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Martial Peak - S01 E1513

Story 4 months ago

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Destroying The Array

The rumbling sounds never ceased from the places which could neither be seen by one’s eyes nor observed by one’s Divine Sense. The entire Inner City of Heaven Battling City was instantly thrown into chaos. Wherever the white beams of light from the Starship’s Crystal Cannons passed, everything was turned into nothingness.

Over twenty percent of Heaven Battling Union’s several-thousand-year foundation was wiped clean in just half a stick of incense’s time.

Everyone was capable of perceiving just how great the loss Heaven Battling Union was suffering due to this scattered bombardment because not only were buildings collapsing everywhere, but the screams of many cultivators also rang out before they died.

It was the terrifying screams that caused the survivors to panic.

Even so, no one from Heaven Battling Union dared to come out and fight.

Yang Kai’s brows gradually furrowed as he realized he had underestimated the patience of Qu Zheng and the other leaders of Heaven Battling Union.

The power of the Starship’s Crystal Cannons was indeed not small, and they did not lack Saint Crystal Sources to power them; however, continuously using them in this fashion would definitely put a huge strain on the Crystal Cannons, and once their limits were reached, they would no longer be able to fire for quite some time.

Even if these things were refined by Yang Yan herself, this was a limitation that could not be overcome.

Heaven Battling Union was determined to outlast them and would only move once the Starship’s attack softened.

Realizing this, Yang Kai simply sneered and began releasing his powerful Divine Sense all around.

The frigid energy in the air could freeze ordinary Divine Sense, but Yang Kai’s Divine Sense was actually able to shuttle about unimpeded.

All thanks to his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea!

Yang Kai’s Mutated Knowledge Sea was filled with extremely hot Spiritual Energy and could restrain the impact of the fierce cold energy. Although he couldn’t say he was unaffected, the hindrance was almost negligible.

Time seemed to pass by extremely slowly as Yang Kai carefully searched through the ice mist.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up and a ferocious grin crept onto his face as he ordered, “Fire a Crystal Cannon shot thirty degrees to the left, fifteen kilometres out!”

The disciple responsible for controlling the left forward quarter Crystal Cannons didn’t understand why Yang Kai issued such an order, but he did not hesitate to immediately adjust one of the Crystal Cannons and fired.

Yang Kai continued to scan the area and soon nodded lightly, “Adjust two degrees left and decrease range by half a kilometre!”


At the same time, in the direction the Crystal Cannon was firing, somewhere more than a dozen kilometres away, there was a seemingly large ice spring covered by many exquisite Spirit Arrays. These Spirit Arrays not only concealed this spring but also served as a strong defensive shield for it.

From the mouth of this spring, a rich stream of Ice Attribute energy gushed forth, fueling the Myriad Ice Spirit Sealing Grand Array.

A Frozen Jade Ice Spring!

This spring was one of the Array Cores of the Myriad Ice Spirit Sealing Grand Array.

There were currently three Origin Returning Realm masters guarding this place, all of whom were sitting cross-legged beside it, their brows furrowed with anxiety as they glanced around the fog-filled Inner City.

With High Heaven Sect’s Origin King Grade Starship charging into the Inner city, all of Heaven Battling Union’s cultivators were now trembling in fear. Even a powerful master like Lu Feng had been killed in a single blow, so no one dared confront this Starship head-on.

They could only rely on the Myriad Ice Spirit Sealing Grand Array and hope it was powerful enough to stop the enemy Starship.

A white beam of light suddenly shot above their heads, causing the three masters’ eyes to bulge as they nervously began to condense their Saint Qi.

This beam of light was one of the enemy’s Crystal Cannons. Although the three of them knew there were many concealment and defensive Spirit Arrays arranged at their location, none of them were confident these Spirit Arrays could withstand the bombardment of those Crystal Cannons.

If they were unable to resist, the three of them may follow in Elder Lu Feng’s footsteps.

Fortunately, their worries seemed unnecessary. Although the white beam of light was indeed terrifying, it flew past them some distance away, not causing any harm to the three of them or the Array Core.

The three Origin Returning Realm masters were unable to help wiping the sweat from their foreheads and exhaling heavily.

“It’s fine, it was just a coincidence. With the Grand Array covering the entire Inner City, those clumsy fools should not be able to find the location of the Array Core. Union Master said that as soon as their energy supplies are exhausted, we will be able to launch a counterattack,” Among the three masters, a big bearded man spoke up, seemingly comforting his companions and himself.

“But from how aggressive the other party has acted so far, they must have come prepared for this. What if the Grand Array can’t stall them for long enough?” A woman in fancy robes asked with a worried look.

“Hmph, what’s there to fear? A Starship’s Crystal Cannons may be powerful, but their consumption is also massive, it shouldn’t be long before they run out of energy. Moreover, Crystal Cannons all have a limit on the number of times they can fire, making it impossible to use them too many times in short order. We just have to wait. Those fools from High Heaven Sect are now just headless flies. If this battle goes well, our Union will not only be able to kill those bastards but also capture that Origin King Grade Starship. Just think what kind of advantage that will bring us,” The last old man said quickly, his character seemingly steadier than the other two.

Hearing what he said, the other two’s eyes lit up and they couldn’t help imagining that terrifying Starship being owned by Heaven Battling Union, settling their nerves for a time.

At that moment though, another beam of white light shot past them nearby.

“This…” The bearded man saw this and couldn’t help leaking cold sweat once more.

The Crystal Cannon shot this time seemed to land much closer to them than the previous time.

Before they could even recover though, a third pillar of white light surged straight towards them.

“Not good!” The old man exclaimed, standing up and sternly shouting, “Activate the arrays!”

As soon as the old man shouted, the three of them urged their Saint Qi with all their strength and poured it into the nearby Spirit Array. The next moment, a thick light curtain appeared, covering the trio as well as the Frozen Jade Ice Spring.


The thick light curtain could not withstand the power of a single Crystal Cannon volley and was broken after resisting for less than three breaths.

The trio’s complexion changed drastically seeing this.

Fortunately, all of them were experienced veterans and summoned their personal defensive artifacts one after another in order to resist the remaining power of the shot.

The Crystal Cannon’s power continued to rain down on them.

Loud grating sounds rang out, but the white beam of light gradually dimmed as well, finally disappearing a few breaths later.

The three protectors staggered unstably, each of their complexions extremely pale. The woman in elegant robes even felt something hot and sweet fill her throat, causing her to cough up blood. All of the trio’s protective artifacts shattered soon after.

“Another volley is coming, three this time!” The bearded man yelled in horror.

The woman and the old man’s faces went ashen as they turned and stared blankly at the three rapidly approaching white beams of light, unable to believe their eyes.

The enemy had actually found the location of the Array Core! But how was that possible? How did they do it?

Resisting a single shot just now had left all three of them severely injured, so there was absolutely no way they could block a triple volley!

The spot where the Frozen Jade Ice Spring sat shook violently and the three Origin Returning Realm masters silently disappeared. All that was left behind when the dust cleared was a massive crater several dozen metres in diameter.

Inside the Starship, Yang Kai snickered before ordering the disciples to redirect their fire.

At the same time, in an extremely fortified palace in the Inner City, Mo Xiao Sheng’s complexion changed dramatically as he turned to Qu Zheng who was sitting at the head of the hall and quickly reported, “Union Master, one of the Array Cores, has been destroyed!”

“What?” Qu Zheng stood up from his chair and stared at Mo Xiao Sheng incredulously, “How could it have been destroyed? Did one of the enemy attacks hit it by chance?”

Mo Xiao Sheng slowly shook his head, “This old man doesn’t know, but the three guards assigned to that spring were killed and the surrounding area was destroyed. Whether it was deliberately done by the enemy or not though, we can’t just sit here waiting for death.”

“What does Great Elder propose?”

“Maximize the Grand Array’s output and freeze the enemy Starship to death!” Mo Xiao Sheng declared.

Qu Zheng heard this and couldn’t help frowning slightly, a look of hesitation appearing on his face, as if he was worried about something.

“Union Master, High Heaven Sect arriving here in their Starship has created a situation where either they die or we die, if we hesitate any longer, we won’t be able to fight back when the two other Array Cores are destroyed. Although activating the Grand Array’s full power will cost an enormous price, it’s better than the alternative.”

“Great Elder is right,” Qu Zheng took a deep breath and his gaze became firm. “Fine, order for the Grand Array’s output to be increased to the maximum. Even if this old master must use up our entire foundation, he will not allow High Heaven Sect to obtain victory!”

“Yes!” Mo Xiao Sheng nodded before quickly pouring his Divine Sense into the communication artifact in his hand to disseminate the appropriate orders.

The next moment, the entire Inner City stirred. The air was already filled with Ice Attribute Energy, but in an instant, the chill in the air became even more terrifying. Even the Starship’s hull became covered with the thick layer of ice.

The freezing of the hull hindered the Starship’s operations, and even those who were inside it began to feel a bone-chilling cold, like their very souls were being frozen.

“What happened? Why did it suddenly become so cold?” Qian Tong asked with an ugly expression.

“The other side must have noticed our movements and taken countermeasures,” Yang Kai frowned. Under his Divine Sense probing, he could see two springs gushing out cold energy even more fiercely than before, like a terrifying volcanic eruption. Even the guards which were standing by next to these Array Cores had hastily evacuated, not daring to remain nearby for long.


A crisp creaking sound resounded from outside the Starship, indicating that the hull was beginning to warp.

Not only that, but the rich Ice Attribute Energy outside unexpectedly began condensing into various strange beasts. Each of these beasts was crystal clear, like ice sculptures, and exuded potent energy fluctuations.

It wasn’t long before the Starship was completely surrounded by countless ice beasts.

Seeing this, everyone in Starship furrowed their brows.

Many of them had long heard of the power of Heaven Battling Union’s Myriad Ice Spirit Sealing Grand Array, and they found that it was deserving of its reputation after seeing it with their own eyes. With such methods at its disposal, Heaven Battling Union could ensure the safety and stability of Heaven Battling City’s Inner City.

As soon as the ice beasts took shape, they charged towards the Starship fiercely, instantly drowning it in a horde of claws and fangs.

Everyone couldn’t help becoming somewhat anxious, fearing the Starship would be destroyed if this continued.

Yang Kai’s face also became extremely gloomy. Standing up, he shouted, “Activate the protective barrier again, ignore the ice beasts, destroy the last two Array Cores at all cost!”

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