked at me with lust in his eyes,so much of lust that made his eyes darker than usual.I love the way they look .His eyes are doing things to me.No,I am not naked before you think I am naked.I am wearing a lace bra and p@nty.He stood from his bed and within a second,I was in his arms


I woke up on something hard. I opened my eyes to look for my pillow that when I saw him .Jay,looking so peaceful in his sleep,his lips are slightly apart and the memories of last night came.It was amazing,he was so gentle and sweet.I pecked his lips and he woke up with a smile.I smiled back.
“I thought it was a dream,”he said
“I also thought it was a dream,Goodmorning,”I pecked him again just that this time he didn’t let me go he kissed me. Reminding me of the forbidden night were he devoured me .I feel like a new person .
“I have to go to my room,”I told him.
“You don’t wanna stay with me,”I smiled at that.That was so sweet.At so me I really thought he would wake up not wanting me but I guess that was an immature thought.” Can I tell you something? “He asked and I nodded.

“I love you Cassidy and I’ve always loved you,all of those days, I tried and I really tried to get over you but it is and was impossible.I fell in love with Connie but everyday I asked myself who would I choose between the 2 of you ,my answer was always you.”

“Everything about you its so perfect,you are tge strongest girl I have ever met.You’ve lost your mother and father on the same day and by the same kinda of death and some girls were going to give up but it was like they were making you stronger and thats a girl I need in my life.A girl that will still be strong even when I am weak,a girl who will stood by me when I am down.Please be with me Cassidy ,please don’t go with Tyrol,stay with me. I really dont want you to go but at the same time I give yiu my permission to go.As you go ,don’t forget my love for you,” he dropped a tear and I wiped it and I really don’t know how to reply but kiss him and we had an active morning.
I packed my things for Settlewent,but the problem is,do I want to go? Jay keeps on telling me to go if I want to but I can see that he doesn’t want me to go.I can’t let Tyrol down like this.His granny is sick and all he needs
is a friend.I have to be there for him.

“Jay,” I called him across the room.
“Babe?”he replied.I am still not used to all of this but guess I will get used to hit.
“I am going to go,he is alone all he needs is a friend.His granny is sick and all he need is somebody to be there for him,”I told him.
“You really got a kind he,”he told me
“Well thank you,so you cool?

“Yea I am fine,he shouldn’t try funny things so,”
“He won’t,he is just and will remain a friend,”
“I remember I was that just yesterday,”
“What is that suppose to mean?”
“Just a joke babe,loosen up,”
I threw whatever was that at him”eww babe these are p@anties you threw at me,”he whined.
“Sexy” I said
“Hello,” I said.
“Hey,how are you?” Tyrol said.
“I am good and you?”
“I am good, anyways are you ready?” He asked him. I looked at my boyfriend who looks really sad by all of this but he will have to be strong.
“Yes I am ready,”I told him. Jay looks down and up at me and I did a nervous smile.
“Okay,we leaving in 30mins time,”he told me.”You can say bye to your fam,”He teases.
“Very funny,bye” I told him. And he cuts the call.
“We leaving in 30mins time,”I told him. His smile told me he is up to something stupid but yet I will love it.
“You wanna do something fun?” He asked.
“Of course.,” Just like that another active 15mins.
“Take care of her,”Jay told Tyrol.
“I will,”Tyrol said giving me a questioning look.He is actually shocked by Jay’s sudden concerns over my safety.

“Bye,love you,” told Jay.
“Love you too,”Jay told me and with that we drove off.

“What was that all about?”Tyrol asked.
“Well Jay and I we kinda dating,”………

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