Lovely betrayed - Season 1 - Episode 15

1 year ago

Sitting in the cafeteria with Tyrol but yet I can’t focus on him so far I don’t even know what he is talking about.My mind keeps on going back to that dream even though I don’t think its a dream but so far I will classify it as a dream until I am truly sure.That boy ,who was he? why was I so comfortable around him?That guy on my father’s car, who is he and why did he run?
“So then,my father caught him and arrested him?”Tyrol praised his father,I didn’t even know half of the story but you can tell that this guy really admire his father.That’s really good I must say because boys his age usually have problems with their father but he seems really close to his father.

“So you telling me that your father is a detective?”I asked him.He looked at me.
“Cassidy,I repeated that line so many times and you asking me again,Are you okay? You seem like you are in your own world,”he asked me .I don’t know whether I should tell him .If I tell him,he wilk surely think I am crazy and weird but I think I should tell him.
“No Tyrol,I am not okay,”I started,”I had a dream ,it was more like my past memory…..,”I told him the whole dream and he listened to me without interruption.This is why I prefer talking to him than Jay.Jay was going to interrupt me countable times.
“So you telling me,this boy you saw,you don’t know him?”He asked.
“Yes,Tyrol,I don’t know him.I have never seen him in my life and at first I thought it was you cause you claim to know me but it wasn’t you because I have seen your baby pictures,”I told him.

“Well Cassy,we can not jump into conclusion and think that guy on your father’s car killed him,we gonna wait and see whether you gonna get another memory that correspond to this,”he took a breath and continued,”You must not tell anybody because there might be a person that really wanted to hurt your parents and with this discovery,they might also hurt you,”He told me.I thought about what he is telling me right now and he is right. I trust him and I really wanted to share this with somebody and I think he is the right guy for this,I just trust him so much,I even trust him with my life.
“Thank you Tyrol and I will take your advice,I will not tell a soul and only you and I know about this,I didn’t tell Jay,”I told him.
“Good,so my mum want to meet you,so I was thinking of introducing you to her this Saturday,is it fine with you?”He asked.He wants to introduce me to his mother and I’m really trying hard not to blush right now.
“Yeah,Saturday is fine with me,”I told him and I changed my blush into a smile and he smiled back and we continue with our lunch and spoke about other things even though the dream or memory was bothering me it was better now cause I shared it with somebody else.


Jay’s POV

I’m by the ice cream shop waiting for Connie,I don’t even know how I am going to start this.I really hate those people that claims to be my parents.How can they ask me to break up with the only girl I really like,only girl I love spending time with apart from Cassidy. At the same time they don’t want me to be too close to Cassidy because I might get attached.They’re so annoying and now that I found a girl that I really like they want me to leave her.How could they be this mean,I am their blood for God sake.At lease they should pretend to care about me but they don’t even pretend to.
“Hey babe,”I was disturbed by that amazing voice,that voice that keeps me going,that voice that makes me weak,that voice that I am going to lose and miss a lot.She comes close and pecks me on my lips .Her on mine feels so perfect,her lips are so soft,they are the best lips I have ever kissed,these lips…”Babe,are you okay?,you are just staring at me,”she asked me.I shifted my eyes to her eyes,those sea blue eyes of hers,her eyes reminds me of the sea,when I look at those eyes,I feel calm and safe.
No,I can’t do thisI can’t leave her,I’ve just realised that I love her,I love this girl. I Love Constance Cohen and I won’t leave her my parents can go to hell and I will tell them this.
I looked at the girl I am in love with and kissed her at first she was shocked cause she never expected it but she responded the only way she knows how to and it feels so amazing,she kisses me with love,I can feel how much she loves me bybthe way she kisses me.The kiss was so passionate.This is why I love this girl,she knows how to exactly make me feel good even by just kissing me.I really do love her.Everything thet has to do with her is perfect.
“Sorry but you can’t be kissing here,”somebody disturbed us and we stopped our kiss and look at the disturbance and its the waiter who looks really irritated,”there are a lot of children in here and you can’t be displaying yours affectioning in front of them,”he said really irritated,I see he has no love life and he is jealous.

“Sorry man,”I apologised,”and we won’t do it again,”I told him and I kissed Connie again and looked at him,”I won’t do it again,”I smirked at him,he looks at me as if he is going to kill me or something.
“Come on man,I am serious “with that he left.
“What was that about ?”Connie asked,she was still shocked on how I kissed her.
“I just missed you ,beautiful,”I lied to her.Well I have no other choice,I have to lie to her .
“Aw babe,I missed you too,you sounded really urgent on the phone,is everything okay?”There,I knew she would ask that question,now what am I going to say?I wish I had Cassy ‘s lying skills cause that girl’s lies just pop out of no where and really sound good.

“Oh well,I wanted to ask you to be my prom partner?”Well I am after all her friend so I did learn some lying skills from her.By the way Connie is smiling right now ,she bought it.
The smile brighten when the waiter brought her favourite ice cream that I ordered when she was around.What a perfect timing.
“Aw babe,Of course I’d lovee to be your partner you didn’t have to be so corny and make the waiter bring the Ice cream after you asked me to be your partner ,”she said still smiling more like blushing,if she only knew the coincidence in all of this that smile was gonna be out of her mouth .Well guess this is my luck day.

“Well I had to make it romantic,you deserve the best babe and I know I should have been better but I’m taking romantic baby steps,”I continue telling my version of the ‘truth’.

“Thank you babe and I love you,”she said it,she said she loves me .
I looked at her straight in the eyes and told her what I was thinking about 30 mins ago “I love you too Constance Cohen,”I told her and she blushed.She is so beautiful.

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