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King Of Technology - S01 E1497

Story 6 months ago

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The Hills Are Alive  The audience lights dimmed, and before everyone could react, the stage lights lit up, all facing the massive red curtain.


A drum-like sound echoed out, giving a tense yet exciting fill across the audience.

What to expect? What would happen next?

Too exciting!

The show hadn’t even started, yet everyone felt the magical waves from the music pounded their beating hearts.

So cool!

Whether it was those who had experienced a Broadway show before or those new to it like his majesty Hidoran from the Tulip empire in Romain, everyone had the good kind of goosebumps across their bodies.

And before they could react, their hands had reached for their popcorn and snacks.

[Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed guests, boys and girls, theater lovers and nin-theater lovers… Welcome… Welcome to the Sound of Music!!]


The curtains went up slowly, moving in correspondence to the enchanting melody that unfolded.

But that wasn’t all.

A thick magical whiff of smoke rose from beneath the stage, making the place look more mysterious.

Everyone tried to peer into what was happening. But just then, the background music changed, the clearer the smoke became.

And then, they heard the voice of a goddess echo out.

”The hills are alive with the sound of music… With songs, they have sung… for a thousand years~~.”


Everyone swayed their heads, listening to the beautiful melody that echoed out across the audience.

How can a song they just heard be so infectious?

What was even more impressive was the stage.

There were hills, trees, and all sorts of set designs that made one feel they were looking at some fantasy land.

Why did it look so life-like?


”Hahaha~ mom, dad… That’s sister!!”

The little boy was going crazy with excitement, watching his beautiful sister sing and twirl around the many trees and open plains on set.


With her, the hills did come alive.

And what was this enchanting music?

It wasn’t just the boy and his family who noticed this, but almost all die-hard fans of the book.

You should know that in the book, it just said she was singing on the open hills.

But who knew that the songs she sang were this incredible?

And the octaves behind the lead performer… Sis, don’t you think you’re in the wrong profession? Should you be a singer instead?

Her voice was beautifully unique yet sharp enough for everyone to hear her word for word, yet so graceful.

Oh my…

”Nowhere can I get a copy of this song to listen to?” Manny murmured, singing along to the only lime they seemed to have fallen in love with.

”The hills are alive, with the sound of music~ La-la-la-la~”

They bobbed their heads left and right, singing very enjoyably as the show advanced.

And just then, the lights on the stage dimmed, with only a single circular light focused on ‘Maria’ while every other part on stage was as dark as night.

Of course, Maria (Tina) did her finishing part, singing the song with all vigor.

And after exiting the stage so beautifully, the lights once again came on.

But what did everyone see? The stage has been changed!

And now, it looked like the insides of an open courtyard with stone walls and floors all around.

This time, they saw many women in black robes and long white headwraps/veils that only showed their faces.

Ah!… These must be the nuns in the book.

Many didn’t know what a ‘nun’ was.

But from the book’s description, they roughly understood that they were a religious group with their own cause, though theirs was very noble compared to many in Hertfilia.


These nuns were kind and very caring toward orphans, the sick, and others in need.

One of their many purposes seemed to be to help and guide people well. And they never force anyone to do so.

But once one entered their group, there were rules they had to follow. No cursing, no swearing, and many other ways of acting. They also had duties to uphold too.

These nuns ran nunneries, taking in all sorts of women, be it those who are barren and mocked, those who are shamed and disgraced.

Provided one wanted to change or mold themselves into better beings, the door would always be open.

In these nunneries, people could choose to leave if they wanted to. Some could leave to marry out, while others could leave if they found it hard blending well with the ways of the nunnery.

In Pyno, they didn’t know of any places like nunneries. But who knows… Hertfilia was big.

And maybe, just maybe, out there somewhere, there is a similar religious group too.

In all directions, the nuns in black attires and white headwraps stepped on the stage in song as though leaving some prayer house.

I mean, they were singing about them leaving the worship house. It wasn’t hard to guess where they came from and what they had been doing there.

”We pray to the Almighty to keep blessing and taking care of those in need~”

In song, the ladies all danced with bibles in their hands in synched choreography.


Some jumped out from the windows of the stone set designs, while others did backflips, summersaults, splits, and many other moves that kept everyone on the edge of their seats.

The spotlights moved along the beautiful dance that made many clap in satisfaction.

Bravo! Brave!

What a stunning performance!


We’re they impressed? Of course!

Some lyrical geniuses in the audience also had a flash of inspiration for their next musical number.

Of course, some were theater performers from other empires, all here to learn a thing or two from Baymard.

’If I can choreograph a good dance in my plays, it would become a hit in Romain!’

What a good theater breakthrough this was…Write that down.

In the dark, a few people scribbled notes with what little lights they had around them.

Such important information must not be forgotten!


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