Once Upon A Corper - Season 1 - Episode 17

1 year ago


I untied the ropes in my legs then proceeded to wake Janelle and the other man with her.
Is there any need picking up the man? My shadow said to me
Shut up! I can’t leave him here.
Why not just face your business?
Of course that’s what I am doing.
Nope. That’s not what you are doing. Why not just save Janelle and leave the man?
I can’t. He might as well be innocent just like the Janelle and I
You can’t be a hero everytime you know
(I paused a bit)
But I can’t let him die here. I am going to help him and that’s final.

I moved close to Janelle and tried waking her up but it seems the drugs had more effect on her than it had on me. After series of beating, she moved her body and gradually, she opened her eyes and yawned.

Where are we? She asked
We were kidnapped. I don’t have much time to explain to you right now. We need to find a way out of here. I hurriedly untied the ropes on her and she got up. We were about leaving when I looked back to see the other man waking up too.
I walked back to him.

How did you get here? I asked
I was kidnapped. I was on my way to the Nysc camp in Shagamu with my goods when I was kidnapped. One of their men is inside the camp.

Where in the camp?
At the mamee market. I heard they are planning on kidnapping or killing one of the senator’s daughter.

Ohhh! I see. Then I understand the puzzle now!

We will sort that out later. I said.
But right now, we need to get out of here.
I untied him too and the three of us walked gently towards the door. I walked out first while I told them to walk closely behind me. We walked through some rooms and I could see two guys sleeping happily with some bottles of unfinished beer beside them. I creaked the door open and it made some funny sounds that I expected that someone would have woken up but we didn’t hear anything. We managed to sneak out of the place carefully, ensuring we didn’t make any sound.

We managed to walk through the backyard and find our way out of the building.

Fred was outside the building and he was still waiting for Neyo to bring out the Corper so they can kill him and get him buried in the bush. He has successfully smoked 3 cigarettes since he left.

Wetindey worry this guy sef? He asked himself then stood up to go check things up for himself. Fred got to the room only to meet theNeyo’s dead body and the room empty.
Scorpo! Triangle! Where unadey? He screamed!

The two idiots who were drunk scrambled off their feet to the room Fred was calling them and could also see Neyo’s dead body.

Chai! Fredo! They don escape o. Scorpo said angrily

They won’t have gone far. Let’s go and get them.

Somewhere in the bush, Eze had successfully led Janelle and the other man who identified himself as Ahmed out of the kidnapper’s den. They were all weak so they decided to rest under a tree. Eze held Janelle’s soft hands and led her to the tree just beside where Ahmed had sat down.

Janelle was frightened no doubt. She was crying and Eze had to console her.

It’s going to be fine Jane. I will make sure I get us out of here. I said to her calmly, letting her rest her head on my broad chest.

Ahmed watched the two corpers or lovers from distance. He sure knows how it feels to be in love. He wondered how his family will be feeling right now because they won’t be able to reach him all this while.

Ahmed has gone far in thoughts that he didn’t notice a movement around him. And just like a flash, something struck him at his feet.

It’s a snake!

Help me! He yelled in pains.
Eze left Janelle and moved to attend to Ahmed. S--t! He breathed.
He tore his Nysc white vest and tied it round his leg so the poison won’t circulate round his body.

Somewhere in the bush…
Fred and his boys was perambulating the bush trying to find Janelle and the girl. They know they are doomed if they successfully escaped.

Help me!(Ahmed’s voice from distance)
Did you hear that? Fred said.
They are there. Let’s go
The guy is losing blood. We need to keep moving. Eze said to Janelle and Ahmed who was wincing in pains.
Then they hear sounds of some people running towards them.
We need to increase our pace. Let’s go
Fred and his boys was closing in on them really fast and the injured Ahmed is slowing down the pace of Eze and Janelle.
We are losing them. Fred said to himself still running. He brought out his pistol, aimed at one of the three figures ahead of him and pulled the trigger.

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