Lovely betrayed - Season 1 - Episode 20

1 year ago

“Cassy,I am not here to hurt you,I just need you to becareful,”the boy said.I looked around,I am in a dark place.It’s really scary.Theres nothing around just me and this boy.”I brought you here because I don’t want any disturbance but I need you to listen to me,”He pleaded with me.I can’t talk,it’s like somebody removed my voicebox.
I tried screaming but nothing worked.I looked at him in fear nothing but fear.I am terrified,I just need to talk to him but why can’t I talk,I realise it was not just fear it was frustration.
“I reduce the volume of your voice because I dont want any disturbance.I just need you to listen to me.You need to becareful,your life is in danger,the people that killed your parents,Connie and I are plotting to kill you,I can’t tell you who they are but…….”

“Cassidy,Cassy,Cassidy,”The voice became louder with somebody shaking me.I flutter my eyes open and in front of me is Jay.This idiot,Tyron didn’t even get to finish is sentence.”wake up we are late for collage classes start at 11 and now its 10:00 you got barely 30mins ,start getting ready,”he told me.

“You are an idiot,couldn’t you wait and let me finish my dream .I am not in the mood of classes so I’m not coming plus I got plans,”I told him. It’s true I got plans,I need to talk to Tyrol .

Jay looked at me and raised is one eyebrow “since when are you not in the mood for education?”
“Jay,You are now the one wasting time,I am not coming ,”I repeated.Doesn’t he understand English. This guy.
“Ok,I tried ,byee,”he gives me a kiss on the cheek and smirked,he knows that I hate that before existing he looks back I gave him a questioning look “You beautiful and I love you ,”he said and with that he left.
What was that all about,Jay has never told me that before, I mean like that,he has told me that he loves me but only when he wants a favour but this time it was different.Maybe I am overreacting.

I was so caught up in Jay’s words that I forgot to write in my journal what I dreamt about. So far I’ve got almost the same thing on 30 pages,it always stops when Tyron is about to tell me something. Usually is Connie who disturbs us but today it was Jay.Why can’t they allow him to tell me what he wants to tell me.

*disturbia* disturbs my thought,I looked for my phone and answered without looking at the caller “hello”I said to the other person on the line.

“I’ve been texting you but you ignoring me,”Tyrol said with and irritated voice.
“I was talking to….”Jay and Tyrol hate each other “the gardener,I lost my one shoe,”I lied.I thank satan for creating lies. “What can I help you with,”I asked him.
“It’s my grandma Cassy,she is sick and she wants to go and see her, please come with me just for the weekend.There’s no-one there,I don’t want to be alone,”He pleaded.He really sounds desperate but I don’t think Mr and Mrs Jones will let me.Plus Jay hates Tyrol.

“Tyrol,I don’t think they will allow me to come and where does your Granny live?”I asked him.

“Settlewent,”he said.
“That’s 3 hours from here,”I told him.
“Yea,I forgot how many hours it was thank you for telling me smartie,”the sacarsm in his voice,it’s so annoying.
“Don’t forget you need my help here?”I threatened.
“Sorry,but please talk to the Jones,I need you,” the way the word ‘need’ sound with his deep voice it makes my knees weak and my stomach do funny things.I can’t believe I am really blushing because of just 3 words and the words not even being ‘I love you ‘I seriously don’t know what’s wrong with me. Maybe I am going to start my periods.
“You can carry pads,I will even buy for you. Please come don’t let periods stop you,”he said. Wait did I say that loud .My stupid mouth it doesn’t know when to shut up.
“I will let you know,”I told him and I am really embarrassed.

“Okay,thank you and bye,”he cut the call.
He said ‘He need me’ and I will leave it there but I kinda like Tyrol.
I wrote on my journal and reading it again,it’s like a repetition of the same scene in different places.I really want him to finish is lines.I want Tyron to finish is line.Who should I be becareful of and the people that killed my parents want to kill me.I want him to tell me these people. It was also shocking hearing that Connie was killed. How could they do that to a young girl? Why did they kill her?
Those questions will remain unknown till the day the truth comes out and I will make the person that killed my parents and Connie pay.
I stood from my bed,hid my journal and did my bed and went to bath.


I wore my body fitting black dress that reaches slightly above my knees and has lace right above my navel to to the neck.I put a black sport bra inside making it look even better and work black heels. I put little bit of make up added some pink matte lipstick looked in the mirror and I am happy with my work.

There’s a knock on the door .Always impatient.I rolled my eyes.”I am coming,”I screamed for the other person to hear me.I looked at myself once again and I am pleased with the appearance. I step out and Vanessa the helper is standing by my door.
“You look beautiful Miss Louis,”she said grinning at me.
“Thank you Vanessa and I told don’t call me miss my name is Cassidy,”I told her with a smile.

“Ok Cas,he is waiting for you outside,”I smiled at her.
I said my goodbyes to the Jones family and opened the door that leads me to him.
Standing with his back to me,in his silver suit thats shining .His hair combed back and I already got the feeling that he is looking hot.I cleared my throat and he turned around.Wow is all thay could come in my mind. He is wearing a white shirt with gray tie.He looks so handsome,words can’t describe how good he looks right now. I looked straight into his hazel brown eyes,they staring right into mine. He breathtakingly smiled at me.I just couldn’t help it but blush.I blushed in the way my cheeks started burning.He held out his hand and I took it.
“You look beautiful Miss Louis,”just five words made my stomach explode,it was like a bomb.Now I know how Anna felt when Christian was around.

“You don’t look bad yourself,”I told him.
“I really tried to impress my lady,” he smirked.

“That was so clichè,”we laughed as he opened the car door for me.

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