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Martial Peak - S01 E1512

Story 4 months ago

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Rushing In

After the Starship displayed overwhelming power, cultivators in Heaven Battling City rushed to flee.

Such a huge matter was naturally not missed by Heaven Battling Union.

At this moment, inside the main palace in the Inner City, after Qu Zheng heard the report from a subordinate, he slammed the table with his fist and shouted, “They’re going too far! With just that Starship, that brat actually dares to not put my Heaven Battling Union in his eyes. I must see how that brat plans to raze my Heaven Battling City to the ground!”

Saying so, he hurriedly walked out, as if planning to meet the enemy head-on.

Qu Chang Feng had died tragically at Yang Kai’s hands, angering Qu Zheng so much he was unable to sleep at night. Now that he learned his hated enemy was knocking at his front door, Qu Zheng was, of course, anxious to avenge his son.

Mo Xiao Sheng, on the other hand, frowned but ultimately did not try to stop Qu Zheng. After all, Heaven Battling Union had just been humiliated and if they did not respond to this attack, it would only lead to the world looking down on Heaven Battling Union even more.

But before Qu Zheng and Mo Xiao Sheng could leave the palace, another disciple ran up to them in a panic, kneeling hurriedly when he saw them and shouting, “Union Master, Great Elder, it’s terrible!”

“What’s all the fuss about, has High Heaven Sect done something again?” Qu Zheng shouted angrily.

“Union Master is wise, Second Elder has fallen!”

“What?” Qu Zheng and Mo Xiao Sheng were both taken aback. From the time news reached them about High Heaven Sect flying their Starship over to attack the city until now, only ten breaths had passed, yet Second Elder Lu Feng had fallen in that short span of time?

This was simply too fast.

Lu Feng being able to become the Second Elder of Heaven Battling Union was proof enough of his great strength. In fact, if not for Mo Xiao Sheng having cultivated the Dao of Space, he would not be Lu Feng’s opponent.

What kind of scheme had the other party used to kill Lu Feng in such a short time?

“How did the Second Elder fall? Give us a detailed report!” Mo Xiao Sheng did not dare to neglect this issue and quickly asked.

The disciple naturally did not dare to conceal anything and relayed everything he knew in a rapid but thorough fashion.

After listening to this report, Qu Zheng and Mo Xiao Sheng both exchanged a glance and saw the panic in each other’s eyes.

A single blow from that Starship had vaporized Lu Feng and a dozen Heaven Battling Union elites. Just how terrifying must that attack have been? Was that Origin King Grade Starship really so powerful?

This news completely subverted Qu Zheng and Mo Xiao Sheng’s cognition and understanding of Starships.

They had always felt that Starships were too big, sluggish, and fragile to be used in combat. Besides being used to transport supplies and visit nearby Asteroid Seas to mine ore, they had no other use.

Not only that, but the cost to build and operate them was extremely high. Worse, if one wasn’t careful, their Starship would be easily destroyed.

Therefore, even if Heaven Battling Union was one of the two giants of Shadowed Star, it only had a total of five Starships. Over the years, these five Starships had only travelled to nearby Asteroid Seas and Dead Stars to mine ore, never once being used in combat.

But today, High Heaven Sect’s Starship had arrived outside Heaven Battling City and displayed remarkable might.

Was the gap between Origin Grade Low-Rank Starships and Origin King Grade Starships really so vast?

If even Lu Feng could not withstand a single blow from that Starship, neither of them would be able to either.

“Union Master, if what this disciple said is true, we might not be able to go out to meet the enemy, we can only resist them here in the Inner City!” Mo Xiao Sheng frowned deeply.

“I understand what Great Elder is saying, but if we don’t meet the enemy head-on now, Heaven Battling Union will become a joke to everyone on Shadowed Star. They will think we are all cowards and incompetent!” Qu Zheng declared with a stern countenance.

“Union Master must not act rashly, let outsiders say whatever they will. High Heaven Sect daring to openly attack Heaven Battling City is all because they are relying on that Starship. Once that Starship is destroyed, they will be tigers without teeth, unworthy of fearing. However, if we want to destroy that Starship, I’m afraid that it will be impossible relying solely on manpower, we can only take advantage of our Grand Spirit Array!”

“Great Elder means…” Qu Zheng stared at him.

“Exactly that,” Mo Xiao Sheng grinned, “Our Heaven Battling Union has stood tall in this city for thousands of years and never once suffered such humiliation. Since High Heaven Sect intends to attack us though, we can just sit here and wait for them to come to us. Since ancient times, the winner was king while the loser is the villain, so long as we emerge victoriously, what worry would we have about restoring our prestige?”

Qu Zheng took a deep breath and suppressed the anger in his heart, after a long time calming down and nodding, “What Great Elder said is right. Since that’s the case, order for the Myriad Ice Spirit Sealing Grand Array to be opened at full strength. This old master must see whether that little brat’s Starship or my Heaven Battling Union’s Grand Array is stronger!”


Inside the Starship, Yang Kai and the others waited for the stated quarter of an hour.

A quarter of an hour later, the entire Outer City of Heaven Battling City was empty with tens of millions of cultivators all having evacuated. The once-bustling streets and shops at this moment were all silent and the dazzling array of goods which had been on sale were all taken away.

It was not an exaggeration to say the current Outer City had been abandoned.

These cultivators, however, did not go too far. Although the Starship had killed Lu Feng with a single blow, and everyone felt that High Heaven Sect could pose a threat to Heaven Battling Union, no one was certain what the outcome of the following battle would be.

If High Heaven Sect won this battle, with the way they had conducted themselves so far, it was unlikely they would then implicate the innocent.

If Heaven Battling Union won, all of them could simply return to continue with their business.

As such, no matter what, nothing would happen to them.

What’s more, this kind of battle was sure to be extremely exciting. No one disliked watching such a good show, so they were determined to remain here and observe.

Suddenly, a massive crowd of cultivators formed ten kilometres outside Heaven Battling City, all of them staring at the Starship and the Inner City.

Many thought that after suffering such a great insult, Heaven Battling Union wouldn’t be able to restrain themselves and would come out to face the enemy head-on, but to their disappointment, even after the Starship slowly began making its way towards the Inner City, there was no movement from Heaven Battling Union.

All of a sudden, boos rang out!

Heaven Battling Union had thrown its strength around for many years now, constantly acting arrogant while exploiting the cultivators operating shops in this city, so not many had a good impression of Heaven Battling Union. At this moment, seeing Heaven Battling Union act so timid, these people couldn’t help ridiculing them.

The cultivators with close ties to Heaven Battling Union immediately retorted, and the two sides quickly began to quarrel, ultimately resulting in a big fight breaking out.

At first, the battle was just a small scuffle, but as time passed, more and more cultivators were drawn in as everyone began venting their grievances and indignations.

The battle between High Heaven Sect and Heaven Battling Union had yet to even begin but the cultivators who had fled from the Outer City in advance had already come to blows, blood flowing and screams resounding with increasing frequency.

At least millions of cultivators got wrapped up in this dispute and the number of casualties was countless.

By this time, the Starship had already set sail for the Inner City.

Although they didn’t meet any kind of obstruction along the way, Yang Kai didn’t attack the Outer City of Heaven Battling City; after all, there was no point in venting anger at empty buildings.

“Sect Master, they seem to have opened their Sect Defending Array!” Ye Xi Yun swept their destination with her Divine Sense and reported.

“I noticed,” Yang Kai grinned. “I’ve heard about the Myriad Ice Spirit Sealing Grand Array which covers the Inner City of Heaven Battling City. Its might is supposed to be praiseworthy.”

“What are your orders then, Sect Master?”

“Simple, we rush in!” Yang Kai coldly snorted.

The Starship only paused for a moment before charging straight into the Inner City.

The Inner City was currently covered in a dense layer of what appeared to be mist and fog, but if one looked closely, they would notice that this fog was composed of extremely cold air.

The Myriad Ice Spirit Sealing Grand Array was arranged using the Frozen Jade Ice Spring inside the Inner City as its Array Core; however, there were three Frozen Jade Ice Springs in total. These three springs had accumulated an enormous amount of Ice Attribute Energy over thousands of years and pulsed with a chill that could instantly freeze any Origin Returning Realm master into an ice sculpture that fell into it.

At this moment, the frigid aura from the three springs was being poured out to cover the entire Inner City in a thick mist, which was both real and illusionary. As soon as the Starship entered deep into it, it disappeared.

“Impressive, the thick cold energy in the air can actually freeze Divine Sense, the Myriad Ice Spirit Sealing Grand Array is worthy of its reputation!” Qian Tong frowned. He had just tried to scan their surroundings, but the instant he released his Divine Sense he was forced to withdraw it otherwise it would have been frozen solid.

Inside the Starship, without being able to use their Divine Senses, everyone was as good as blind.

Of course, there was no way the Starship refined by Yang Yan could not make up for this deficiency.

At this moment, inside the ship’s control centre, a surveillance array was operating and disciples from High Heaven Sect were using them to regularly monitor the Starship’s surroundings.

Soon, there was a reaction from the surveillance array.

“Sect Master, there’s a team of twenty plus people approaching from the left, ten kilometres out.”

“After ten breaths, fire three of our Crystal Cannons in that direction!” Yang Kai grinned.

Qian Tong and the others inside scratched their cheeks and paid silent tribute to the group who were attempting to launch a sneak attack.

After ten breaths, three pure white beams of light silently shot out, wiping out the enemies which were discovered by the surveillance array.

“Overconfident fools,” Ye Xi Yun slowly shook her head. The cultivators on Shadowed Star all severely underestimated the terrifying power of this Origin King Grade Starship, but this couldn’t be helped as even she would likely have disdained it had she not seen the mysteries inside for herself.

After all, no one on Shadowed Star had ever used a Starship in combat.

“Sect Master, another group is approaching,” Another disciple reported.

“En, process them in the same manner,” Yang Kai said lightly.

He had never fought such an easy battle before; by relying on the power of the Starship, he could instantly and silently kill his enemies without even having to lift a finger.

This feeling of being in absolute control was quite enjoyable.

Heaven Battling Union sent three waves of people in total, but none of these groups managed to approach to within a kilometre of the Starship before they were killed.

Three waves of people, a total of sixty to seventy people with no lack of Origin Returning Realm masters, had died so worthlessly. After Qu Zheng learned of this, he almost coughed up blood.

After realizing that it was impossible to launch sneak attacks, Heaven Battling Union was unwilling to sacrifice any more in vain and ceased their attempts.

“Sect Master, they seem to have stopped their attacks,” Ye Xi Yun frowned.

“If they refuse to act, then we will begin levelling the Inner City, we’ll eventually destroy the Myriad Ice Spirit Sealing Grand Array’s Cores as long as we keep firing,” Yang Kai sneered.

As long as the Array Cores were broken, Heaven Battling Union would become a fish on the chopping block.

A moment later, the hull of the Starship hummed lightly and one pillar of white lighter after another blasted out in all directions, each one carrying with it Heaven-destroying and Earth-shattering power.

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