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Emperor's Domination - S01 E826

Story 3 months ago

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Diamond God

In this moment, it appeared that the sect has regained control of the Corpse God. It woke up and suddenly turned around and reached out with its evil hand. Its palm came and crushed all in its path. Shrill screams resounded as several thousand disciples of the alliance were immediately crushed to death while spurting blood.

The Corpse God opened its mouth to suck in all of the blood like a siphon. This scene was completely terrifying to all the spectators, causing them to run as far away from the battlefield as possible.

“What are you doing!” At this time, the Sacred Demon Leader shouted furiously. All of the elders and experts from the coalition were glaring at the Tombskull Sect.

“The Corpse God needs to have its fill in order to become strong enough to break Li Qiye’s control. Sacrifice is necessary for victory!” The Tombskull Sect uttered coldly.

The Corpse God turned around with its bloody eyes and focused on Li Qiye like a devil eyeing its prey.

However, Li Qiye only smirked. The Death Chapter rotated and, with a clanking sound, the laws inside the corpse’s body lit up. The Corpse God was immediately affected once more and its mind slowed down.

“Kill him!” The Tombskull Sect’s group knew that something wasn’t right. They didn’t hold anything back and offered more longevity blood to the corpse so that it could kill Li Qiye; they didn’t want to give Li Qiye the chance to control it.

The Corpse God came with killing intent that could shatter the world. Its evil energy swept across the land and turned everything dark. It was as if this cruel devil was the ruler of this area!

Li Qiye didn’t even bat an eye in the face of the upcoming onslaught. The Death Chapter shifted once more. All of the skeletons in his control immediately rushed towards the Corpse God. Several thousand of them formed a skeletal wall in an attempt to stop it.

“Boom!” However, this bone wall could not impede the Corpse God. In a brief moment, the skeletons were all crushed, causing their fragmented bones to fly everywhere.

Such a scene left the Tombskull experts in great pain because these skeletons were groomed with great effort, but now they were destroyed because of Li Qiye.

The Corpse God maintained its sky-destroying momentum and rushed towards Li Qiye. Li Qiye raised his brow and the chapter moved one more time like a mirror shining down on the monster!

“Zzz—” In an instant, the death energy from the chapter engulfed the Corpse God, causing it to stop immediately. Next, waves of energy entered its body, generating even more sizzling sounds. The bloody light of the Corpse God was instantly absorbed by the death energy.

Li Qiye was controlling the chapter while the Corpse God obediently stood by his side; it was completely under his control.

“No…” The elders of the Tombskull Sect cried out after losing control. Such a blow was too much for them to take.

Li Qiye insipidly said: “I can even control a dead phoenix, let alone this corpse.” Although the Tombskull Sect’s undead manipulation skill was great, when compared to the Death Chapter from the scripture, it was only an insignificant trick.

After gaining control of the Corpse God, Li Qiye no longer wanted to personally make a move, so he dismissively said: “They are all yours.”

Jian Wushuang’s eyes flared up like arrows. The bow in her hand lit up and shot out “Formation” arrows. Once again, a rain of arrows covered the sky, causing screams to emanate everywhere.

“Sheng Fei, where is your hidden card? Where are the ancestors from the Crystallized Sea Sect?!” Among the pitiful cries, the Sacred Demon Leader angrily yelled at Sheng Fei.

Sheng Fei was also quite nervous. The Crystallized Sea Sect had promised to help him, but they still had yet to appear. At this time, he couldn’t be patient any longer and also growled: “Elder Xu, your Crystallized Sea Sect cannot forget your promise to us!”

“What’s the rust, are we not here now?” A cold voice came in response. With an explosion, one could see jade pillars descending from the sky and anchored themselves in the ground instantly.

The gigantic pillars sealed the space around Li Qiye in an instant. Endless sacred lights emerged; they were white and divine as they shrouded the entire location, giving the feeling that it was a kingdom of heaven.

Five figures appeared inside this great formation. All of them appeared to be quite holy and untouchable and capable of expelling all evil.

“Exorcism Formation, the Crystallized Sea Five Ancestors!” Someone in the distance recognized the formation along with the five figures inside.

“Crystallized Sea Sect?” Li Qiye smirked after seeing this.

At this point, the spectators finally knew why the Feather Country’s group dared to make a move on Li Qiye. So it turned out that they had the Crystallized Sea Sect as their backing!

“Help us…” Screams could be heard from left and right. Under the arrow formation from Jian Wushuang, blood continued to run like rivers. The army had lost a large portion of its troops and Sheng Fei was crying for help.

However, the five ancestors simply didn’t care for Sheng Fei. Their only goal was Li Qiye, so the well-being of these other people was not of consideration.

“Run!” Some were aghast within the formation. They tried to run but couldn’t make it very far before being killed by the chaotic arrows.

In a short period of time, the coalition army was utterly routed by Jian Wushuang. They had forgotten about the creed of not running on the battlefield. Under the threat of death, no one was willing to stay to fight. All of them tried to run to escape from this hellhole.

“Exorcism Formation?” Li Qiye leisurely smiled at this space-sealing formation: “Do all of you really think that all undead manipulation laws are evil?”

“You can try and find out.” An imposing voice like the ringing of a bell appeared.

A sixth figure emerged from within the endless holy light of the formation. This was an extremely dashing old man. He stood there like a divine statue. His body emitted a golden light as if he was wearing golden armor.

“Diamond God! This was an existence in the Crystallized Sea Sect rumored to be unkillable by even Godkings!” A Demon King watching in the distance yelled after seeing the old man.

Experts from the previous generation were astounded to hear this name. One of them murmured: “What kind of deep hatred is this? The Crystallized Sea Sect actually invited their second guardian ancestor, they really are going all out.”

“This is an unkillable existence.” A grand character took a deep breath since he knew about the Diamond God’s identity.

For many generations, very few in the sect were able to cultivate the Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique successfully, and the Diamond God was one of them! He was a piece of gold ingot enlightened in the dao and eventually became a Virtuous Paragon.

Despite being one of the few users of this physique, he was far weaker than Young Noble Pei Yu. This was because Pei Yu’s original form was a Focused Steelgem — this was very close to Immortal Emperor Jing Yu’s true form, thus the young noble had a matchless innate advantage.

Because of this, the gold ingot form of the Diamond God couldn’t compare to the young noble in this regard. However, the Diamond God’s talents were supreme. During his youth, despite the skepticism of many, he actually managed to successfully cultivate the crystal physique. Of course, the young noble could last for six days and six nights while the Diamond God could only last for one hour!

Nevertheless, the Diamond God still remained invincible. During his generation, he was once ambushed by three Godkings but easily escaped from their ambush due to his physique. Moreover, he came out completely unscathed! From then on, he was praised as someone unkillable by even Godkings!

“So it is that lump of gold with the crystal physique.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile at the god’s appearance. He knew the reason for his arrival.

“Junior, hand over your secret weapon and perhaps I will spare you from death!” The Diamond God’s voice was quite sonorous. He leered at Li Qiye with a body as mighty as a mountain. Anyone who stood before him would feel tremendous pressure.

After the news of Li Qiye breaking the young noble’s crystal physique spread to the Crystallized Sea Sect, none of them dared to believe it because this remained an impossibility for eons. Their physique could be suppressed by an extremely powerful existence, but a full dispel was impossible. Thus, the elders assumed that Li Qiye must have used an evil weapon capable of piercing or subduing their physique! Because of this, the sect mobilized five elders to use the Exorcism Formation.

They aimed to kill two birds with one stone. First, they could suppress the evil weapon capable of defeating their physique. Second, it would also suppress Li Qiye’s evil art that allowed him to control the undead!

At the same time, they invited their second guardian ancestor, the Diamond God!

“Secret weapon? There is no such thing.” Li Qiye smiled and looked at the Diamond God: “Also, do you really think the crystal physique can protect your life?”

“Junior, even if you have your extremely evil weapon, the only fate that awaits you today is death. It doesn’t matter if you are capable of killing God-Monarchs, you are nothing before me.” The Diamond God coldly declared.

At this point, the god emitted a powerful imperial aura that caused people to shiver uncontrollably.

“So you didn’t only bring the Exorcism Formation to stop me, you also brought an imperial weapon.” Li Qiye felt the aura and smiled.

The Crystallized Sea Sect came prepared this time. They aimed to stop all of Li Qiye’s methods, and they brought an imperial weapon along for the cause. Even if Li Qiye could break the crystal physique, the Diamond God was confident that the weapon left behind by their emperor would be able to stop Li Qiye’s evil weapon!

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