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Crazy Nun - S01 E35

Story 6 months ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 35


Steph and I drove straight to the police station and reported the case to the head of the security.

After so many questions from them, we were able to convince them about the pope.

And it was arranged, two police men would escort us to the five stars Hotel while some would be sent over to Skylar’s hideout.

They said it was pretty dangerous that’s why we were asked to go save the pope instead of escorting to apprehend Skylar.

Then when it’s dawn, we’ll go over to the convent and arrest Patley.

Things went as planned, we informed the pope about his life being in danger and he restrained his movement… Just as we warned..

The other team were already on their way to apprehend those shameless robbers.

By morning, it’ll definitely be patley’s turn.


At seven in the morning, we received words from the station that Skylar and his men were arrested… And after some confessions, he admitted a lady nun gave him the required information he needed for the operation.

So right now, we have enough evidence to hold against patley.

I, Steph and three other police men invaded the convent that morning.

Sis Mag and the others were suprised to see Steph with me.. guess they didn’t even realize she never slept here last night.

What made them more suprised was to see the police men. I could already bet Alot of questions were running through their minds.

Sis Mag and old Audrey approached us

. while the rest sisters stayed and watched from behind.

“Please how may we help you officers? I’m sure this young lady didn’t call you here to arrest us for throwing her out..” sis mag spoke out.. staring closely at me!

Well, I just ignored.

” We are here for patley… Does anyone go by that name here??” One of the officers spoke out.

“Y-yes.. hope there’s no problem..” sister mag stuttered.

“We want her to come with us to the police station to answer some questions.. cause as it is now, she’s evidently guilty of two attempted kidnaps..

One of the pope, and second, of this young lady right here with me..”

“What??? That’s not true!” Patley screamed out from behind ..

“That’s a very big lie officer! You are accusing me wrongly…” She added defensively.

“Shut the drama Pat… If you prove too innocent why not follow us to the station and prove your innocence.. cause there are lots of evidence against you” i spoke out…

“Yeah… And the fact that you threatened me with a gun because I found out that you and Samantha are a stripper nun..” Steph seconded…

“What?? A gun? So it’s true afterall… Miriam was right about you isn’t it!” Old Audrey felt absolutely disappointed..

“Uhnn.. no.. no .they…

“SAMANTHA!!!!!!!” Audrey shouted…

And Samantha she came quivering before her..

“Is that true?? You and pat??”

“Uhm… I… We .. unh..

“Can’t you talk Lady??” She thundered…

I haven’t seen old Audrey this angry before..

“Yes… She’s-she’s right..”

“Samantha! Seriously??” Patley called out in a clear frustration…

Causing I and Steph to laugh out.

“Duh… She just spilled the beans.. I guess she isn’t as tough as you” I trailed out annoyingly to patley’s hearing.

“Officers Take her away… And please do whatever pleases you with her. She’s nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing!!”

Old Audrey gave her word and in no time, patley was handcuffed and taken away despite so many rantings from her.

“As for you Samantha, you are hereby suspended from this convent till further notice! You are not allowed to be seen in this premises for no reason unless this punishment is restrained.

Go right into your room and pack your things!” She instructed and Samantha began to she’d hot tears as she ran out of our sight.

“Gosh Miriam I don’t even know what to say to you now…I feel so ashamed for what I did…”

Sister Mag and old Audrey apologised to me..and went on thanking me for the heroic thing I did for the pope..

But the truth is….

“Stephanie is the hero here! And you all should do well by thanking her. Not me.” I replied..

With that, I hugged Steph so tight before walking out of their presence.

This is no longer my place. They already stripped me off my rights here and I do not blame them for anything.

I took a cab back home to my mom and narrated everything that happened

Baby Paula was so happy to see me back home..

This is definitely my home… Here with my family.


A week after Saving the pope, the sisters from the convent paid miriam a visit in her home begging her to come back to the convent..

But… As we all know miriam, she’s sometimes unpredictable. She declined their request..

She no longer wants to be a nun.. she never wanted to be! But she’s happy she was one..if not, she wouldn’t have done something heroic for the society.

She disclosed to them that she has finally decided to study in a military school and join the force.

She has discovered lately her undying talents in inquisiveness and she knows where her calling lies.

The sisters accepted and the pope showed how grateful she is to her by sponsoring her financially in her military school.

Stephanie was also rewarded handsomely by the pope with money which she sent back to her poor mom and two little sisters and it changed them from grass to Grace.

She was also made the head of the convent over all the sisters and she never ever stopped to be best friends with miriam.

Skylar alongside his lady Elisa and his gang and patley included were tried and found guilty….. patley was given Five years imprisonment, Elisa Three and Skylar.. 20 years cause he’s known around town for his criminal activities.

We’ve all been wandering what Happened to wicked Catherine… Here’s your answer..

On her way to the airport to finally run out of the country with Skylar’s stolen property.

She airport security officers discovered some piece of cocaine perfectly hidden in Skylar’s wrist watch… Which unfortunately, Catherine was putting on.

She was arrested for possession of illegal drugs and detained in prison until she bails herself out… Despite her pleas of innocence..

She’s currently there cause she doesn’t have anyone to come to her aid..

No one at all!!! Cause she betrayed their trust..

And worse, they don’t even know her whereabouts..


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