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God Of Fishing - S01 E1568

Story 3 months ago

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Han Fei had been to this grassland once, and this time he came with the Nine Palace Ruler of Providence.

However, after sensing the chaotic Heavenly Secrets, Han Fei was still a little scared.

Han Fei said, "Senior, I, Han Fei! Last time, I said I would go out to find food for you. But when I came back, you were already gone. Who do you think I am? Every word I say is a nail in the coffin. Since I said I would bring it to you, I must bring it to you … Look, a king crab, this is a good thing. It can clear heat and detoxify, replenish bone marrow, nourish tendons and promote blood circulation … "

The Crab Demon would never have thought that he would end up like this! He was dragged by someone to be sent as a gift, and it was even food …

Han Fei walked in for only about a hundred kilometers.

Suddenly, when Han Fei looked back, he found that the border of the grassland had disappeared. His position in space had already changed.

When Han Fei looked back again, he found that a barren grave appeared a hundred meters away.

"Hiss ~"

Han Fei was speechless. Damn, do you have to be so ghostly when you appear? Can't you just show up properly?

With a smile on his face, Han Fei dragged the crab to the barren grave. As he walked, he said, "Senior, you may not believe it. In order to hunt this crab, I paid a great price. Look, a king crab at the peak of the intermediate Venerable realm. Its meat quality is definitely amazing. "

Clap, Clap ~

Han Fei patted the claws of the king crab and said, "Look at these claws. They are full of meat and fat … Huh?"

Han Fei took a few steps and found that he was not even half a meter away from the barren grave.

He immediately realized … It was a habit of the barren grave. Thus, he turned his head away.

Han Fei turned his head back and forth.

"F * ck ~"

Han Fei subconsciously took a step back. Because the barren grave was already three meters away from him, and the entrance was wide open.

F * ck, don't you think this situation … is going to scare someone to death?

If two butterflies flew out of it, I wouldn't be so surprised.

"Hu ~"

Han Fei closed his eyes and opened them again, and there was only darkness in front of him.

This was different from the last time. The last time he fell into the barren tomb, he had to walk for quite a while before he saw that figure eating lotus roots … Uh, it was eating the White Shell Kingdom's prodigy, the Green Silk Spirit.

This time, when Han Fei opened his eyes, he saw a person standing ten meters away from him. Beside the human figure was a large crab that was more than three meters long.

Han Fei looked back. There were no more king crabs around him. It was obvious that the figure had taken it away.

When he came here, he deliberately made the king crab so big.

In any case, whether they were big or small, they were all the same. The energy it contained was the same as the effect of the meat. After becoming smaller, only the energy stored per unit volume and the quality of the meat became better.


Han Fei saw that the figure was holding a crab leg in each hand, which was eaten with the shell and meat.

Han Fei thought to himself, Don't you … feel a toothache?

Of course, he couldn't bring himself to ask this question.

However, although this figure could directly eat the crab, it couldn't eat a lot in one bite like the Green Silk Spirit did before. After eating this crab, he only ate the size of a small fist, which should be enough for this figure to eat for a while.


Han Fei pondered for a moment and said with a smile, "Senior, I'm here to thank you. Last time, thanks to your guidance, I broke the blood pool, opened the dragon tomb, and swallowed the dragon energy to vent your anger. "


Han Fei saw that the figure was gnawing the crab leg while looking at him. He didn't know what it was thinking.

Han Fei said, "Senior, I'm here to share two good things with you. There are 300 more crabs of the same level as the one in your hand. Half of them are much more delicious than this crab. It's said that the strongest one is only half a king. Are you interested? "

"Crack! Crack! Crack … "

The figure continued to gnaw the crab leg, but this time much faster.

Han Fei wondered … Was it attracted by the number of Sea Demon Venerables?

The figure thought for a moment and made a gurgling sound. "Not … Interested."

When the figure said this, Han Fei's eyes lit up. As long as this person spoke, it meant that he could talk with him.

Seeing that this figure was interested, Han Fei thought, What is this figure's interest?

Of course, it's dragon slaying!

At first glance, this person must have a grudge against the dragon race.

The last time they met, he asked Han Fei to dig the dragon tomb before he left. It could be seen that his hatred was as deep as the sea.

Han Fei just said that he was half a king, but the figure didn't respond. Could it be … This big shot is really a king?

Han Fei made up his mind.

He thought, It shouldn't be a big problem to cut off the dragon corpse's claw in Forge the Universe, right? Well, it's just a claw.

When I meet the dragon soul, I'll say that it's gone when I found it …

Han Fei took out a bloody dragon claw from Forge the Universe.

Hum ~

This time, before Han Fei said anything, the figure threw away the crab leg and appeared in front of Han Fei in an instant.

Its two big eyes were already staring at the dragon claw in Han Fei's hand.

"Giggle ~"


Han Fei swallowed. This was the first time he had seen the real face of this figure.

At a closer look, Han Fei found that the man was so skinny that he looked like a bag of bones.

His face was full of wrinkles, like a mummy. His eyes were completely black, or rather, dry. How could this thing be a person?

"Crack ~"

The next moment, the figure opened his mouth, revealing a mouthful of sawtooth-like steel teeth, and bit at the dragon claw in Han Fei's hand.


"Damn it ~"

At the moment when this person bit half of the dragon claw, Han Fei directly let go, for fear that this thing would eat him too.

Chomp, chomp …

Unlike the Venerable Realm crab, this figure chewed the dragon meat like gummy candy and chewed for a long time before swallowing it.

Han Fei grinned and watched as blood slid down the man's neck.

Originally, this was a very disgusting thing.

However, Han Fei soon found something wrong. He found that this mummy … The dry and wrinkled skin on this mummy's face was bulging.

After he swallowed that half of the dragon claw, his skin, which was even more wrinkled than a mummy's, actually recovered quite a bit. He looked like a normal old man, with a skinny body and a face full of wrinkles … But at least, he still looked like a human!

The mummy looked at him, blood still dripping from the corner of his mouth, and his eyes were a little rounder, but they were dark and nothing could be seen.

Of course, Han Fei wouldn't give the complete dragon corpse to this guy.

After all, this dragon corpse was still useful to him. He had to exchange it with the dragon soul. He could also exchange it for a drop of azure dragon essence blood and a Dragon Transformation Technique.

Compared with being eaten by this mummy, Han Fei felt that it was better to exchange it for something else.

Han Fei quickly took out a lot of Sun-Moon Shells and said, "Senior, let's talk. I only have this small piece! If you don't believe me, you can see for yourself … "

However, Han Fei stuffed some dragon bones into one of the Sun-Moon Shells.

These were all obtained under the blood pool on the Forbidden Island. He still had a lot of them! He could take a few out and say that the space of the Sun-Moon Shell was limited and he couldn't take them out.

The mummy glanced at Han Fei's Sun-Moon Shell. Of course, he couldn't find anything good. There wasn't even an Explorer level sea demon inside.

However, the mummy paused and immediately pointed at the Sea Swallowing Seashell stuffed with dragon bones.


The Sun-Moon Shell burst, and two pieces of dragon bones more than 80 meters long suddenly appeared in this dark hole.

The mummy clasped his hands, and the dragon bones began to shrink at a speed visible to the naked eye. In the end, they became two bones only half a meter long.

Han Fei's blood froze when he saw this. He blew up the Sun-Moon Shell with a finger. What the f * ck is this?

If the Sun-Moon Shell was just a shell, it would naturally be easy to break. However, the Sun-Moon Shell was not a shell. It was a space, but it appeared in the world in the form of a shell.

It's true that you can break the void, but you can't crush the space!

This was why the Sea Swallowing Seashell and the Sun-Moon Shell were still there in the battle of the strong masters!

Han Fei explained, "Senior, these are the dragon bones I found under the blood pool. He had thought that it had been too long since the dragon bone had appeared, and that it was no longer useful. Otherwise, I would have given them to you as soon as possible. Unfortunately, Junior's storage space is limited, and I can only store two. I won't be able to store any more. "

The mummy gurgled a few times, sniffed, and in the dragon bones, a red light and the energy of the Great Way were sucked into his body.

Immediately afterward, the two dragon bones turned into powder and disappeared without a trace.

Han Fei's eyes lit up. Isn't this the Chaotic Qi? No, I wonder what that red light is? However, the energy of the Great Way is clearly the Chaotic Qi!

And this mummy just sniffed and sucked back two wisps of the Chaotic Qi.

Han Fei was speechless. How annoying! Damn it … I've been running around with a huge amount of chaotic aura all this time?

Han Fei really wanted to complain to the old turtle, Even if I don't know, don't you know? Or has the old turtle been hiding it from me?

At that time, Han Fei felt terrible. It seems that after robbing high-end things in the future, I have to study them carefully!

Han Fei thought to himself, Fortunately, I have Forge the Universe. Otherwise, he would be finished. His dragon bones would definitely be eaten up by this mummy!

"Giggle … No … Wrong …"

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