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"surprise!" i gasp in surprise as my eyes scan the room.They are about 25 people.

I recognise a few as my colleagues. I work as a manager in this hotel and one of my superior had instructed me to bring some documents to the private suite.

I was already on my way home but according to her, the occupant of the suite is important so they sent me.

I just started working here last week and i didn't want to make a bad impression so i dropped my bag and took the documents. I was on my way

with the document when Cynthia, my best friend and colleague called me

to meet her in one of the private rooms underground

. The hotel runs a

night club downstairs and i have never been there due to my background.

My father is a pastor while my mother is just as devoted

as he is and they brought me up in a conservative way. No trousers, no short skirts, no secular music and the rest.

I stand at the doorway

and stare in confusion until Cynthia walks toward me.

"thank God you made it.

I thought you would stand me up because of your over the top spirituality.

Anyways happy birthday!" Happy birthday?

. Oh my God, Its April, ofcourse it my birthday.

"I totally forgot. It must have slipped my mind. With the stress of a new job coupled with my planning for my wedding next month." I say and cynthia's face falls at the mention of my wedding plans. Kacy my fiance, is a close friend of hers when she was in the states studying and when they came back to Nigeria, kacy courted me. We were in courtship for two years before I agreed.

I am about to ask her why she suddenly looks down but she quickly diverts my attention by dragging me to a table.

They sing me a birthday song and i blow out the candles in a hurry as i still haven't taken the documents upstairs and it's

getting late. After blowing the candles, i thank everyone then turn to leave.

"you should atleast have one drink with us before you go" Cynthia says and everybody murmur their agreement.

"come on cyn, you know i don't drink" she rolls her eyes at me then pour some orange juice in an empty glass for me then stretch it towards me with a smile. I collect the glass. I am about to drink it all in one gulp but she stops me.

"what now?" i grumble

"a toast, to many more years and a happy married life to our

celebrant" she raises her glass and i clink mine with hers.

Everybody in the room does the same and i notice that i am the only one drinking the orange juice.

They are all having champagne.

As soon as i down the whole glass of juice, i rush out, before Cynthia comes up with something else. Cynthia is a party girl but i am the total opposite.

people who know us always wonder how we became friends but ever since

she helped me when i fell off a see-saw in kindergarten and hurt my knee, we have been close.

The only time we were apart since then was when i had an accident eight years ago and when she studied in the US.

I notice she changed alot after she came back, but she's still my friend.

I rush to the first floor and wait for the elevator to take me upstairs so i can deliver the documents.

My mom would already be worried by now.

As soon as the elevator opens, i rush in and a wave of dizziness assail me.

I stand upright and shake my head to clear my foggy brain.

What is wrong with me?

Why am i dizzy all of a sudden? I must be tired.

The stress of my wedding plans is probably getting to me.

The elevator opens at the top floor and i get out slowly so i won't lose my balance. I hear my phone ring in my hand and i look at the screen.

It's blurry but i can make out kacy's face on it. I go to answer the call but my hands are not steady and my phone falls to the hard floor and shatters everywhere.

Stupid phone. I bend and pick all the parts i can find but i don't see my sim-card. I stand up, barely able to stop myself from falling face down to the floor.

I take in steadying breathe then walk to the door of the suite and knock. My body feels so hot.

My stomach keeps fluttering.

I don't understand what's happening to me. I fan my self with my hands and wait until the

door opens.

. A goodlooking young man is standing by the door looking at

me with glazed eyes.

My body heat increases and i start taking my blazer off, then start undoing my shirt buttons. The man's eyes bulge

as he sees what i am doing. He goes to say something but i shut him

with my mouth. He hesitates but just for a sec. He grabs my waist,

then raises me up as i wrap my legs around his waist and he takes me to his bed.

A little voice at the back of my mind reminds me of who i am but i cant stop. Kacy's face flashes through my mind but i cant stop. I cant stop! Is that my hand undoing his button? No! What am i doing.

My brain says stop but my body doesn't follow the instruction.

I wake up the next morning with an headache.

I look around and see my clothes scattered on the ground.

How did i get here?.

A hand lands on my stomach and that's when i remember last night. I silently get off the bed, put on my scattered clothes and sneak out

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