Intoxicated Romance - S01 E03

6 months ago

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"No!" i scream and sit up on the bed with a start. My head spins at the sudden movement and i clutch it. It feels like a metal band is having a concert in my skull.

What a hangover!. 'I am never drinking again', i tell myself. I get off the bed and realise that i am naked.

Strange. I look around the room and see my clothes scattered on the


. Okay, that's certainly weird. I am almost obsessive about

orderliness. It wasn't really my best idea to drown in so whisky after taking my pills.

I had been so angry and sad yesterday, i couldn't sleep.

The sleeping pills i usually took didn't do the job so i added whiskey to the mix.

I stagger to the fridge and pour myself some cold water.

I turn to get some pain relievers from the cabinet but stop myself.

I have enough chemical in my body for now. I drink the glass

of water then drink another and another but my mouth still feels like a gutter.

My headache seems to be getting worse. I think the only solution for this hangover is to shoot my brain out of my head. I sway as i walk back to the bedroom and realise that i am still drunk. I need to sleep this off

. I crawl into bed and that's when i notice the

red stain on my sheets. I look more intently to inspect it and realise that its blood.

My heartbeat shoots up in panic. I check myself for injuries but there's none. Then whose blood is this?.

I think deeply on the happenings of yesterday.

I remember being called up by my dad to his office. He had sounded angry on the phone so i dressed up and hurried to his office.

He was livid about the land deal i wasn't able to close. I had lied to him that i already landed the deal so how did he find out?.

Only one person could have told him. My brother.

My step brother to be precise.

Ever since my dad brought me into his house, there has been a form of rivalry between us.We both wanted our father's approval. My father has always loved the rivalry between us. He fueled it actually.

My father is a hotelier and we have multiple hotels within and outside the country.

La casa is the latest hotel of our company.

My brother wanted to be in charge of that project but my father had given it to me.

James(my step brother) has been trying to bring me down since then.

I have been able to buy all the land we needed around the site for the project except one. A particular man wouldn't sell. I have even offered him more money to no avail. I was trying to placate him on the phone when James heard about it. He must be the snitch that told


"i thought after taking you from your mother and brushing you up, you'll be more useful but i can see that you are as useless as your crazy mother" my father had said to me.

That alone had set me off and as soon as i convinced my father to give me till the end of the month, i drove to James' house. His gate man had let me in and i barged into his house to receive a big shock.

There my brother was, sitting majestically on his sofa with a bottle of Goldberg in one hand and my fiance's boobs in the other. Jane was sitting on his lap, naked from waist up while straddling him and her eyes were closed so she didn't see me at first. James saw me though, and he gave me a wide grin.

The anger of the day flashed through me and i rushed to him and decked his face.

Jane's eyes widened as she saw me and she tried to pull her top up to cover herself.

My brother just smirked at me and sat back probably to watch a lover's quarrel but i didn't give him the satisfaction.

I just walked out on the both of them.

I remember Jane following me while begging for forgiveness. I didn't give her a passing glance though.

I just drove like a crazy man to the suite i currently live in at one of the hotel branches i manage.

I remember coming home and tossing and turning until i took my sleeping pills coupled with alcohol.

I remember hearing a knock at my door and going

to inspect it.

There was a lady at the door. I don't remember her face.

Its all blurry in my memory.

Who was the lady?. It must have been Jane coming to beg me.

Did something happen between us last


If something did happen, it still doesn't explain the blood on my sheets.

Did she hurt herself?.

Maybe she was in her period.

. I rub my head in frustration. Thinking isn't helping my hangover situation.

I have to sleep this off. Maybe everything will come to me when i wake up.

Plus, i still have to think of a way to cajole that pastor to sell

me his land. The fact that he is a pastor is probably the reason why money couldn't convince him. I have to look for that pastor's Achilles heel.

I remember my father's words about my mother and i clench my fist painfully.

I just have three weeks to figure something out or risk losing to my brother. After what he has done, i just cant lose.

I have to win this one no matter what. I lie on my bed and close my eyes as sleep claims me.

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