Lovely betrayed - Season 1 - Episode 16

1 year ago

“Jay,it hurts,its sore,I am going to cry “I whined and he is laughing at me,he can’t stop laughing at me.This idiot is still laughing at me,”Jay if you continue laughing at me,I am going to wipe that ugly laugh out of your face,”I warned him and its as if I told him to laugh even more.Even tears are coming out of his eyes,like seriously this a-----e.
“I’d like to see that but Cassidy what were you doing?”oh he finally asked.This guy just caught me in the downfall moment and didn’t bother to ask what happened and its his fault.

“Remember how you won that bet that made me do your chores,well one of your chores today was to wipe the windows and as you can see I am not so tall so I used the chair so I could reach and it broke and I fell on my butt now its sore,I can’t move,”I told him and its true,I get get up from here.
He laughed even more,he thinks I’m joking.”Cassidy,that chair was always broken,why did you use it?”he asked.
“Screw you,if I knew it was broken was I gonna use it,you idiot,”It hurts and he is irritating and this guy will not be serious and help me if I don’t do something.So I did something that makes him weak.I forced myself to cry.
Its working that smile is fading,he rushed to me within a second.”Cas,are you okay?,I thought you were joking.Oh my God I am so sorry.I will carry you,try and get up,”If only he could see the smile my hear has right now, I knew that my tears we going to work.So I did as he said I tried to get up.

The pain,Oh my God the pain.No I think I am really hurt and I cried out loud and this time its real I am not faking it,”Jay,Jay it hurts.I can’t move,”I cried in pain.
“Cas,I think I should take you to the hos……..,”Jay was interrupted by a scream and we turned and there stands my ex best friend.

“Jay,what are you doing?”Connie asked. Wait can’t she see that I am in pain.
“Oh hey babe,I am helping Cassy.She fell down and I think she need to see a doctor,”He told her.The hetrade in Connie’s eyes its scary.
“I’m sure she is faking it,”She said with so much of bitterness in her voice.She can’t even fake her hate for me.
“Jay,you can leave me,it’s fine.I will take myself to the doctors,”I said.I don’t know how I am going to do that but I will try.I just don’t have time for this excuse of a girl.
“You heard,Jay. Let’s go,”She comes closer to take Jay.
“I’m sorry Connie but I am not letting her go to the doctors alone.She is in pain and might be really hurt ,what kind of person would I be if I let go on her own?”he asked her,”plus she is your friend,you have to show some sympathy,”you guessed right Jay doesn’t know about Connie and I’s separation. I do keep a lot away from Jay.I need to stop. He is my best friend and I have to tell him everything.Including the dream.
“She is not my friend,”Connie clarified what I was about to clarify.

“What?”Jay asked shockingly. Okay I am not running away from this conversation but I am in pain. I need to see a doctor,I can’t deal with this right now.

“Jay,I am dying,I am in pain please solve yours thing after taking me to the hospital,”I told him with gritted teeth.Jay sighed and started making his way to his car.Idiots doesn’t even have car keys.

“Wait,I am going to take my car keys,”He said putting me again his car amd running inside.I can feel somebody’s eyes on me. I turned around to a slap.Okay,mummy said I shouldn’t swear but right now I cant help it.Like what the f--k,what was that all about.
“Did you just slap me?”

“Oh wait,are you so dumb to no even realise that I’ve just slapped you and listen here ,if you don’t leave Jay alone that won’t be the last time I am going to slap,”she threatened.

“I am not afraid of you,Connie and I am tell you right now and read my lips.I AM NOT GOING TO LEAVE JAY,”I told her. Who does she think she is?Jay has been my fried before we even knew about her existence.
“You little sk…..,”She was interrupted by Jay’s question.

“Connie were you going to slap Cassy?”he asked

“Oh,of course not,”she did that nervous laugh,”I was trying to remove the mosquito on her face,”she lied.What a stupid lie or excuse.

I feel so weak cause I feel like Jay is fighting for me right now.If the pain was bearable,I swear I was going to murder somebody’s child.
A strong pain hit my left leg,”Jay…..”I couldn’t even finish the sentence,I couldn’t find my voice.I can see everything around me but I cant move, can’t talk I can’t do anything.Is it because of that fall.
“CASSIDY,”I can hear him screaming and shaking me but I can’t reply.My mind is blank and everything goes black.
Am I dead? Wait would I hear myself thinking if I was dead?Does that even make sense but why is it hard for me to open my eyes.
“She is faking it ,”I hear another voice a female voice,who is that?I can’t remember who was around.What is happening to me?
“If you got nothing to say just shut up,”an angry voice said,that person must be very angry.Why can’t I open my eyes?
The pain,the pain,the pain I can’t bare it.

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