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Finally Arrived. Time For War!  The nuns danced and danced, keeping the audience fully engaged.

And after the peak of their song, they suddenly stopped, placed their hands across their chest in a prayerful way, and began moving about like passerbys.


Many blinked, taken aback by the sudden change.

But then their attention was quickly drawn to the few gathering of nuns standing still while others were moving about.

They stood still, talking amongst themselves, until someone called from afar.

”Reverend Mother, I simply can it find her. It appears she’s missing from the Abbey again.”

”Missing? Didn’t I say it? We ought to put a cow bell around her neck.”


Many laughed, already feeling how out of ace this Maria girl was.

This was just the beginning, yet as they listened to the mind sing about her difficulties, the entire audience found it hard to find their laughs back.

The little boy tried not to laugh but couldn’t help it.

’Sister, I’m not laughing at you but Maria.’

At the same time, he also enjoyed the songs sung by these nuns.


”How do you solve a problem like Maria… How do you catch a cloud and pin it down.”

You don’t.

Many inwardly replied, feeling they should leave the poor girl alone. It’s clear she isn’t suited for the Abbey, so what’s the point in keeping her?

It was only after the play advanced that many related Maria was the one who didn’t want to leave.

In that case, shouldn’t she put an effort?

Didn’t you hear them say she was late for everything, except every meal?

Indeed. How do you solve a problem like Maria?



As the play advanced, they laughed, felt sad at times, and went back into laughter.

”Pfff!~~ I can’t take it. Maria is too funny.”

”Did you see her face when getting caught?”

”Aiyo~… I like that song. That, Doh A-deer, one.”

”No way! I like ‘You are 16 going on 17’ one. So cute!!!”

Like so, the crowd was so immersed in the play, as though they were really in the book.

And backstage, Tina was getting ready for one of the biggest and most crucial parts of the play.

”Quickly! Quickly! Get her ready! It’s almost time for the ball scene. The romantic dance must highlight her and Baron Von Trapp, cementing their love!”

In a blink of an eye, Tina was twirled as many professionals worked on her attire and hairdo while doing a few makeup touch-ups.

Tina fekt her entire body quiver nervously, knowing just how important his scene was.

What’s more, her family was seated in the audience, and she wanted them to see her best performance yet.

No matter how many times she stepped on the stage, she always got butterflies in her belly.

’Breath Tina, you can do this!’

Clenching her fist, she empowered herself, thinking how blessed she was.

Back in Terique, when she started as a stage performer at the age of 12, her plays were done on the streets, with some people throwing tomatoes at them if they made any errors or didn’t satisfy the crowd.

She never knew stage performing could be so novel and awe-inspiring. Before Baymard emerged, many didn’t take stage performers seriously.

They were more or less in line with how jesters and comedians were treated.

But everything changed once Baymard opened its Emerald theater.

And now, everyone was looking at her profession in awe and respect. Moreover, thanks to Baymard creating Tvs, many could watch her performances and marvel at her profession from anywhere in the world.

’Thank you.’

Every time she thought of these, she felt the need to thank Baymard and his majesty Landon for bringing hope to all performers across the world.

And now, the money and fame she made from these shows were enough to let her live comfortably.

”Tina, you’re on!”

Tina smiled, calming her anxious heart.

Tonight is her moment to be a star!!!


Like so, Tina danced to the best of her capabilities, wowing the crowd who were immersed in the Cinderella-like scene.

”Ahhhhhhhhh~… How romantic! I know I have 2 left feet when it concerns dancing. But after this, I want my boyfriend to dance with me like this.”

”So good! Am I the only one who is envisioning herself in Maria’s position? Damn! Why is Baron Von Trapp so handsome?”

”But I do feel bad for the baroness. She had come over, thinking Von Trapp would propose to her tonight, only to be hit by the sudden scene of them dancing. Sigh… It’s not easy being a Cannon fodder.”

For a moment, all sorts of excited yet romantic comments whistled out.

But just like Cinderella’s ball, things must come to an end with the little lady running away for fear of her own feelings.

For a moment, the crowd was immersed with worry, wondering if this Cinderella would come back and face her love.

At least she was novel enough to leave, not wanting to be in the way of Von Trapp and the women he brought.

Good girl…

The audience was too engaged, with their emotions going up and down through the entire play until it finally ended.


She not only came back but had a wonderful happy ending too.

But were they satisfied? Not a chance!

They wanted more!

Many foreign people watching the theater show for the first time calmly rose with nostalgia for all they saw tonight.

However, one thing was clear… Baymard really knew how to put up a show.


One by one, they left the scene, as unwilling as those in modern times who refuse to leave after watching the ending scenes of the Avengers: Endgame.

Well, at least they left happily.

**[Cough, cough… The author has a big feud with Marvel over that ending.]

Well… Everyone was happy, leaving the theater.

But unlike the bubbly atmosphere here, the same couldn’t be said for the many Baymardian men traveling deep into the night.

The men looked at each other tactfully.

They were just 30 minutes away from the perimeters of the Royal Capital city.

”Everyone, stay alert. We need to find a campsite and scout the scene. Air forces, you’ll be up!”


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