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Emperor's Domination - S01 E825

Story 3 months ago

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Corpse God

Such an arrow frightened everyone. Heavenly Kings like the Sacred Demon Leader and the Tombskull Master felt chills throughout their bodies. Although all of them were kings, they were far from being Jian Wushuang’s match.

From start to finish, Jian Wushuang never used her clan’s emperor laws. Just her bow alone was enough to slay a paragon — just how horrifying was this?

At this moment, a tearing sound could be heard, accompanied by a miserable cry. Everyone glanced back and saw the Ancient Treeking actually tearing apart his own body in order to escape from the chains sealing him!

He dragged his crippled body away, but Jian Wushuang unleashed another arrow. It was indescribably fast and immediately caught up to the king. He managed to easily block it with his shield, resulting in a loud blast.

However, this was no ordinary arrow. With a strange noise, the king and his shield were instantly covered in ice.

However, he was still a paragon. His blood energy rose and dispelled this layer of ice instantly. Nevertheless, this slowed him down quite a bit.

“Xshh!” A second arrow came flying just as fast as the last one. The slowed treeking couldn’t dodge this arrow. His broken shield tried to block it but was penetrated along with the treeking’s body.

After making contact, the king lurched to a halt as his blood energy weakened. At this moment, it seemed that time suddenly began to flow faster. The king’s body suddenly changed at a rapid rate as his blood energy grew weaker and weaker.

This was a “Fighter” arrow with a special effect that caused time to flow faster around his body! It caused his blood energy to weaken, aging him by several dozen years or more.

“Boom!” The king was not someone who just sit idle and wait for death. A green light emerged from his body. His wood-like body suddenly became spirited with budding seedlings. His destroyed body came together like tree bark and turned more powerful and magical.

He used his powerful vitality to counter the withering of the “Fighter” arrow. This was the strong point of being an ancient tree demon.

“Whoosh!” Another arrow flew forward with incredible speed. However, the treeking did not try to dodge since his body could withstand the blow. Jian Wushuang couldn’t kill him so quickly. The most important thing to him was to stop the withering of time!

“Ah…” However, he looked down too much on this one arrow. Although its power was not comparable to the word Soldier and definitely not comparable to a mantra from the first four words, it was definitely fatal.

It pierced through the king and ended his life. At this minute, the treeking fell straight down with his eyes still open in disbelief.

As a sacred tree, his body was much stronger than a body made out of flesh like the Black-striped Ancestor. As long as the arrow didn’t hit a weak spot, it was virtually impossible for him to die even if struck by countless arrows.

However, this particular arrow pierced through his most vital area. However, only he knew about this weak spot! Even at the moment of death, he didn’t understand how Jian Wushuang’s arrow was able to strike this area so accurately.

He didn’t know that this arrow was made from the word “Battle”. In terms of speed, it was not as fast as a “Fighter” arrow, and in terms of brute force, it was not as powerful as an “All” arrow either.

However, this was a fatal arrow. It could pierce the most susceptible area of anyone as well as the weakest point of any merit laws!

There was no hiding for the treeking when faced with this arrow. His death was a foregone conclusion when this arrow was shot.

“Boom!” The huge tree body of the king fell down like an avalanche, signaling another long silence in the vicinity!

Everyone was completely dumbfounded. Jian Wushuang killed two paragons in such a short period of time! This kind of power was unbelievable!

Li Qiye nodded approvingly at her performance. He didn’t mind giving her the true bow and wasting countless resources in order to create the Shadow Phoenix Physique for her. She did not let him down since she was the most suitable person for the dao of archery.

“This is your last chance, come!” Jian Wushuang coldly glared at the coalition army from the Sacred Demon Tribe, the Tombskull Sect, and the Feather Country before letting out a chuckle.

The armies grew hesitant at this moment, but they did not back down. They couldn’t back out now. If they failed to even capture Jian Wushuang, then how could they dream of catching Li Qiye?

“Don’t blame me for being ruthless then!” Jian Wushuang snorted during their moment of hesitation. She prepped her bow and unleashed more arrows. Multiple “Formation” arrows shot out and created many arrays. A rain of arrows descended and locked the armies in place.

She used her own power to fight against the army — one against tens of thousands!

“Ah!” Screams resounded left and right. The weaker disciples had no chance to combat the flurry of arrows and were instantly killed.

All of the elders and high elders sent out experts in order to break through the arrow arrays to get to Jian Wushuang! However, how could she give them this chance?

“Buzz!” The bow lit up once more. A “Fighter” arrow annihilated all things in its path. Treasures and even Heavenly Kings couldn’t stop this arrow. Flesh spattered everywhere along with shrill screams among this scene of carnage!

At this moment, she was able to send the army into complete chaos. Since she already had a supreme dao of archery, the addition of the bow was like giving wings to a tiger. The entire killing process became very easy; she could kill Heavenly Kings without breaking a sweat.

The spectators shivered while watching this scene. They thought that imperial descendants were different after all. They were all kings, but the Sacred Demon Leader and the Tombskull Master were simply not her match.

Without an imperial weapon in this situation, no one could compete against Jian Wushuang. The combination of her phoenix physique and the bow essentially gave her invincibility!

“Summon the Corpse God!” The Tombskull Sect couldn’t bear this any longer. The sect master shouted and immediately formed a formation with the high elders. They took out a dao platform and spewed their longevity blood on it. With a series of profound incantations, the platform lit up.

“Whoosh!” A cold breeze flew by. A figure appeared above the platform as an evil energy erupted right away like the arrival of an evil god. The entire battlefield turned dark as if this figure heralded the coming of hell!

Everyone quivered a bit after feeling this cold breeze as if they had just seen a ghost!

“Damn, the Tombskull Sect has gone crazy. They actually summoned the Corpse God! Do they not know that it is easy to invite a ghost but hard to get one to leave? This type of devil will not leave until it has its fill of blood!” A great power’s sect master screamed in horror.

The Corpse God was the ultimate move of the Tombskull Sect. Legend states that this corpse was groomed by their progenitor. It was extremely ferocious, a true monster. Normally, the sect would never dare to summon it because no one could control it outside of a select few.

It was easy to summon but quite difficult to reseal. The Corpse God must have its fill of blood before it would willingly return to slumber.

“Bang!” The summoned Corpse God performed a mudra and instantly shattered Jian Wushuang’s arrow arrays. Despite the great quantity, the arrays were not enough to trap this terrifying monster.

The alliance was finally relieved after seeing the Corpse God’s power. The disadvantageous situation was finally dealt with by its presence!

Jian Wushuang snorted and was unperturbed. She wanted to rush forward to fight this corpse, but Li Qiye stopped her and gently shook his head: “Leave this monster to me. You can’t kill it for the time being.”

With that, death energy emerged along with the Death Chapter. A heavenly sun rotated and a magical sound rang. The laws from the chapter instantly soared towards the corpse.

The Corpse God wasn’t afraid and reached out with one hand to meet it. It immediately caught the universal laws, but with a sizzling sound, the laws disappeared inside its body and instantly froze it on the spot.

“Impossible!” The Tombskull Master and the other elders were horrified; they didn’t dare to believe their own eyes. The Corpse God was something they fed with blood for generations. No outsiders could control it!

“Li Qiye’s undead manipulation art is stronger than the Tombskull Sect’s!” Many experts saw this in the distance and became moved.

Li Qiye’s ability was no secret, but people still found it incredible at the sight of him easily controlling the Corpse God.

“Blood sacrifice!” The Tombskull Master bellowed. With the cooperation of the elders, they spewed out their longevity blood as an offering to the Corpse God.

More noises could be heard. The Corpse God’s entire body radiated a bloody light. It seemed to be able to escape Li Qiye’s grasp as a terrifying red glimmer flashed across its eyes just like a devil.

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