Lovely betrayed - Season 1 - Episode 17

1 year ago

“You gotta wake up Cassidy,I need you.I can’t start imagining my life without you right now,my friendship with you is all I have. You make me feel loved,nobody cares about me since the tragic death of my brother and you can’t leave me,It’s not your time yet for you to go plus you owe my mother dinner. I know you can hear me.I know how much you hate it when I try to be creative but I had to do this,I wrote a little something for you. It’s just my way of showing how much I need you,It will sound creepy and Corny but I just had to,”Somebody said and I can’t make out the voice,I try to open my eyes but its not opening.I am getting used to this I am able to hear voices but I can’t identify the speaker.I feel like I got superglue in my eyelids and am not able to open my eyes.I need to open my eyes.I want to see,it’s a need for me to see.
He clears his throat,I guess he is getting ready for that little something he created for me.

” Every morning when I get up,I get up excitedly because I know its another day to see your beautiful face.
You’ve been around even when i pushed you away,you still stood by my side.
When i decided to give up on life you came into my life making me to immediately give life another chance.
You look down on yourself,you think you worthless,you think you will never find love,you think you not are beautiful,smart,strong but to me,you are better than everything listed above.

You are amazing Cassidy and I really need you in my life and you gotta wake up.” he stopped and sniffed and he continued.”i used small letter ‘I’ in this little something because right now you are the most important thing to me.i am lowering myself for you Cassidy. Your parents won’t be happy if you leave earth without fulfilling your dreams,you gotta come back and make your parents proud,I miss you and I need you ,” he finished.

I really need to see who is this and because of his awkward speech I am motivated to open my eyes just like that my eyes flutter oped and I close them again because of the light.How long have been asleep?the light is just too,it is blinding my eyes and to my surprise the person sitting beside my bed is Tyrol ,he was the one saying all of those things.I must have been asleep for a while because opening my eyes and seeing him here made my heart flatter and would it be weird if I say he looks really hot? But above all I should have known that it was him because this guy and creativity just don’t go together but that was really sweet.I stopped gawking at him and took a glance of my surrounding and I’m in a strange place with a beeping sound.
I am in the hospital,I hate this place and whoever that brought me here will get a hearing from me.”hey,”I tried to speak but it came out as a cough,my throat is dry ,like seriously,How long was I asleep?Cause even my throat is sore because of dryness.
“Oh,hey you are awake,”he said with the biggest smile on the face.He looks like her hasn’t slept in years,”you look horrible ,”we both said at the same time though mine was weak but he knew what I said and that we said it at the same,”Jinks you owe me a solid,”we said together.We looked at each other and laughed.We laughed even though it was painful to laugh but around Tyrol everything is possible.He is so amazing.

My leg doesn’t hurt anymore but then why was I here?Where is Jay?
“Tyrol, where is Jay?”I asked him,He looked at me as if I cursed his mother there is so much of pain in his eyes and if I am not wrong I think I saw a tear drop.”Tyrol,What is wrong?did something happened to Jay?”I am panicking and I won’t even lie right now I feel like everything is spinning around me,I hope nothing bad happened to Jay.”Tyrol can you speak man,Did something happen to Jay?”I repeated my question.He is scaring me.
“Cas,I don’t know whether I should tell you this?Maybe I should speak to your doctor,”With so much of worrisome and hesitancy he left my room to go call the doctor.I am hyperventilating,I hope he is Okay.
Dear Lord,I don’t know what wrong I have done to you but please forgive me.Please Lord don’t take him away from me he is all I have. You took my parents and now I’m left with Jay
only.Please keep him for me.Please Lord.
I said a silent prayer as the doctor comes inside my room.”Miss Louis,we are happy see you awake and responding to your medication,We didnt expect to be this fast due to your inner injuries and abdominal blood loss,”The doctor said with a serious face.
I am shocked by this,all of this because of falling down a ladder plus my it was just my leg,”But doctor,I only fell down the ladder and only my leg was hurt nothing else,”I told him

“When Mr Jones brought you here,you were injured,inside out but you are fine and youve been in a coma over 3 weeks and Mr Hatcher and the Jones family have been here for you and Mr Jay has shared his blood with you because you didnt have enough for the operation.You will be dismissed tomorrow but right now you going to have to rest and don’t engage in too serious conversations it won’t be good for you,”He held back a little and continued,”Have a nice day miss Louis,”With that he left.
I know Connie hates me for whatever reason but atleast she should have come to see me.Why does she hate me this much?What have I done to deserve such bitterness from her.If it’s Jay,I don’t have any business in who he is dating.How can she hate me this much that she couldn’t even bother to see how I was doing .
The doctor said my injuries were really bad but how is it possible because I only got hurt on my leg.If maybe he said I had a broken leg,I was gonna understand but the doctor said something totally different.I don’t understand this.
I’ve been waiting for Tyrol to come back but he isn’t coming back,I slept for almost 5 hours but he wasn’t around. During my sleep I felt a present,a weird present ,it gave my body chills. I was too tired to open my eyes and see who was around but this present I felt was strange. Could it be the presence of my parents.I know ,I am being delusional but I am just looking at the alternatives.Plus I am really bored.
“You look ugly,”that annoying voice that I wanted to hear so badly is finally around. I can’t even hide the happiness in me,”Don’t smile at me like that,its creepy,”He said with a smirk before I knew it I jumped out of the bed and gave him a huge hug and a kisses all over his face apart from the lips,”Eww Cassidy thats disgusting,”He said wiping his face.
“I missed you ,”With that I gave him another hug.”Where have you been?”He put me down and his mood shifted.He gave me that same look Tyrol gave me just that his there is genuine pain.I take a look at his surrounding.He is wearing a black formal trouser with black tie and black shirt.The last time he used so formal it was at my ……
“Jay,did somebody die?”I asked him.He didn’t look at me,he looked down and tears fell,his tears Jay is crying,”Jay are your parents okay?”I asked him and he looked at me and shook his head .His eyes are bloodshot. He looks like he hasn’t slept for a long time. “Jay speak to me,”I told him.
“Cassidy,Constance is gone,”he said it.Omg they broke up .This is a big heartbreak especially seeing him cry over her.He really does love her.

“Why did you two break up your’ll were so perfect,”I told him abd he shook his head aggressively and looked at me with his bloodshot eyes.
“No Cas,I mean she is dead,”…

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