Once Upon A Corper - Season 1 - Episode 16

1 year ago


Agent Wright’s POV

(At Senator Silva’s residence)
Agent Wright and his Director was summoned by the Senator after the news of his Daughter’s Kidnap got to him…

But sir, is there anyone you are suspecting? Are you having problem with anyone? My Director asked

My friend, a man in my position has a lot of enemies. Am suspecting everyone including you. I asked you to implant someone in the camp with my daughter but now right in camp, she was kidnapped. Why did I hired you guys in the first place? He fired angrily at him.

I believe the kidnappers are using it as a distraction so you won’t be able to concentrate on the upcoming election Sir.
I felt there is more to this. My Director guardedly chipped in
“That’s why I hired you guys in the first place. Do your godamn work! I need my daughter back. But I want her back unscratched. Once my daughter is safe, you guys can do anything or everything possible to get the people behind this. He nervously added while we all shrugged in agreement.

Of course the most important thing was saving his daughter’s life first before any other thing.

As soon as my Director and I got out of his residence, he grabbed my arm, gaining my attention. “I feel the senator is hiding something from us. There is more to this. He said.

“Sir, you know every politician has a dirty secret. But do you think he knows the person behind the kidnap of his daughter and he is keeping it away from us? I asked
Yes. You are right. I don’t think he will keep such information from us. My Director said
And what about Agent Ola? What have you gotten about him yet? He asked as we moved to his car

The signal I am getting from the tracker on him is low. And I wouldn’t be able to pin point his exact location if I can’t get at least 50% of signal.

Keep trying Wright. We can’t afford to lose the Senator’s daughter just some few days to the presidential election. He said.

Of course Sir. This is our top most priority right now.

If you have gotten any lead, don’t endeavor to let me know. The headquarter unit is very much interested in this case right now.

Am giving you just two hours to get something positive. Understood?

Yes sir. I said and we both entered his car and drove away from the Senator’s apartment.

At the Kidnapper’s Den
(Eze’s POV)

Who is this man here with us? I asked myself.

I took a look at myself and the rope on my hands and feet was well tied and there was no way I could cut if off. I close my eyes then I saw him.

What are you waiting for? He said
How do you mean? I asked him
You needed my help to cut the ropes off?
Yes. I need to get this things free. I can’t be able to get out of here with my legs and hands tied.

Breathe in. Stay calm. Then imagine yourself without the rope.

How do you mean? Just do that!

I relaxed my mind, closed my eyes and think of myself without the ropes and lo and behold, just like a magic, the ropes dropped off my hands. I opened my eyes to see if it worked and truly the rope was off my hands.
I closed my eyes again.

Thank You. i said
You don’t have to thank yourself? Do you? He asked and giggled.

Instantly I felt someone trying to unlock the door from outside. I picked the ropes and tied it back to my hands and lied down back to my previous unconscious position.

The door made some creaking sound and a guy, one of the kidnappers I guess came in with a torch light in his hands and a pistol which he carefully tucked inside his jean trousers.

He walked up to me and kicked me.

Get up! Yeyecorper!

I didn’t move an inch from where I la!d.

Then he made the greatest mistake of his life by bending down, wanting to check my pulse to see if I am still breathing or not.

Just like Samoa Joe in WWE, I clutched my legs around his waist and tightened ropes round his neck. He was caught off guard. He struggled and tried to get his hand to the pistol but I increased my tightening and within some minutes, he gave up.
It’s time to escape! I said to myself.

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