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Crazy Nun - S01 E33

Story 6 months ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 33


I parked slowly at the side of a bush.. mehn!!! That was a heavy ride. But still, I thank creator for the speed.

I’m on track, and I know where the Jeep drove in.

I’m few metres away from the building. So not to raise a suspicion.

I think it’s best I take my time to sought this out. This place I’m about to enter is totally dangerous.. and getting caught is not a Part of my plan. It’s so dark and if I’m correct, I think I spent over an hour chasing down the Jeep.

I hid inside the bush to catch my breath. This is my plan, I’ll sneak inside,..

Oh God!! I think I’m gonna die .. this is definitely a suicide mission. What if these are armed men, off course they are definitely armed men cause it’s only armed men that kidnaps. They kidnapped my friend… I need a plan. I need a plan.

I paced about in the bush for long, biting hard on my finger. The clock is ticking and for what is worth, I need to take off my Casock. Good thing I’m putting on a small fitted gown inside.

It’s best I take off these before going in there.. at least, some respect for God.

I pulled off my Casock and adjusted my inner. I’ll manage the cloth. It’s better than nothing Still.

I slowly walked out of the bush . Tip toeing straight to the side of the building. It’s fenced round. I don’t intend to knock on the gate. That’s the quickest way to die. The only option I have now is to climb over.

climb like a domestic monkey

The Same name I had tagged Samantha and patley the night I caught them climbing over the convent fence.

Gosh!! I wonder what I’ll have to do next.

I shrugged, raising my hands a little bit high to grab the fence-top simultaneously with my body. I added a little strength and pulled myself entirely up the fence.

I made sure to spy around before climbing down quietly.

The compound isn’t that wide.. but it’s so dark.. aside from the tiny Ray’s of light penetrating from the rooms.

The next step from here is to find a way into the house.

I brought out my crucifix and muttered some prayers.

•••Whatever it is I’m getting myself into shouldn’t be the end of me. O Lord, protect me!•••

I kissed it and placed it back on my neck.

As quiet as possible, I began to tip toe sideways.. leaning against the wall for cover up.

I slowly walked this way until my eyes spotted an entrance.

Not so fast Steph,.. I waited to survey my surrounding just to make sure it’s safe before I go in.

I began hearing faint voices.

Every second the voices grew louder and clearer followed by footsteps.

I took few steps backwards cause the voices showed that someone or rather some persons..were approaching.

I hid myself at a close corner as I watched two guys come of the door.

“The pope has lodge already in a five star hotel. By 3:@m he’ll be leaving there to the church. So on his way, well lay an ambush for him and then abduct…” The first guy spoke out.

“But Skylar, how sure are you that this Lady Nun didn’t give the right information.. what if she’s planning something else against us?”

“That nun is desperate… She won’t mislead me. She needs the cash!! Just like we need it too. So if she tries to do anything stupid, I’ll paint the town red with her blood”

The •Skylar guy• Threatened.

At the sound of that, I held myself from gasping…

So they have an insider in the convent?… Miriam was so right after all.. they are planning to kidnap the pope and it’s definitely patley’s handiwork.. no one else’s.

I laid low and listened to every bit of their discussion.

Soon, many of them started trooping out from the house..

Now I’m scared! I don’t want to be caught!!! I’m not ready to die now…

I bit hard on my lips as I prayed within me.

“You two, stay here and make sure that Nun doesn’t escape. The rest of you hope into the car let’s roll.” The •Skylar guy• instructed and Three gunshots were released in the air as they began entering their cars.

One by one, they drove out..

So with my guess , I’m left here with just two guys .

God save me! I watched as they went back into the house.

I breathe out and began pacing to and fro..

What do I do now?

These guys are armed!! And I’m not in any way talented in Kung Fu. How do I go about this???

I could prank them on something… right?

A trick???

I think it’s time I abduct Miriam’s talent.. •prank• it could help me out here.

From my observation on their discussion, I was able to grab the name of the first guy I think to be the leader


I’ll play a possible trick on them and I just hope it works.. if it works mostly for miriam, I don’t see why it won’t work for me.. besides I’m doing this for Mimi… So let her •pranking Grace• cover me.

I breathe out trying to calm myself. I don’t have to look nervous. This is a matter on how to convince them. I have to look more convincing.

I adjusted my short gown and slowly walked over to the door with a fake smile planted on my lips.

I tapped gently on it and In no time, the door opened.

When the door opened revealing this huge guy with red eyes.. I could hear the pounding of my own heart. But luckily for me, I was quick to comport myself.

“Who are you?” He spoke out in a rough tone.. smelling so bad of alcohol.

“I’m Dana. •Skylar• sent me here. He said there’s a lady that needs some freshen up before he returns..” I spoke out smoothly with ease.

“Hmm” he cocked his head in doubt staring from my Head to toe.

With the way he’s looking at me, I don’t think he’s gonna let me in. I just have to act like I know what I’m doing.

” You wouldn’t want to me to go back and tell your Boss you bluntly refused me… Would you?”

I chuckled slightly.

“Come in” he grunted giving me access into the house.

He’s scared of his boss as hell…

“Follow me” he instructed and I did.

He led me to a door which was locked. He inserted the key and unlocked it.

“Be fast about it. You have less than thirty minutes..” he spoke out handing the key to me.

“Lock the door when you’re done!”

With that, he left.

Goshhh!!!!!!!!!!! What a relief!

I waited until he was out of sight before rushing into the room.

“Miriam!” I slowly called out.

“Steph?” She was so surprised to see me…

“How did you…??”

“SShhh! No time for questions. Let me get you out of here!” I walked over to where she was and began loosing the rope from her hands.




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