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Let's Fight

For a while, the atmosphere seemed particularly tense.

Ren Tianfei was silent for a while. “Are you the little bstard who made me wait for hundreds of years?” Han Fei bared his teeth. “Are you the old bstard who tries his best to make trouble for me?”

“Who did you call an old bstard?” “Who did you call a little bstard?”

Ren Tianfei’s phantom gradually revealed a ray of brilliance. Under the radiance, his phantom became more and more real. In just two or three minutes, Han Fei found that this guy had turned into a real person.

Han Fei was taken aback. “F*ck! Aren’t you a phantom clone? How can you become human?”


Ren Tianfei clenched a hand into a fist, opened the other palm, and hit the fist with the palm, making a click.

Seeing Han Fei stunned, Ren Tianfei sneered. “Do you think I only left a phantom clone here? I also left a drop of my essence blood, which can transform into a real person at any time.”

Han Fei couldn’t believe what he saw. Really? A. drop of essence blood could transform into a real person?! However, Han Fei immediately noticed, “Hey! Are you still a Dangling Fisher?” “Huh?”

Ren Tianfei was also taken aback, looked at Han Fei for a long while, and then took a breath. “You… Little b*stard, are you only an advanced Dangling Fisher? Impossible, how could an advanced Dangling Fisher make it


Han Fei said, “Didn’t you say that I’d better not come if I just became a Dangling Fisher? So I didn’t come until I became an advanced Dangling Fisher. So… You didn’t expect me to come here while in the realm of Dangling Fisher?”

Ren Tianfei sighed. “Are you stupid? Any normal person wouldn’t come here until he becomes a Hanging Fisher after reading the words I left!”

Han Fei said angrily, “Bullsh*t! Hanging Fishers are not allowed to enter the level-three fishery. Except for the guardians of dragon boats, there are only great fishing masters and Dangling Fishers in the level-three fishery. If I really became a Hanging Fisher, I wouldn’t be allowed in!”

Ren Tianfei was surprised. “Really? But I remember Hanging Fishers were also allowed into the level-three fishery before.”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei pondered for a moment. “Things change. It was 300 years ago. Anyway, Hanging Fishers aren’t allowed in now.” Ren Tianfei asked with suspicion, “Nonsense! Is 300 years a long time? This rule will not be broken even in 3000 years… Huh?”

Suddenly, Ren Tianfei seemed to think of something. Then, he suddenly looked at Han Fei up and down. “Advanced Dangling Fisher? Tsk… It seems that I’ve gotten myself a good disciple!”

Han Fei sneered. “Who the hell is your disciple? You want me to die! How can you be my master?”

Ren Tianfei snorted. “Since you learned my Indestructible Body Art, you are my disciple. But you seem to have other opportunities. Otherwise, with your current strength, the meridians in your body should have been completely destroyed when you came here. But they are intact!”

Han Fei’s face turned black immediately. Humph, you reminded me! If it weren’t for the fact that I had plenty of treasures, I would have been maimed by your stupid “Indestructible Body”!

Han Fei glared at him. “Ok, now that I have managed to come here, where are the treasures?”


Ren Tianfei smiled. “Treasures? Call me Master, and I will give them to you.”


Han Fei spat on the ground. “In your dreams.”

Ren Tianfei rolled up his sleeves in rage. “Do that again…”

“Bah, bah, bah…”

“Ahhhhh! I’m gonna kill you, you little b*stard!”

Ren Tianfei immediately threw a punch at him.

Han Fei wasn’t afraid at all; however, he had already found that this Ren Tianfei didn’t seem to be strong and was only a junior Hanging Fisher.

If your true self were here, maybe I would call you Master. But the one in front of me is only a Hanging Fisher-level clone. You must be dreaming that I will call you Master!

Han Fei roared and the golden fist light shot out of his body.


When the two fists collided, Han Fei flew out in the next second and hit the rock wall, causing the whole cave to shake.

“Cough… Fck, old bstard, are you using the power of a Hanging Fisher?”

However, Ren Tianfei didn’t answer him but looked at him curiously again. “Wow, that’s powerful! Have you broken the second barrier of the Indestructible Body Art?”

Han Fei thought for a moment whether he should use the Majestic Mystic Spell or not.

With that punch just now, he used eighty percent of his strength but ended up being punched into the wall. Now he knew why there were several skeletons embedded in the wall.

It was because the old b*stard Ren Tianfei was too strong. That punch just now definitely weighed seventy to eighty thousand catties.

However, Ren Tianfei seemed quite relaxed as if he had just punched casually.

Han Fei sneered. “Old b*stard, now you’ve really pissed me off.”

Ren Tianfei chuckled. “Interesting. If you hadn’t broken the second barrier of the Indestructible Body Art, you shouldn’t have been able to make it here. Also, the fist technique you just used is special. It’s so powerful and seems to be the Art of Invincibility. Tsk, tsk… You’re kind of like me when I was young.”

“Damn you, take my punch!”

This time, Han Fei used all his strength and his whole person looked fierce and mighty. With a loud roar from him, the golden fist light burst out and his fists waved like dragons, and a huge golden fist shadow punched out. Ren Tianfei chuckled lightly. “What a cocky boy. Today, let me teach you what a real fist technique is like!”

The next second, Ren Tianfei’s expression suddenly turned serious.

Facing Han Fei’s golden fist mark, he did not evade but dashed forward at it. At the same time, he also threw dozens of punches.

Unlike Han Fei’s golden fist light, Ren Tianfei’s fist light was crimson. His fist was extremely violent and even murderous.



Inside the cave, the two were fighting a pitched battle, and fist shadows danced wildly in the air. On the rock wall, there were fist marks left by them everywhere.

However, Han Fei was still much weaker than Ren Tianfei, and his golden fist light couldn’t resist Ren Tianfei’s violent crimson fist light.


Han Fei was hit to the wall again, and his whole body was embedded in it.

Han Fei yelled angrily, “Old b*stard, you are still using the power of a Hanging Fisher! You are cheating! Shame on you.”

Ren Tianfei smiled coldly. “Cheating? How can you still say such naive things? In this world, nothing is fair! Only fists can talk.”

Han Fei was speechless. Ren Tianfei and Old Bai thought exactly the same, which was that fists talked!

Han Fei curled his lips and said, “Fists talk? Fine, come on, let’s see who’s fists talk more loudly! Majestic Mystic Spell.”

Han Fei’s momentum soared, his body was covered with billowing energy, and his powerful aura covered the entire cave.

Han Fei grinned ferociously. “I’d like to see how powerful a single drop of your essence blood is!”

“Huh! A secret technique? Wow, this kid knows a lot.”

As soon as the Majestic Mystic Spell was activated, Han Fei’s combat power was immediately raised to its peak. Even a huge creature like the Abyssal Water Serpent was tamed by him easily.

“I am invincible now!”

The golden fist light shot out again, the air burst, and the spiritual energy exploded on Han Fei’s fists. His punch even left a burning flame in the air!

“Good job!”

Boom Boom Boom!

The red fist light was no weaker than the golden one at all. The two fought more than a dozen rounds, blasting the rocks in the cave into flying over. One of the skeletons was directly crushed by the power of their punches.


This time, Han Fei finally blasted Ren Tianfei back. Although the old b*stard only took a half step back, it was still a step back.

But immediately afterward, Ren Tianfei’s leg kicked at him. Han Fei raised his fist to block it, only to be elbowed in the chest and then rammed.

Han Fei was about to be sent flying when Ren Tianfei clasped his arm and pulled him back.

Then, despite Han Fei’s almost peerless strength and sturdy physique, Ren Tianfei grabbed his body, elbowed it, punched it, knocked it with his knees, and bumped it with his head…

Han Fei felt that this old b*stard seemed to use every piece of muscle in his body to the fullest. Ren Tianfei sneered while beating him. “What’s the use of your confidence? You are too weak. See, I can rub you against the ground with a single hand.”


Han Fei was poked flying by Ren Tianfei with a finger.

Han Fei was shocked. Damn it! He couldn’t even parry his attacks?!

But Han Fei certainly wouldn’t admit defeat! He roared and activated the 108 Spirit-Absorbing War Bodies.

He twisted his body into all sorts of strange postures and his reaction speed and fighting skills burst out in an instant.

“Huh! This combat skill is not bad, but you are still too slow… Slow slow slow… Get faster, faster… Why are you so slow?”


Han Fei held up only half a minute before being hit into the rock wall again.


Spurting out a mouthful of blood, Han Fei felt sore all over and cursed at Ren Tianfei, “Sooner or later, I will surpass you.”

Han Fei shook his body, got out of the wall, and was about to fight again when Ren Tianfei’s body suddenly collapsed. It was a human body just now, but now it had become a phantom again.

Ren Tianfei snorted. “Forget it, your physique is not bad. Although your fist technique and skills are still not good enough, they are not too bad. You have passed the test!”

Han Fei: “…”

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