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Passed The Test

Han Fei was still trying hard to adapt to the 10 times gravity pressure underwater, but Ren Tianfei said coldly, “You have half an hour to adapt to it.” “What happens half an hour later?”

Ren Tianfei said lightly, “We start training.”

Han Fei was helpless. “Is this so-called treasure really the training? Have you really prepared treasures for me?”.

Ren Tianfei glanced at Han Fei indifferently. “You talk too much nonsense. I don’t mind starting training now.”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei shut up. This Ren Tianfei was completely different from the one before. From this person, Han Fei only felt indifference.

Han Fei immediately began to warm up. If there was a way for Han Fei to quickly adapt to this environment, it must be the 108 Spirit-Absorbing War Bodies.

It had been long since the last time Han Fei practiced the 108 Spirit-Absorbing War Bodies. When Han Fei took the first pose, Ren Tianfei was slightly surprised.

Because he only had half an hour, Han Fei’s postures changed quickly. He put on 36 postures in only half an hour.

Ren Tianfei suddenly said, “This combat skill is quite good, with which you can make the most of every piece of muscle. Although its level does not seem to be high, it is very rare. You must practice it for an hour every day from now on.” Han Fei grinned. “Oh, it’s really rare for you to praise a combat skill!”

Ren Tianfei said bluntly, “Combat skills have great advantages in the early stages, especially for people with low strength like you. A good combat skill can improve your combat power and reduce your chance of death.”


Han Fei asked, “Then what if my strength is no longer low?”

Ren Tianfei said, “At that time, combat skills will be useless. No matter how special a combat skill is, in the face of absolute strength, it is of no use.”

Han Fei snorted without speaking. After he finished practicing the 108 postures, Ren Tianfei came ten meters away from him. “Now, training starts.” “Huh? Shall we start training so soon?”

As a response, Ren Tianfei directly attacked him.

No weapons, only fists and fighting skills. Seeing Ren Tianfei punching at him, Han Fei was about to fight back. However, when he clenched his fist, he felt that the speed couldn’t keep up.

Immediately, he tilted his head slightly and turned his body sideways.

Unfortunately, his opponent was not an ordinary person but Ren Tianfei who was abnormally strong.


He elbowed Han Fei in the chest, sending him flying seven or eight meters away. Han Fei hurriedly supported the ground with one hand, and in a strange posture, kicked at Ren Tianfei who pounced on him again. But the latter grabbed his foot with one hand, pulled it, and slapped him in the chest.



Han Fei flew out again.

Before Han Fei fell, Ren Tianfei rushed at him again.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

He didn’t know how many times he had been punched as he felt sore all over.

Ren Tianfei kept saying, “Slow, too slow! Haven’t you eaten? Why are you so weak?”

“Are your Qi and blood not flowing smoothly? You can’t even respool to this?”

“Are you a turtle? Even turtles are faster than you.” “Hey, get up…”

Han Fei didn’t know how long he had been abused. He felt that every inch of his body had been battered by Ren Tianfei. But he couldn’t even touch him.

When one day passed, Ren Tianfei gave Han Fei an hour to practice the 108 Spirit-Absorbing War Bodies.

After an hour, the battle continued.

The process repeated over and over again for at least 10 days.

Han Fei wouldn’t easily admit defeat. This experience reminded him of when Jiang Qin was training him on the seabed. At that time, just like now, he was also abused by Jiang Qin for half a year.

Half a month later.

Han Fei had almost completely adapted to 10 times the gravity, and he discovered that the Qi and blood could actually be mobilized.

Before, Han Fei had never thought about the issue of Qi and blood. He just felt that his physique was very strong, his heart was beating powerfully, and his Qi and blood supply was sufficient.

But now, he discovered that when he was about to attack, the Qi and blood could be supplied in advance. At that moment, the speed would soar sharply, and because of this discovery, Han Fei managed to keep up with Ren Tianfei’s rhythm.

At this moment.

Han Fei rushed towards Ren Tianfei after practicing the 108 Spirit-Absorbing War Bodies. He gave a kick at him, so fast that his kick left a shadow under 10 times the gravity.

However, Ren Tianfei was faster. He leaned back slightly, moved his body sideways, circled round to Han Fei, and kneed him in the stomach.


Han Fei cursed, “Have you elevated your strength to an advanced Dangling Fisher?”

Ren Tianfei said indifferently, “Yes, so you can improve more quickly.” Han Fei was speechless. This is too much! I finally got adapted to the environment and reached the reaction speed of an intermediate Dangling Fisher in a normal situation. But this b*stard immediately raised his strength to an advanced Dangling Fisher.

Han Fei was outraged. “I don’t believe what you say! You just want to hit me.”

However, Ren Tianfei just said carelessly, “Yes, I just want to hit you.”

Han Fei: “…”

After another half a month, Han Fei had completely gotten used to the 10 times gravity and was able to perfectly control his Qi and blood. Every muscle in Han Fei’s body could burst out with huge power in an instant.

But then Ren Tianfei elevated his strength to be a peak-level Dangling Fisher, so Han Fei could still only be abused.

Another 10 days later.

When Han Fei finally was able to adapt to Ren Tianfei’s strength, this b*stard turned to suppress him with spiritual power.

In the second month after entering the water cave, Ren Tianfei began to throw poison at Han


Han Fei was stunned and yelled, “How can you use poison on me? Don’t you feel ashamed?”

However, Ren Tianfei was also stunned. “What anti-poison fruit have you eaten? The poison doesn’t work on you?”

Han Fei sneered. “Yeah! I have eaten Venomous Tulip, and all the poisons in the level-three fishery basically don’t work on


Ren Tianfei yelled, “Fine, then I’ll just continue to beat you.”

Ren Tianfei raised his strength again. This time, he became equal to a Hanging Fisher.

But Han Fei sneered. “Hey! You can go ahead and improve your strength, but I also have a secret method. I have been beaten by you for two months, and today I’m gonna hit you.”

“Majestic Mystic Spell.”

Han Fei hadn’t used it before because he knew he was training.

After being abused for two months, Han Fei felt that 10 times the gravity was no longer a problem for him, and he no longer needed Ren Tianfei to train him.

“I am invincible.”

The golden fist light flashed and in the blink of an eye, he burst out hundreds of punches. The seawater was bombarded exploding and boiling “Huh?”

Ren Tianfei was slightly taken aback. “Are you in a hurry to get out?”.

Han Fei scolded, “I don’t want to be abused by you any longer.” Ren Tianfei said lightly. “OK! Then go out.” “Huh?”

After saying this, Ren Tianfei changed back into a phantom and then disappeared.

Han Fei was astonished. “Is it over? Isn’t this f*cking too easy?”

When Han Fei was still stunned, the water cave collapsed, seawater flowed out, and the seven-star array on the ground began to shatter.


Han Fei found a door on the ground.

Han Fei looked at the mottled, manhole-like gate and frowned. “Will there be a third Ren Tianfei behind?”

When the gravity disappeared completely, Han Fei suddenly felt so relaxed as if he was floating in the air and could jump hundreds of meters away with a light touch on the ground with his toes.

He couldn’t delay any more time. It had been more than 2 months since he entered the Abyssal Chasm, and only 5 months were left before the one-year period expired. He didn’t know if Zhang Xuanyu, Xia Xiaochan, and the others had met…

Drawing a long face, Han Fei pulled the mottled door with one hand. However, this casual grab actually tore the millstone-like gate.

“Wow! I’ve become much stronger.”

However, this time, Han Fei’s eyes lit up because he saw seats and a stone platform. It seemed that someone had lived here.

Han Fei jumped in the door without hesitation and looked around. It turned out to be a large room less than 100 square meters.

The most conspicuous thing in the room was a large pool with an area of three square meters. In the pool was bright red water.

When Han Fei saw the pool of water, he was shocked. The energy was too violent! He just stood there and took a breath, and he had felt billowing energy into his body. “F*ck, Candle Dragon Blood? So much?”

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