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Seven Star Array

Han Fei could tell that the power contained in the drop of Ren Tianfei’s essence blood had been used up.

After all, according to the intensity of the battle just now, most people might not be able to withstand Ren Tianfei’s two punches. After the battle, Han Fei took out a large piece of sea cucumber and swallowed it.

Ren Tianfei was helpless. “Why did you suddenly begin to eat?”

Han Fei grunted. “I don’t have the strength to fight until I’m full.”

Ren Tianfei snorted and clicked on the word “Test”, and the word began to fall apart, so did the rock wall and a large hole behind it was gradually revealed.

Han Fei curiously asked, “What treasures did you leave me? Given all the hardship I went through to get here, you should at least give me some divine weapons, shouldn’t you?” “Divine weapons?”

Ren Tianfei glanced at Han Fei contemptuously. “You should depend on your physique. No matter spiritual weapons or divine weapons, they will be no match for your physique in the end.”

Han Fei’s pupils constricted. “Really? I can hardly block the sword Qi outside the cave. Do you mean that my body can even resist divine weapons when I finish practicing the Indestructible Body Art?”.

Ren Tianfei looked at Han Fei with a faint smile. “Relatively speaking, let alone divine weapons, you can even fight Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasures with bare hands.”


Han Fei took a breath immediately. He didn’t even know what Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasures were, but he guessed that the Embroidery Needle might be a weapon of that level.

Suddenly, Han Fei took out the Embroidery Needle and inserted it into the ground. “Is this a Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure?”


Ren Tianfei’s eyes widened suddenly. He stepped forward and took a look at the rusty stick. After thinking for quite a while, he asked, “Where did you get this?”

Han Fei said complacently, “Have you ever heard of Rock-Holding Turtles? I pulled it off its back.”

Ren Tianfei grinned. “Have you ever met a Rock-Holding Turtle?”

Ren Tianfei tapped on the Embroidery Needle with his finger and thought for a moment. “Yes, this is a Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure. But I guess you can barely use it now, can you? You can only use this stick as a normal one, right? Don’t show it to others in the future.”

“Is it really a Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure? How can I make it recognize me as its master?”

Han Fei’s eyes lit up. He couldn’t even give play to 10% of the power of the Embroidery Needle! How strong would it be if he could give play to all its strength after it recognized him as its master?

Ren Tianfei sneered. “It won’t recognize you as its master unless it recognizes your strength. If one day, you can use it to make an earthshaking blow, you may have a chance. But with your current strength, I am afraid there is no chance for you for the time being.”

Han Fei: “…”

But he wasn’t quite disappointed. “Anyway, this stick is mine. Sooner or later, it will recognize me as its master.”

Suddenly, Ren Tianfei’s body flickered and the old man suddenly became serious. “Now listen to you. Don’t interrupt me.”


Ren Tianfei said seriously, “Try to find a body-refining technique that is at least heaven-level high-quality. You’d better do it before you enter the Thousand Star City. And you’ll have to master it.”


“I told you not to interrupt me.”

Ren Tianfei continued, “If you keep cultivating the Indestructible Body Art, the more you practice it, the harder it will be for you to suppress your powerful physique and vitality, and then it is extremely easy for you to expose it. With your current strength, you’ll definitely go to the Unknown Place in the future where there is no fishery, so once you go to sea, there is the only boundless sea. There are countless people from the Thousand Star City. If you practice the Indestructible Body too well, you’ll be easily recognized, which is not good for you.”

Han Fei interrupted him again by asking, “Old b*stard, how many people have you offended? What will happen if others know that I have practiced the Indestructible Body?”

Ren Tianfei said sternly, “What will happen? The consequence is that you will be hunted endlessly. Some people covet the Indestructible Body Art and some are afraid of it. Of course, this is not important. The important thing is that the Indestructible Body involves great secrets, and you are not qualified to know them now. But as long as you don’t die, you will eventually find out. Remember, never, ever expose that you’ve practiced the Indestructible Body Art. Once it’s exposed, run away immediately. Escape to the Infinite Ocean and come back when you become really strong.”

As Ren Tianfei spoke, the phantom was fading, and now it had almost disappeared.

Han Fei hurriedly asked, “Hey hey! Have you left me any other treasures? What is in the depths of this Abyssal Chasm? Can I explore it?”

Ren Tianfei rolled his eyes at Han Fei. “Don’t ask. When you came, you should have encountered a secret realm. Don’t enter it, or else you’ll die.”

Han Fei’s heart shuddered. “So dangerous?”

Ren Tianfei’s phantom who had almost faded away said, “When you can break the third barrier of the Indestructible Body, you will be eligible to go to the Unknown place. But don’t come to the Abyssal Chasm again…”

Ren Tianfei’s shadow disappeared, turned into white smoke, and faded away in a blink of an eye.

Han Fei was helpless. “You haven’t said yet whether there are any other treasures…”

Han Fei was complaining but his heart was a little frightened. Did Ren Tianfei mean that he couldn’t explore the other two secret realms in the Abyssal Chasm even if he was already eligible to go to the Unknown Place?

Han Fei took out the cauldron and tucked away a square meal before slowly recovering.

“I can’t even beat a drop of his essence blood?”

Han Fei couldn’t help shaking his head. The strong in this world are really horrible! Even a drop of blood released three hundred years ago could be so powerful… Then, how strong was Ren Tianfei himself?

What Han Fei didn’t know was that millions of kilometers away from here, an old man with messy hair suddenly opened his eyes. “Huh? My first clone has disappeared? I am going to have a disciple? This little b*stard… I hope you can get through the upcoming tests.”

Han Fei put away the pot and walked to the cave behind when he was full.

As he walked, Han Fei rubbed his hands. Now that the treasure land was here, Ren Tianfei must have left something good here. He couldn’t wait to see what it was!

Just as Han Fei stepped into the cave, expecting to find something precious… Suddenly, he fell into a huge water hole.

Han Fei: “???!”

Where are the treasures? Where are the divine weapons?

“Ren Tianfei, damn you, you old b*stard. Haven’t I passed the test? Can’t you give me a break?”

This water cave was four or five times larger than the previous cave was with a radius of 100 meters.

When Han Fei found that there was not even a stone here, he knew he was screwed, especially when he saw the array at his feet.

Sure enough, the array under his feet suddenly flashed with mystic light and the entire water cave began to shake.

Immediately afterward, Han Fei felt that the water suddenly became very heavy. If the normal water pressure here should be 1, then the water pressure at this moment suddenly became 10.


It was not that Han Fei couldn’t withstand 10 times the gravity, but now he was immersed in water, which was completely different.

Under 10 times the gravity, Han Fei’s first reaction was to get his body tensed up, and his advantage in speed was immediately gone.

Suddenly, Han Fei saw another Ren Tianfei emerging from the center of the water cave.

Han Fei was immediately outraged. “F*ck, why are you out again?”.

However, this Ren Tianfei was expressionless, whose personality seemed to be completely different from the previous one.

This Ren Tianfei looked at Han Fei coldly. “You are finally here. Now that we have passed the basic test, let’s start formal training.”

“Training? What the hell?”

Han Fei hurriedly asked, “Are you also transformed from a drop of essence blood?” This Ren Tianfei’s face was cold. “I don’t know what the last clone was like, but my task is to train you. Therefore, I’m emotionless and won’t be polite to you. Don’t put on this pained look. Even an ordinary person can withstand 10 times the gravity in a short time, or even heavier. Since you have practiced the Indestructible Body Art, this should be easy for


Han Fei was shocked. “Easy? How can you see it’s easy for me?”

This Ren Tianfei still said coldly, “Cultivators will become stronger under greater pressure, so will their learning ability and reaction time. The disadvantage is that the flow of blood in the body will be suppressed, plus the increased pressure, the speed will become very slow.”

“However, this is only the case for ordinary cultivators. You’ve practiced the Indestructible Body, so your vitality is quite abundant. It won’t take you much effort to offset the disadvantage. In the end, the only problem will be speed.”

Han Fei gritted his teeth. “So, the so-called treasure is the training on me? How long will this training take?”

“This array is called the Seven Star Array. You can’t stop training until you beat me.”

“Damn it…”

Han Fei was dumbfounded. “What if I can’t beat you?”

“Then keep training.” Han Fei: “…”

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