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Crazy Nun - S01 E23

Story 7 months ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 23


Since yesterday after Pat’s threat, I haven’t been myself.

I don’t really know what to do anymore. I’ll just forget about what I saw two nights ago and act like nothing ever happened.

I don’t wanna endanger myself because of something that’s literally not my problem.

A gun to my head isn’t worth a joke. Patley can sometimes be wild..

If she’s capable of yielding a gun, then she knows exactly what it’s meant for.

At least, I was quick to tell Miriam. So if she has a plan or whatsoever against Pat and Samantha, she should run it her way.

I’m so scared right now.

I’m so scared of patley. I’m really scared for my life at the moment.

I’ll keep shut and never ever try to poke my nose into matters that doesn’t concern me.


Since patley told me to leave things for her to take care of, I have noticed some changes in her.

It’s like she’s so scared and she flinches at any slight eye contact with me.

She’s so scared to look me in the eye and she has been avoiding my paths lately.

I really don’t know.

Aren’t I supposed to be the one scared here?

I mean, she’s got something that could put I and patley into questioning book of the convent.

Aren’t we supposed to be the scared ones? Why her?

Or did patley do/say something to her?

Did patley do anything that made her have a sudden change of attitude?

I think I better ask patley.

She’ll have a better explanation to my thoughts at least.


“Let’s just say I did what I had to do”

I nonchalantly replied Samantha.

She seems pretty disturbed about Stephanie’s new attitude and I wonder why?

Isn’t she supposed to be happy that Stephanie minding her own business in every possible way?

It’s a pass mark for us don’t you think?

At least, I was able to push out an obstacle..

“That’s what baffles me Pat…. And that’s why I’m here.

I know you did something to Steph which is making her act this wierd and scared at any slight thing….

What I wanna know is what you did..”

She insisted..

Huh? This girl, she’s something else.

“I threatened her. Simple” I twirled my eyes , obviously getting bored by her questions.

“I Know you threatened her.. duh..

With what exactly..

I won’t even be surprised if I get to know you used a knife, wood, or worse gun….for your threat.

You can sometimes be unpredictable”

She blurted out with a straightened face.

Seriously, her guess is good as right.

“Fine, I used a gun..”

“You what???”

“Yeah, you heard me right. … I just told you what I used so now can we say something else?”

“Don’t you think you went too far?” She asked with worried eyes.

“She started it. Don’t blame me, I was only pushed by her actions.

So can we say something else?”

I rolled my eyes Feeling tired of our boring topic about Steph.

“But Pat…

“Tomorrow Lord Skylar will be visiting. Don’t you think we should be bothered about that?”

I cut in, trying to Change the topic.

“I know, but we can’t be Part of his treat. Remember our deal with Elisa.”

“Yeah, our Body Remains Untouched”

I completed for her, and then continued…

“But still, we can’t miss it. We can’t afford to.

That’s why I did what I did to steph. She pushed me too far and it wasn’t my intention..

Rest assured, I didn’t touch her”

I replied… And Samantha breathe out a sigh of relief.


Oh my Gosshhhh!! I have never been this excited.

I’m seeing places I never actually thought existed. Catherine is really awesome.

We aren’t done yet with the outing, but I’m already feeling extremely excited.

She’s so nice and I really wish I could spend more time with her.

She’s absolutely fun to be with!

But something isn’t right Here.

She’s acting somewhat weird and it doesn’t augour well with me.

I’ve caught her most times with her stares.

She stared at me in a way that upsets me so much.

I really can’t describe it.

Her eyes read Alot of lusty meaning…

I am just not settled with it…


Miriam is so excited and I can tell with the way she’s acting.

I’ve taken her to so many places.

I’ve bought her lots of cookies and ice-creams… Bet she hasn’t tasted that much of ice-creams before cause the way she acted when I stucked A whole lot of it into her hands,… It made me laugh out sarcastically.

I feel happy she’s having a good time with me. I am yet to buy more for her.

That aside,

I haven’t been able to get my eyes off this lady.

Mehnnnnn she’s got curves

Check her out on her outfit. D@mnnnn she’s hot as hell.

I can’t imagine myself with such such I’ve got and still a Nun..

Such a waste!

I snorted in disbelief… Miriam is a nun with this kind of shape ..


I still haven’t forgotten Lord Skylar’s visit tomorrow and my plan is still on the hold.

I have to do this cause it’s once in a blue moon.

I can’t bare to loose such opportunity..

What if…

Or wait

I have an idea!

And this idea involves her…… My lovely Miriam.

I think she’ll be a good use to me after all …

Just wait till I plan this out





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