Once Upon A Corper - Season 1 - Episode 15

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At the Kidnapper’s Den

Fred tucked his phone into his back pocket and looked at Neyo.

“Chief has ordered for the elimination of that other guy with the girl. Go and rid of him and ensure you dispose his body away before the night fall.


It’ been three days and Wright have not heard from Ola. All efforts to get through to his mobile isn’t mobile isn’t going through. Just some few hours ago,the tracking device on him indicated he was at the Nysc camp premises. And it leaves after some minutes.Something must be wrong. Definitely something is wrong and there is no news yet from the camp commandant or the camp. As far as he knows,the Senator’s daughter is still safe because there has not been news or any uproar from the camp indicating something is wrong.

I need to call the headquarters before things get out of hand. He said to himself before picking his phone.

Back in America

Kim on the other hand have been so sick and worried. She hasn’t heard from Ola since 3 days. She couldn’t hold it anymore so she put a call through to Tracy who was at the bar at that time.

Tracy: Hello baby girl
Kim: Hey Tracy. It’s Kim
I know..How are you (sipping from her cup of beer)
Am OK. Please I just want to know if your agency have heard from Ola in the past 72hours? Kim said.

Ola? He should be fine. You know he loves enjoying himself. Moreover he is back in his motherland so do you expect him to still have time for you. (Tracy said trying to make her feel bad)
What do you mean? Kim asked
What do I mean? OK. Let me tell you. He will have found one of his numerous girlfriends back in Africa. I don’t expect you to call me to start asking after him. She fired back angrily.

D--n you Tracy! Kim cried and hanged up.
Tracy might be right. Kim said to herself. She can’t just help but to think about what she said. Ola might just be in the arms of one of her girlfriends in Nigeria so he decides to switch off all his mobiles so I won’t disturb him. Oh God! She cried.

Tracy’s POV

Am glad I was able to give Kim a piece of my mind. She thought she can have Ola all to herself right? (She laughed)
But what could be wrong with him? Let me try his number. She said and picked up her phone. She tries Ola’s line thrice but it was not connecting. This is strange. It’s quite unusual. Let me put a call through to Agent Wright. He should be able to have an explanation for his whereabouts.

Back in Nigeria

Wright was still trying to track the signal of the tracking device on Ola but the signal was low as he couldn’t pick the exact location where the signal is. I have tried enough.I need to inform the headquarters. As he was about picking his phone,a call came into it.

Tracy! Oh God. Wright said loudly before picking the call


Senator Silva had not been able to reach his daughter since yesterday afternoon. He immediately put a call through to the Ogun state Nysc camp coordinator to ask if everything is fine. Then the camp commandant broke the news to him that her daughter and one other corp member was kidnapped on their way to the market outside the camp.

I know it! Chief said immediately he dropped the phone. It’s just some days to the elections. My opposition are finding every way to make sure I don’t contest for the presidency post.

Jude! Chief called at his personal guard
Yea sir! Jude replied straightway
Put a call through to Agent wright for me. I need to get an explanation on how my daughter was kidnapped right in front of their eyes!

Agent Wright’s POV

Thirty minutes after I received a call from Chief Silva, My Director called me and he said we had to go to Senator Silva’s residence. The news of his daughter’s kidnap had gotten to him. That solved the puzzle. Janelle have been kidnapped and Ola might be injured, kidnapped as well or even be dead!

Some minutes later, I arrived at his residence where my Director and a senior officer were waiting for me in the sitting room.

So how did the idiots have hold of my daughter right in camp? Chief Silva breathed angrily.

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