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God Of Fishing - S01 E1569

Story 3 months ago

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Han Fei subconsciously licked his lips. Damn it, it's much easier than extracting chaotic energy from spiritual energy. All it took was a single breath of time for the other party to absorb the energy contained in the dragon bone!

Han Fei asked, "Senior, do you still need these dragon bones? At the beginning, I was too weak to get many dragon bones from the barren land. However, now that I've reached the Venerable realm and have a lot of Sun-Moon Shells, do you still want them? If you do, I'll go and have a look again. Although it was an independent small world, there might still be some wreckage left behind. I'll go and see if I can get some more for you, Senior. "

In the blink of an eye, the mummy had disappeared in front of Han Fei.

The crab claw that he had just thrown away had returned to his hand at some point.

"Giggle … Okay …"

Han Fei frowned. This guy didn't even let go of the dragon bones. It seemed that there were indeed great benefits in the dragon bones.

Han Fei felt that he could go and have a look.

At the beginning, he left in a hurry and was running for his life.

So, what happened to that small world? He didn't know.

Now that he had the Nautical Panorama, he could try to see if he could find the entrance to that small world again!

Seeing that the mummy agreed, Han Fei immediately said, "Yes! Senior, I'll go and have a look first … If there are any dragon bones left, I'll definitely get them for you. "

However, when Han Fei was about to leave, he saw that the mummy had already blocked his way.

Han Fei's lips twitched. "Senior … Do you have any other orders?"

"Giggle ~"

The mummy said with difficulty, "Dragon claw … Where … did you get it?"

Han Fei made up his mind. Han Fei said righteously, "Senior, to tell you the truth. That dragon claw was cut off by me after a battle with a half-king-level dragon. At that time, it was a narrow escape. I tried my best, used all my secret methods, and borrowed the power of strong masters to barely reach the half-king-level for dozens of seconds. In this way, I barely escaped from the dragon claw … I wanted to hunt a big dragon for you, but my strength was limited, and I was really no match for it. Alas … "

"Crack, crack, crack …"

The mummy chewed the crab claw faster and faster. In just a few sentences, it had actually chewed the entire crab claw to pieces.

Obviously, the battle with the Azure Dragon that Han Fei talked about attracted him.

"Hehe … where … is it?"

Han Fei's eyes lit up, full of resentment. "Senior, it's in this cage! I was only able to escape into this cage after fighting with this dragon. It was the dragon that opened the way for me. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to enter … After I entered, I was attacked by a half-king called the Black Killer Snail King. Left with no choice, he found the human's Undead City. However, this junior suspects that the dragon is still in the cage, possibly within the boundaries of Black Blood City. Because it doesn't seem easy to get out of this cage … "

At this moment, Han Fei almost closed his eyes … and started bragging.

In any case … if there was a problem, he could just push it onto Black Blood City.

At that time, who would be to blame if the dragon ran away?

I'm telling the truth. If it really didn't work out, he could just use some dragon blood to frame them. Who could say for sure?

Seeing the mummy chewing the crab claw again, Han Fei couldn't help but add fuel to the fire. "Senior, this dragon must be hiding within the boundaries of Black Blood City. I'll definitely help you find it, Senior. However, it may take a few years. After all, my strength is still limited, and I can't defeat it. When my strength improves again, I'll definitely hunt that dragon for you. "

"Hehe … Dragon … Slaying Technique … I'll teach … you …"


Han Fei was stunned. Damn it. You can even trick me into teaching you a great technique? Oh my god! Sure enough, this trip wasn't in vain. Sure enough, the four wisps of Chaotic Energy weren't wasted. The Nine Palace Ruler of Destiny was truly the most precious treasure in the world!

Han Fei immediately clasped his hands solemnly. "Thank you for your teachings, Senior. I won't let you down. I'll learn the Dragon Slaying Technique well and become a real Dragon Slayer in the future … Hey, Senior, is it the great technique … Dragon Bone Sucking Technique you just used? "

"Baji … Giggle … That's … Dragon Swallowing Technique."

Han Fei's mind was racing. I didn't see the Dragon Slaying Technique. I don't know whether it's good or not. But this Dragon Swallowing Technique is definitely a good thing. It absorbs the Chaotic Energy so fast that it's like smoking.

The next moment, the mummy approached Han Fei. The big hand that was as dry as rotten wood pressed directly on Han Fei's head.

Han Fei only felt a large area of light and shadow surging in his mind. Immediately afterward, an inexplicable great technique appeared in his mind.

He took a closer look.

Dragon Slaying Technique (Sea Expansion Realm)

Introduction: The derivation of the Ancient Dragon Slaying Technique, the Dragon Slaying Technique from the Primeval Era. After the changes of history, it's missing a lot. If you want to practice the Dragon Slaying Technique, you must practice the Black Yellow Sutra first.


Deduction Consumption:???

Effect: The Black Yellow Sutra is the Blade.

Disadvantages: Practicing this technique consumes a lot of energy. You must drink dragon blood and Dragon Qi to nourish yourself.


Han Fei was shocked by what he saw. Damn it. Are you kidding me? He just gave me a super great technique of the Heaven Expansion Realm?

Han Fei thought to himself, I haven't even figured out the Venerable Realm yet! You've already reached the Sea Expansion Realm with me? What the hell am I going to do?

Han Fei knew that this mummy must be delirious. Otherwise, he wouldn't have given me a great technique of the Sea Expansion Realm! I can't do anything about it!

Besides, this is not the Dragon Slaying Technique, but the Dragon Slaying Technique.

Also, if you want to practice the Dragon Slaying Technique, you must practice the Black Yellow Sutra first. What's the Black Yellow Sutra? If you want to give me something, just give me everything, okay? You've made me happy for nothing. I can't use it. Isn't it the same as having nothing?

Han Fei was about to speak, but in the blink of an eye, he returned to the grassland. There were no more desolate tombs around him.

Han Fei was silent for a moment and walked out of the grassland with a determined look on his face. He didn't know who he was acting for …

It wasn't until he left this grassland that Han Fei breathed a sigh of relief. Damn, I gave you my dragon claw for nothing. Somehow, I got a great technique that I can't practice at all. What the hell?

Until this moment, the old turtle suddenly said, "What's the Dragon Slaying Technique about?"

Han Fei said with a black face, "Bullsh * t. That's a great technique of the Sea Expansion Realm. I can't practice it at all now. "

Han Fei didn't tell the truth. He only said that it was in the Sea Expansion Realm, just to show that the mummy was definitely extraordinary.

Han Fei was suspicious. Damn, it's not a king at all. He was probably a king when he was alive. Otherwise, how could he practice the Dragon Slaying Technique?

And the old turtle said in surprise, "A great technique of the Sea Expansion Realm! Then it seems that this person is indeed a king. "

Han Fei nodded. "Yes, definitely a king. However, his mind was already in a mess. Otherwise, he wouldn't have given me such a great technique. By the way, Old Yuan, do you know the Black Yellow Sutra? "

"Black Yellow Sutra?"

The old turtle was stunned for a moment and said, "Well, I seem to have some impression of it."

Han Fei's eyes lit up. "Do you know what technique this is?"

The old turtle said, "This is not a technique, this is a cultivation technique. It seems to be a cultivation technique of the human race! It is said that it can produce Heaven and Earth Black Yellow Qi. However, it is definitely not the real Black Yellow Qi. It may just be the shadow of a wisp of Black Yellow Qi. "

Han Fei asked, "Where can I get it?"

The old turtle said, "How do I know? I should be able to find it in the Age of Gods. Where can I find it now? I really don't know. My body has been sleeping for tens of thousands of years … Why do you suddenly ask this question? "

Han Fei didn't hide it and said directly, "If you want to practice the Dragon Slaying Technique, you must practice the Black Yellow Sutra first."

The old turtle immediately understood and couldn't help but laugh. "It seems that the great technique he gave you is indeed useless for the time being. Then do you still want to find the dragon bones for him now? "

Han Fei narrowed his eyes and said, "Yes. Why not? He also has the Dragon Swallowing Technique. Look at him, he can absorb a mouthful of Chaotic Qi like a child. In one breath, he sucked out two strands. Did you see that? Oh, no, Old Yuan! Did you already know that there was Chaotic Qi in the dragon bones? "

The old turtle immediately denied, "I didn't know. I have never been in contact with dragons. If I had known that there was Chaotic Qi in the dragon bones, I would have secretly absorbed it. Maybe I would have sucked it dry and you wouldn't even know it. "

Han Fei thought so. That's true! According to the old Yuan's personality, there was an 80% chance that he would secretly absorb the chaos energy behind his back.

The old turtle said, "I think if he is a Sea Expansion Realm expert, you may not be able to practice the Dragon Swallowing Technique. Don't screw it up!"

Han Fei snorted. "If I can't practice it now, I can practice it after I become a Sea Expansion Realm expert. What a great opportunity! Why don't you take it when you can? "

While the two talked, Han Fei flew to the blood pool.

On the way to the blood pool, Han Fei looked in the direction of the Death Valley from time to time. Because in Forge the Universe, the Death Bone Xun was trembling slightly. It should be resonating with the jade girl on the other side of the Death Valley.

Han Fei thought to himself, Since I'm here, I'll go and take a look after the blood pool later.

I have to keep a secret.

If I can't deal with the mummy, I can consider the jade girl. Could he ask her to come out and help him in battle?

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